Friday, March 15, 2013

Jacob Samusenko, 17, Missing

ERIE, Pa. -- More than 100 volunteers showed up in Erie, Pa. Tuesday to lend a hand in the ongoing search for 17-year-old Jacob Samusenko, who went missing two weeks ago.
"The family really appreciates the community support. It's tough, very tough, because it's almost like we could make peace with the fact that he might be gone, as difficult as that would be, but we just don't know and that's what makes this so difficult,Lyubov Rafferty, a relative of, and spokesperson for, the Samusenko family said.
Adrian Ewing, a local resident who was touched by Samusenko's disappearance, helped organize and manage Tuesday's search efforts.
"We covered basically the entire Eastern portion of the City of Erie," Ewing said. "The next step is to try to get some dog teams out here."
According to Ewing, approximately 150 area residents registered to help look for Samusenko and provide administrative support for the effort.
Samusenko was last seen on the night of Jan. 29, at his home in the 300 block of East 2nd Street. According to Rafferty, Samusenko disappeared shortly after returning home from basketball practice.
"He was really tired and said he was taking trash out," Rafferty said. "The trash was taken out, so we know that was done, but nobody has seen him since. We originally thought he might have gone for a run -- he was a runner and would run along the lake -- but we have not found any camera or security footage of him running along the docks."
Was he still a runner at the time of his disappearance, or was running something he had given up, and would no longer be associated with. 
Rafferty said it would be completely out of character for Samusenko to run away.
"He attends church, he is an honor roll student and he's never been in trouble in his life," she said. "There is no evidence of, or reason for, him to run away."
Peter Samusenko, the missing teen's brother, said he is certain his brother did not run away but does not have any idea what might have happened to him.
"He just disappeared. I don't know and no one in our family knows. Anything at this point right now is possible," he said.
Jacob Samusenko's disappearance is being investigated by the Erie Police Department, and is considered a missing-person case since there is no evidence Samusenko either ran away or was abducted, investigators have said. The police department could not be immediately reached for comment.
Ewing said himself -- as did many of the volunteers who participated in Tuesday's search efforts -- that he is upset police did not participate in the search.
"There was no involvement by our local police department," Ewing said. "People are very frustrated that the City of Erie has no one out here. There is no official presence, no fire department, no search and rescue team, nothing."
Ewing added, "What really burns me up is Erie Mayor Joe Sinnott could not even show up. What is he doing today that's more important? He doesn't give two shits about this case and that's what you should write. We are upset."
"Personally, I know the police have done multiple casings of the neighborhood and everything. I know the detectives themselves on their days off go looking personally. They don't have to do that -- it's their day off -- but they still go and do that and the family really appreciates it," Rafferty said.
Jacob Samusenko is 5 foot 5 inches tall and 130 pounds, with brown hair and eyes. He was last seen wearing track pants and a red zip-up sweater. The "" Facebook page was created to help share information in the case. A $10,000 reward is being offered for direct leads. Anyone with information is asked to contact Erie police at 814-870-1156 or 814-870-1125.
"If anybody knows anything or thinks they might know something -- any information is better than no information and their little piece might help put together a bigger picture -- they should contact police," Rafferty said.


john said...

Jacobs mother.

"I thank God for lots of people, but I pray for my family for Jacob," said Jacob's mother Nadia Samusenko. "I love him very much, and I would like to see him back home."

Hobnob said...

off topic

Minutes before Jodi Arias was charged with the brutal murder of her boyfriend, she was caught on video singing, laughing, asking about her makeup and doing a 20-second headstand.

The July 15, 2008, video catches her just 15 minutes after sobbing through a four-hour police interrogation. Her attitude dramatically changes.

Once the prosecutor leaves the room Arias is seen talking to herself, laughing and playing with a garbage can. She then does a headstand against the wall.

Arias, who testified for 18 days over nearly six weeks, has cited self defense, masked intruders and memory loss in justifying the 2008 killing of her boyfriend, Travis Alexander.

A psychologist testified Thursday that jurors should see Arias' unusual behavior in context.

“A large percentage of individuals who are in such settings do not remember or have cloudy or foggy memories of what has transpired,” Richard Samuels testified. “We are more concerned with survival.”

Samuels said he specializes in “sexually violent perpetrator evaluations, psychosexual risk assessments, sexual harassment and gender discrimination matters.”

