Friday, March 29, 2013

Statement Analysis Pop Quiz

Amour gives us lots of usage for Statement Analysis.

Statement Analysis can discern to the truth.  You can know if someone is interested in you, or not, just by a few words.

Here is a short, or "pop" quiz for analysis.

A man was away in the military for a considerable amount of time.  When his young wife was drinking, she kissed him, but called him by the wrong name.

The young husband quizzed her about the name of the man she used.  She said, "Oh, silly me" and a few other avoidance answers like, "Oh, you're crazy!' and "You know me better than that!"

When she saw his anger, she said she wasn't going to answer any more of his "ridiculous" accusations.

"You haven't got anything on me."

En vino veritas?

What do you make of the statement?  If she cheated, he is going to divorce her.  If she did not cheat, he will not.

She refused to speak of it anymore, so there will be no more statements.

Does the husband need a divorce attorney?

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Skeptical said...

There is no reliable denial. She probably cheated emotionally and/or physically.

Sus said...

I felt more info was needed because I didn't know how the husband was quizzing her...until she said, "You haven't got anything on me." She told him there was something to get.

veruca said...

In wine there is truth....her insoberity betrayed her.

Oh she cheated Alright. But how is a whole different story. I'm with skeptical above, it could be emotional or a crush on a man she thinks about often. Id be lying if I say it never happened to me at points in my life. Using the name of someone for another who is in the present situation . I've done it with bosses and coworker and family memebers.
When the wine flows so does words ... like on Seinfeld when jerry uses shnapps to get elaine to open the

Jen said...

My first instinct was to vote yes, but I changed it to more info needed. We don't know the history of their relationship, nor do we have the other side of the conversation. Maybe the accusations he made WERE ridiculous, or maybe she is deflecting. She doesn't issue a reliable denial but as far as we know she wasn't directly accused of cheating...he simply asked her about the name. (maybe he's an ex whom she hasn't had any contact with in years)

Also there's always the possibility that there's been infidelity on the husbands part, making the topic sensitive to the wife, and prompting her to say..'you've got nothing on me'. (as in, don't even go there buddy, after all the stuff you've done).

In either case, if their marriage is so disposable, and the husband is ready to walk away depending on the answer to this question, I would say they should just divorce now and get it over with...their not going to make it!

Jen said...

Also agree with Skeptical & Veruca

Her 'cheating' may have been an emotional relationship or a 'crush' where no contact has taken place. Her husbands been away so she may have developed feelings or a closeness to someone but never crossed the line of physical contact. If that's the case her responses may show sensitivity due to her guilt, as emotional cheating can be more damaging to a relationship than physical cheating.

Red Ryder said...

I lean more to cheating than not but chose need more info. Divorce is serious and not something I would advise lightly! Yes, there is no reliable denial and it is her stating "you haven't got anything on me" , that classic cry of the guilty that really raises my eyebrows and my suspicion. I'd like to hear more to be sure though.

Apple said...

Yes, he does.

Anonymous said...

My first husband and I used to fight all the time, about everything. Years after we divorced, I started going out with my 2nd husband,....we had a few minor disagreements, but upon our first real "fight" I accidentally called him by my first husbands name. I believe it had to do with the anger I felt, the situation, it doesn't always mean someone has cheated.

Mainah said...

"What do you make of the statement?"

No reliable denial-not good. But four brief lines is not enough to terminate the a marriage.
(not the answers I'd want to get from a spouse.)

I'd want to know what questions he asked and words he used. Did she enter his language? Did he say "you're crazy" first?

Does the husband need a divorce attorney?

That's up to him and her.

Lemon said...

"You haven't got anything on me."

There is 'you' and 'me' (no we) and they are as far apart in the sentence above as is possible.

If she is thinking/speaking of "anything", what is the "something"? Is this similar to "and nothing else"? :)

veruca said...

That's the point though!

If you are in arguement like you said and use an old sparing partners name then its the same as if you are making nice and lovey dovey, feeling good with one person and use anothers name. You were thinking of the "another"...

Just apply your statement to different situations.

Seagull said...

I agree, there is no reliable denial. The answers show a need to divert and we would have to ask why? She says, "you know me better than that" which suggests that someone else may know her differently. "That" is a distancing word. She adds, "you haven't got anything on me" the words you and me are at opposite ends of the sentence indicating distance. It also leaves open the possibility that someone else could have something on her. As she hasn't denied anything, we can't say it for her. There is enough to suggest that his question is a sensitive one and her answer is deceptive. I'd like to know more but there are several red flags indicating deception.

Jazzie said...

from the movie "Adam Had Four Sons"

Susan Hayward plays Hester Stoddard.
Hester cheated on her husband Dave.
Drunk, brushing her hair, she called her husband "Jack" (his brother who she cheated with).


BostonLady said...

Does the wife only kiss the husband when she's drinking? That is how I interpreted that first sentence lol

I believe she told us she cheated. That which is reported in the negative is deceptive.

"You haven't got anything on me."

Also, if someone will not answer a question, this should be flagged as sensitive. The wife stated she would not answer his ridiculous accusations.

"When she saw his anger, she said she wasn't going to answer any more of his "ridiculous" accusations."


Anonymous said...

she may have somebody else on her mind but that doesn't actually mean she cheated.

Anonymous said...

if he was away for so long i'd give her a break. she wants to be with him now.

Gambler said...

She didn't answer her husbands question. I say she cheated.

Ivanna-anna said...

I've called a boyfriend by an ex-boyfriend's name because I was used to saying it. I've also frequently called a current dog by a dead dog's name. To me, these accidents are caused by habit.

The girlfriend has been repeating someone else's name in a similar situation. Only if it was someone who she was with before the current boyfriend, it's not a bad thing -- or if she was deep in her work thoughts (etc) and was thinking about work and a colleague.

What indicates her guilt is her refusal to talk about it, and him not "having anything on" her.

Anonymous said...

She cheated (either physically or emotionally, etc etc) and now she's gaslighting him. It's in the playbook.

veruca said...


Ps...I love the phrase gaslighting...great movie.

equinox said...

1. No reliable denial
2. Refusing to directly answer the question asked
3. Statement in the negative shows sensitivity
4. Referring to evidence against herself, that he is not in possession of, indicating that evidence may exist, just that he doesn't have it.
5. Her closing statement is not in any way denying his "ridiculous accusations" and instead her thoughts have moved to protecting herself against the implications of his anger. "Your accusations may be true, but you can't prove it."

Her words show deception, but as noted in comments above there could be many reasons for it. From her words he may need a PI, but I think he would need more real evidence than just deceptive statements to claim infidelity.

Statement Analysis Blog said...

she refused to deny it, and when someone demands proof, it is often an indication that they know proof exists, yet it remains unfound.

Red Ryder said...

Playbook~ lol!

Anonymous said...

My guess is that something is definitely bugging them. I'm wondering about their health and finances?

Unknown said...

I can say, from experience, that 99% of all military wives cheat while their husband is deployed.

Note : this is wives that live on base, or in military housing.

It's like a mating enclosure. As soon as hubby is out the door she's running to their neighbor, Mr Young Handsome new officer