He said he has met with Arias a dozen times and eventually diagnosed her with post-traumatic stress disorder.

“There are many people that never remember the actual events,” Samuels said.

In the 2008 video, Arias is heard singing a song with the lyrics, “it might change my memory.”

Arias initially told authorities she had nothing to do with the murder, but her defense now argues the killing was in self defense. During testimony, Arias has described an abusive childhood, cheating boyfriends, dead-end jobs and a shocking sexual relationship with Alexander, and she contends he had grown physically abusive in the months leading up to his death, once even choking her into unconsciousness.

Samuels testified that Arias lied initially about her involvement because she was in denial “where a person cannot deal with the fact that something they did is so opposite from everything else in their life.”

Alexander suffered nearly 30 knife wounds, was shot in the head and had his throat slit before prosecutors say Arias dragged his body into the shower.

Arias testified she remembered Alexander attacking her and that she ran into his closet, retrieved a gun he kept on a shelf and fired in self-defense. She has testified that she has no memory of the stabbings.

Arias’ grandparents had reported a .25-caliber handgun stolen from their Northern California home about a week before the murder – the same caliber used to shoot him – but Arias said she didn’t take it. Authorities think she took it with her.

Arias has acknowledged trying to clean the murder scene, dumping the gun in the desert and leaving Alexander a voicemail on his cellphone hours later in an attempt to avoid suspicion. She said she was scared to tell the truth.

No witnesses have been able to confirm Arias allegations about Alexander’s violence, gun ownership and sexual desire for young boys.

She has acknowledged lying repeatedly but insists to jurors that she is telling the truth now.

The trial is set to resume Monday. She could get the death penalty if convicted.

“If I am convicted, that’s because of my own bad choices,” Arias said.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.

jodie arias minutes before murder charge

Read more:

john said...

She's as mad as a box of frogs.

Hobnob said...

I saw the video and i instantly thought amanda knox and her doing cartwheels and generally behaving inappropriately.

I would love to have a transcript of her initial statements to play with.

john said...

Hobs,i don't know if this is any good to you.49mins long,

Jodi Arias Trial: Jodi Arias' Police Interrogation.

Anonymous said...

this missing 17yr old boy story sounds like somebody in the family is hiding a crime. the mom claims to have gone and driven around the lake looking for him that night, didn't find him but then did not call cops till next morning @ 7 a.m.

the time frame in which he went wissing is also super blurry. he came home from practice, said he was going totake out the trash -- and then nothing.

he exited a room. he did or didn't walk through a door. somebody can be much more specific about the last time they saw him. the vagueness of this dissapearance -- n a house full of adults and kids -- is suspicious.

i want to know if the back door was open or closed. i want to know why they didn't already offer than info. the mom (i think) Is talking about the boy in past tense. ;( so sad he's such a cutie too.

Anonymous said...

the head stands Jodie does are yoga -- it's a common move used to ease stress as it sends blood to the brain. for anybody who practices yoga regularly it's not really that weird. it's akin to cracking knuckles --.

otherwise she's guilty of course. but the headstands have an expanation.

Light The Way said...

In at least one article it states that "No one actually saw Jacob leave",

but then the mother is quoted as saying that Jacob was wearing his headphones, listening to music, when he left.


BostonLady said...

It is difficult to know if there is a language barrier with this Russian family and if that is causing the article to be skewed. Some things being stated just do not make sense.

Hobnob said...

Anonymous said...
the head stands Jodie does are yoga -- it's a common move used to ease stress as it sends blood to the brain. for anybody who practices yoga regularly it's not really that weird. it's akin to cracking knuckles --.

otherwise she's guilty of course. but the headstands have an expanation.

An interesting possibilit, does it match though with her language, her laughing and singing and comments about her appearance once she is left alone in the room.

It is interesting to note her behavior during the interview with the tears and general emotions whilst LE were present and the sudden about turn once she was left alone ( she may not have realised immediately dhe was still being watched and taped.

It seemed like she would become the drama queen and would turn on the tears etc when she thought they would be effective and turn them off in an instant a la casey anthony.

She has finally admitted killing him after firstly denying she was even here and secondly blaming ninjas before settling on self defence.

This might be plausible except for the fact he had been shot in the head which if done first would have incapacitated him thus he was no longer a threat, the stab wounds in his back indicating he was facing away from her, the number of wounds would again have incapaitated him ruling out self defense and the slit throat which i still think she stood over his face down body, pulled his head up and back and then slitting it which accounted for the depth of the wound.

The nature and number of the wounds rule out self defence, her subsequent behavioe rules out self defence since she didn't call 911 and had attampted to clean the scene and dispose of incriminating evidence.
The jury judging by their questions aren't buying her story either.
Is it possible her defence team have suggested a plea deal and she refused or will she do a deal once both sides have finished and they then have an idea of how she went down with the jury.

They will have noted her stalker behavior noted by friends and ex lovers, her arousal and she spoke about her sexual proclivities ( the men will see her as an easy lay, a cheap tart, not the take home to meet the parents kind of girl, the women will see her as a slut plain and simple)

brosnanfan said...

Can you edit this by going in and changing the font, or at least removing the formatting from the host page?

The print is teeny teeny. Yes, I know how to increase the font size on my screen, but others might not and might bypass the article.

S + K Mum said...

Has Jacob's father spoke to any media yet? Haven't seen quotes from him. If he has not, is that unusual?

Jacob's family say he is missing but the articles I read are weird, it's almost like it's a hoax, his family just seem so laid back about it's a normal event, it's as though they're just going to accept the situation whatever the outcome, what will be will be type thing, no sense of panic, fear or urgency.

Could it be a hoax? Maybe they are just hiding info, this is a strange one.

shmi said...

I saw the video of Jodi doing a headstand. She is not dumb. She knew the camera was on. I think she was setting herself up for an insanity defence. The weirdest part for me was when she checked the trashcan. That was a "normal" thing for her to do. She's a stalker,sneaky, she's looking for information.

Jen said...

Hi Hobs-

Thanks for posting that video, the Pros. should try to work it into his rebuttal to show how comfortable and at ease she is while lying, lying, lying. Just when I thought I couldn't be any more disgusted with Jodi Arias, she comes thru with a handstand, giggling, talking/singing to herself (about makeup and changing her memory) and casual rifling thru a garbage can...minutes before being charged with murder. Yoga or no yoga...she's in an interrogation room, discussing evidence which links her to the murder's NOT yoga time.

Jodi has spent her whole life spinning lies, so she really believes she is working her magic on the detective. Her stretching and sprawling herself all over the table, chair and room is expelling her sexual energy, which she uses on all of her targets, to command attention (just as her PPL coworkers describe), and convey a disengaged relaxation (as in, I've got nothing to worry about, I'm in control and even if I'm arrested..'no jury will convict me').

You can observe the same inappropriate sexuality in the video where Travis is excitedly recounting his earlier brush with death, being robbed at gunpoint. Jodi is laying on Travis' lap in what appears to be the lobby or 'common area' of a hotel. He is the center of attention, in a large group of people (20+ according to video), and as he talks, Jodi strokes and pets herself, her face, her hair..her eyes remain closed or barely open as she wriths and stretches while puffing out her chest...she extends her arm while holding his hand and draws it over her head onto her lap as she slinks herself into a more upright she rubs her face and strokes her hair some more.

The entire time Travis talks (recounting a dramatic story nearly identical to Jodi's intruder lie) she takes center stage, drawing away focus with her squirming and non-sense. The two men on the opposite end of the couch have their bodies turned away from her, with their legs crossed blocking her out. Considering they were at a business gathering, her 'sleeping' curled up on TA's lap and the other actions I described are totally inappropriate. But Jodi the narcissist thinks her bizarre behavior is enjoyed by all...just like she pretends the witness stand is her 'stage' and the jury are her friends, gathered around and hanging on her every snarky, combative word!

JerseyJane said...

Jen, excellent so on mark you are with her behavior!

Amazing how Travis is shot in temple area by Jodi like his story of having a gin placed there.
Amazing how in his blog, he wrote a first chapter of a book he was starting about his life. In it he describes how taking a shower is still one of his most frightening things( his mom threw him into a wall very forcefully cuz she thought he peed on the bathroom floor but it was only water dripping off him from taking a shower).. Jodi edited his Chapter 1 and knew this fear, amazing he was attacked there..
Also Travis used to turn his back quickly so the majority of his beatings from his druggie mom fell onto his back
and back arms..I think Jodi planned quite well where she wanted to hurt him on his body...
I think Travis got stabbed in photo where it's a sit down in shower face shot. I believe his eyes tell us that, then the defense wounds happened as trying to stand and get out of shower, he probably knocked camera out of her hand or she dropped.( no accidental drop, please!).. Then he pushed way to sink, blood coming up, back being attacked, then his last attempt to crawl his way out cuz blood loss WITHIN his body cavity is great( main artery). She even is stabbing at his legs as he crawls, he collapses and she slits throat or he is on all fours and she slits.. She drags him down a slippyslide blood tile floor and gets him back into shower.. Anyone can be dragged around a bloody surface just like on an iced over lake.. Imagine his fear as he once again became that little abused child!!! :-)
Also I noticed many of shower pics were of areas she planned to knife... Jodi probably could taste his blood in the photo of Travis against shower wall ( pic of solely his back)....
I wish things like his blog can be heard by juror, I don't know how things like that can be missed by professionals..yet, she is allowed to dream up scenerios... The pre-meditation just oozes out everywhere...The gunshot last is medically correct. She can't beat Science and The Human Body...

Anonymous said...

w/ the missing 17 yr old -- there seems to be a stated conflict between mother and son surrounding the moment of his disapearance --- his mother said that she knew he was tired vs. his mother told him to take out the trash. it's not too much of a stretch to think this was a trigger to a bigger coflict than the family has alluded to. .... not so normal that the conflict would be resolved unresolved -- either she confirms he's taken out the trash or there is some sort of bitterness involved in him refusing. Each family is different -- but it's a conflict that he was tired and she said take out the trash -- Iand if there was a conflict in the moment of his vanishing -- look at the person he was in conflict with. .

Anonymous said...

either his mother drove him out that night and dumped his alive or dead body into the lake herself, knowing it would freeze over by morning and waiting to call the cops until it did. or she sold him into white slavery for the $. or he's alive but in hiding for some more innocent reason and they all know it.

I'm going with the first option because i think the whole taking out the trash thing screams domestic fight.

one way on another the mother knows what happened to him.

Anonymous said...

Anon at 6:43, Lord have mercy, how your mind runs away with you! That is a VERY wild accusation you are making without a shred of evidence to go on. I'd sure hate to have you focused on ME.

Anon at 6:30, having so little to go on, I tend to sorta agree with you that there must have been some kind of dispute or altercation that evening, with Jacob already being tired and then told to take out the trash. He might have thought 'I'm not your slaveboy', let one of them take out the trash for a change, and reacted badly.

The mother seems to know that he had his earphones on at the time, (likely trying to tune her out) and maybe this made her angry if he didn't hear her instruction to take out the trash at first or ignored her.

Who knows what really went on there? I think he did take out the trash and she knows he did, just, he never came back. She probably thought he would come back that night even after she searched around the lake and the path he might have taken; failing that, she likely thought, ok, maybe he is sleeping over at a friend's home and will be home in the morning.

In any case, I don't doubt that she stayed up all night worrying about him, this situation never having happened before; and particularly since her last words to him were in anger, if that's what happened. Sad.

Layla said...

I commented on the other thread too--it sounds to me like Jacob wasn't towing the line in this fanatically religious family. The mother states he was missed when he didn't show up for nightly prayer with the family. Doesn't this speak volumes? I guarantee you Jacob didnt take well to praying every night with his younger siblings and parents. How do controlling religious families react when one of their kids try to break out of their box? Not well. It doesnt take much to fill in the blanks. They think he slipped and fell into lake while jogging? Yeah right. Someone grabbed him? Not likely.

Anonymous said...

anon 7:03, i was both 6:43 & 6:30. you are right -- in the second one i was being a lil crime sleuth silly. You got me thinking though -- it does make sense that what happened was a fight -- that the mother doesn't want to discuss - but then there was no murder he just ran off. and really really didn't come back. the only problem with this theory is that if the mom really wanted him back she would admit by now that there was a fight and that he may have had motive to run away so that the cops would do a kind of hunting down of all his friends/possible connections to see if any of them are helping him hide out. ..... but instead the mom is not offering more details and she's speaking about him in past tense -- which makes me think it's a darker situation than a runaway. in a strict religious family there are a lot of ways an american teenage boy could do something that upset his mother. maybe she realized he was gay. -- i know -- NO evidence of this --- but thats the joy of these forums -- you get to throw your ideas out there and see what sticks.

Anonymous said...

I just watched the mom talk on video. i had never seen what she looked like or sounded like. maybe there is a language barrier. she didn't seem or sound guilty at all. she looked very sweet & like maybe there was a language barrier. so now i really don't know.

Anonymous said...

if it turns out the mom actually did it it would blow my mind -- after seeing her on camera --- . on paper (transcripts of her statements) she sounds like she's not as concerned as you would expect an innocent parent to be, she speaks of her son in past tense, has a confusing account of his vanishing, and does not do the expected - plead for his return. In text form she is highly suspicious. seeing her talk --- she looked like she's conditioned not to plead -- or get aggressive in her language. if she's guilty it's going to rock my world. I can look at amanda knox, casey anthony or Jodie and see murderer -- no problem --- but this boy's mom really LOOKS sweet and inocent. I hope the truth comes out whatever it is, I'm fascinated.

Anonymous said...

the mom said, shaking her head, many "things happen(ed?) doesn't matter for me I would like to see him back home."

what is she reffering to??

Jen said...

Hi JerseyJane-

Can you please tell me where to find Travis' blog posts you referred to. I've noticed mentions of his blog online before but nobody ever elaborated so I assumed it wasn't available. Not to quote Nancy Grace, but that's bombshell information...that Travis feared the shower and Jodi knew it! The Pros. or family needs to get that that info in somehow(maybe by victim impact statements). The jury needs to know that!

She is more sick and sadistic than I realized, and I've believed all along she went to his house to murder him. I thought she was basically obsessed with him, tried everything she could to get him (including going places sexually that no other girl he was acquainted with ever would) and when she couldn't control him through sex and manipulation, she decided to kill him...if she couldn't have her happily ever after, then he wouldn't have his either.

However that info makes me think she not only wanted to kill him because she couldn't tolerate his rejection...she wanted him to suffer and die in the way he most feared, in order to own him. Now in her sick mind, she rejected and disposed of him. He wasn't even worthy of living if he wouldn't bow to Jodi's will, and since he had decided he wanted to marry a decent woman, he had exhausted his usefulness to Jodi. Time to move on...but not before erasing the man who was too good for her, and knew it! So she murdered him in the most horrendous way possible. That will teach him to want more out of a wife than a 'three hole wonder' or a 'horny little school girl" who wants 'a much needed spanking' and a 'generous facial'. Good lord, did she really think she was projecting 'wife' or 'love of my life' with that slutty language/behavior?

Anonymous said...

to me Jodie was a woman who was in love with a man who was using her for sex, and while most women who stay in this sutuation suffer from it greatly they usually let the pain errode on their health and well being. she, instead took it out on him with full intent.

Anonymous said...

Good lord, did she really think she was projecting 'wife' or 'love of my life' with that slutty language/behavior?

sorry but that line is kinda funny. if you can't be slutty with the one you love...

Anonymous said...

Anon @ 3:34, I don't believe Jodie was ever in love in him, she was in love with SEX with him, but was 'in love' with herself.

They used each other for sex, him too stupid to realize how dangerous she was and act on his obvious misgivings about her. It ALL came right back to sex and sex is not love, per se'.

Had she been in love with him she could not, would not, have killed him.

I know someone who has been in a similar situation, where his girlfriend is so insanely jealous of him 24/7 that she makes his life a living hell although he has never cheated on her and never would have. At first he was in love with her. Now, he has almost come to despise her and her filthy accusations day and night and just wants OUT.

Finally they no longer live together but she still stalks him, rants, raves and curses him; follows him, his friends, his facebook and his clients, harasses him, torments him, has destroyed many of his things. This is very dangerous. It is NOT love, in the end it comes down to a sick sex possession of someone you have slept with. Sick sick sick.

JerseyJane said...

Jen, read all of them if you like. One of the blogs is about his book he was writing and shows the 1st chapter... In trail, Jodi was mad that Travis was giving some other props for doing the editing.. .. So this really must have bothered her big time....

Jodi commented on it, click on her and see her blog....

Thank you for taking the time to read my info, I have a messed up phone, have not found time to replace.

Anonymous said...

Lyla, I disagree with your post @ 8:49 p.m. so far as it concerns fanatically religious families as I grew up in a very strict religious environment, but did not attend a christian school like Jacob did, which exposed him to even more of a spiritual life where he would have had little exposure to what you might consider a normal life.

I understand from other interviews that he was deeply engrained in their way of life, school and church, so I believe evening prayers would have been normal and expected by him, and not that he would have rebelled against the prayers.

I ran away at age 16, not so much because of the religious aspects, but because my mother would not allow me to act like a normal 16 year old girl who just wanted to wear pedal pushers and short sleeves, a little makeup, cut and restyle my hair and fit in with the other girls at school. This sdtrict dress code is what the church followed but I had my own thoughts so I rebelled, seeing it a different way.

I am thinking there was some friction in the home and Jacob too might have done the same thing, but it's not looking that way. It's looking like Jacob met with some foul play. But maybe not. I didn't contact my family for a whole year after I ran away and they didn't have the slightest idea where I went; this, because I wanted to make sure they could never find me and make me go back. To my knowledge, in those days people weren't reported missing; also I took my clothes with me and left my mother a note telling her I was leaving the state and don't bother to try to find me, that she never would.

I'm very sorry now that I did it that way as I learned later that it hurt my mother and dad very much. The point is, Jacob is only 17, like I was only 16, there's no telling how he may have engineered his run-away if that's what he did. However, I don't think he did. I think there's more involved here, not good.

Anonymous said...

What about one of the earliest statements about being almost able to accept that he's gone...I don't want to scroll up on my phone. That is the single most bizarre and unexpected statement in this whole transcript. I was stunned by it. Plus, they say he was tired but maybe he went for a run. Indeed. Maybe they are just grasping at straws, but it does not sound like they are putting a lot of depth into their grasping which tells me they are hiding something and they don't want to brush too close to the truth. Also the brother states, via the interviewer so we don't have his actual words--that he is certain his brother did not run away but 'right now anything is possible.'

The primary problem with decoding this is that it's not a statement, it's a very poorly written informal article by a journalist who doesn't seem to know how to write an article that makes chronological sense. This is perhaps a fourth party article? One that's trying not to plagiarize earlier articles and so makes swiss cheese out if it? There have to be better articles on this.

Layla said...

Anon @ 9:51--
With all due respect, your post seems to support my position rather than proving it wrong. You state that you ran away for a year to escape the oppressive environment of your strict religious family.
This family's story is fishy. Why haven't they asked anyone who took out the garbage, so they would know for sure if Jacob took it out.
They noticed him missing when he didnt show up for family prayers.
I also grew up in a strict religious family. I remember cringing at evening prayer once I reached a certain age.
My sister went along with things but then rebelled dramatically at age 21.
Very strict religious families can be very retaliatory when one of their children rejects rituals associated with their faith.
I feel the possibilities of what may have happened to Jacob are full of so many holes like Swiss cheese.
Someone grabbed him while he was taking out the garbage? What are the odds? Negligible.
He fell in lake and drowned while going on an unannounced jog? Really? How deep is it at the
edge of the lake?
Something is off.

Anonymous said...

anybody have access to further statements regarding Sumusenko??

Jen said...

Hi Anon 3:36

Good lord, did she really think she was projecting 'wife' or 'love of my life' with that slutty language/behavior?

sorry but that line is kinda funny. if you can't be slutty with the one you love...

-You said it all in your can be as freaky as you want, ONCE your in love!

Travis was a conservative Mormom when he met Jodi. He was ready for marriage, had a nice car, house, job, income...Jodi decides 'no more 3 jobs and struggling to pay my rent...I'm latching onto this guy'. Jodi tried to land Travis by being the good Mormon girl he wanted, converting to his religion, pretending to be of the same morals/values he was...but when that didn't work she switched over the her tried and true, go-to method of controlling a, sex, and more sex. (btw-let me add that I do not believe Jodi's stories about them engaging in ANY kind of sex mere days after they met)

Travis lives in a world where girls will barely kiss before marriage (some won't at all), and then along comes Jodi...a lubed up, slip-and-slide for his pleasure. She pushed the envelope sexually, trying to reel him in, never realizing that she took herself off the list of potential wives the moment they crossed that line. From that point forward Jodi would forever represent to Travis his sin, his weakness, his broken promise to himself and his future wife...not to mention all the bat-s#it crazy stuff she did to him when he tried to move on.

Travis said it best himself, "I feel that I was no more than a dildo with a pulse to you". That's how he felt about their time together. He saw her as sex, sin...his kryptonite, and never-ending temptation. She saw him as the one who she WOULDN'T let get away, one way or another.

Anonymous said...

it's not healthy to say impulsive sex negates commited love. both are natural desires. how much suffering in the modern world could be abated if those two things could be allowed to coexist in the same person & coupling.

Anonymous said...

Anon @ 6:00
Found a comment on this Facebook site that was interesting.
Poster says that on the night Jacob went missing, his mother was unable to sleep for worrying about him.
She saw a man across the street, sweeping outside at 2:00 in the morning. A car pulled up, and the driver got out and handed the sweeping man two packages wrapped in paper. The sweeping man signed a paper for the driver, and the driver got back in his car and drove away.
Odd to be outside sweeping at 2AM. Also odd to be receiving packages at 2AM, especially right across the street from a home where a child went missing just 5 hours earlier.
Sweeping man has since moved from this residence.

I know when my children were young, it was my youngest son's regular job to take out the trash. Maybe this was Jacob's regular chore as well. That is something a neighbor would notice.

Jen said...

To anon 12:59-

???Who said that??? If you are responding to my above post about Jodi Arias & Travis Alexander, and the role that sex played in their toxic mess, then I said nothing about impulsive sex negating commitment. I'm also not sure how much of the WORLDS suffering can be attributed to sexual impulsiveness not being 'allowed' to coexist within committed relationships, but ok!

Since this began as a comment on JODI and her use of sex as an attempt to control and manipulate Travis Alexander, it is important to note that she and Travis WERE NOT committed, even according to Jodi. Their entire 'actual' relationship was spent 100's of miles apart, and only after their relationship ended, did she move to be close to him and make herself available for 'impulsive' uncommitted sex (despite his desire to move on). The point I was making is that Jodi was trying to use sex to make Travis fall in love with her and want to commit to her (and also probably for desperately trying to get pregnant & trap him), but because of what Travis wanted in a wife, she was totally off the mark .

Anonymous said...

to Jen -- ok, peace :)

obvs JOdie is nutso evil. & manipulative as hell. no contest there.

I do think the virgin /whore psychological separation is the root of a lot of modern violence, esp sex crimes. but we don't have to agree there. or agree fully.

happy monday!

Anonymous said...

they found a body probably samusenko :(

Jen said...


To Anon-

Agreed-She even did it to the shrink! The pros. is raking him over the coals for overlooking her lies on the standardized PTSD test (which he 'transcribed' {filled out for her} and scored himself despite the ability to have the test graded by an impartial machine).

He also bought her a gift, (a 'self-help' book) and sent it to her, to help her through her 'suicidal' stage and sent at least two separate greeting cards to 'cheer her up' while he was supposed to be an impartial evaluator paid for by the state (taxes). He was paid to impartially evaluate her state of mind, yet he took steps to influence her state of mind! He even blurted out that he and Nurmi (attorney) 'confronted' her and 'encouraged' her to tell the new 'real' story about what happened, since the intruder theory didn't hold water.

(ps: the independent evaluations PTSD/Mylan(sp) were administered while Jodi was still lying, saying the murder was committed by the intruders and they WERE NOT repeated once she changed her lie to the supposed 'truth'!

The shrink has been previously fined, reprimanded and forced to undergo continued education on ethical treatment standards for blurring the lines of ethics, and entering into improper relationships with those he was charged with evaluating. (In a custody case in NJ, he testified for a father in a custody battle in exchange for free dental services, and recommended the father receive custody without ever even interviewing the mother). He is a QUACK 'expert' and he appears to have fallen under her wicked spell, as well.

Anonymous said...

samusenko's mother speaking after Jacob's body was found in the still lake. why is she wearing happy white? why does she says i love my son BUT he was taken? why can she not talk affectionetly about him except to say he was a good son TO ME. why does she prefer to talk about the community instead? why does it seem like the interviewer is pulling teeth to get her to talk at all? why does the mother smile so earliy why the aunt beside her is in utter mourning?? why does the mother not say -- how could this happen? how could a strong young boy drown in a still lake -- when I (she) supposedely drove a circle around that lake the night he went missing but waited till morning to call police?? why doesn't she say I WISH I HAD CALLED SOONER? why isn't she more distraught???