Saturday, March 16, 2013

Missing: 14 Year old Sidney Randall

thanks to VitaK for the account below. 

Missing: Sidney Randall, 14Yrs., Walnut Ridge, AR 03/09/13

\Sidney Randall, age 14, was last seen on Saturday, March 9, 2013. Sidney was last seen wearing a brown Aeropostale jacket. The prime suspect in her disappearance, John Cornell, was found dead 03/11/13 of an apparent self-inflicted gunshot wound near his Red 2000 Ford Ranger (Arkansas plate # 271 RDT) parked on a field off Lawrence 438 in the Walnut Ridge area. If you have any information, please call the Walnut Ridge, AR Police Department at (870-) 886-3568 or Texas EquuSearch at (281) 309-9500.

The 14-year-old seems to have literally vanished without a trace in a case that becomes more bizarre by the hour. 
More than 100 friends, family, and concerned residents gathered at Walnut Ridge High School for a balloon launch in the fifth day of searching for Randall. The teen is described as bubbly and she has been in beauty pageants since the age of two. 
"She was a sweet, caring person, but she was keeping something," her brother Ben Randall said. "She never did tell anybody but she was keeping something from everybody." 
The brother makes a clear past-tense reference to his sister.  She "was" a sweet caring person.  Is she no longer?  What has caused him to believe that she may be dead?  Is this related to molestation and the step father?
Note that "she was keeping something" may be a reference to a past tense secret and may not be as clear as the first reference.  As to a "person", this is a clear past tense reference. 
Sidney Randall's father and his live-in partner said they suspected the teenager's stepfather John Cornell had been molesting her. 
"She told one of her friends John slugged her in the mouth," Sidney's father Victor Randall said. "She was scared of him." 
Victor says Cornell seemed to make sure Sidney was with him when he left the home. 
"She said she was going to tell," he said. 
This is specific to a past tense event; not a reference as a person.  
Lawrence County Sheriff Jody Dotson said that allegations have been made that Cornell might have been abusing Sidney, but that they cannot prove it. 
Investigators say Sidney Randall was last seen in her room Saturday night.  It is a room filled with photos of her and awards she has won in beauty contests. 
Her mother woke up around 3:30 a.m. and could not find Sidney nor her husband. John Cornell returned home around 5:30 in the morning and his wife called 911 when she did not see Sidney. 
Cornell left and was discovered Monday with what investigators say was a self-inflicted gunshot wound.  He was about 200 yards from his truck but the sheriff says there is no evidence Sidney was in that area. 
The sheriff said Cornell went on a spending spree after getting his tax return, buying things like computers, the gun he used to kill himself, and smaller items. The sheriff says Cornell did have a lot of cash on him. 
The Arkansas State Police have the computers John Cornell recently purchased looking for any evidence there. The Lawrence County sheriff said he and the many agencies from around the area will search for Sidney Randall until they find her but right now they have no evidence to indicate what may have happened to her. 


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Jen said...

Such a pretty girl...she looks so different in the two pictures you can barely tell it's the same person! It doesn't look good, with her likely attacker committing suicide, but I hope he didn't hurt her. So sad that people suspected and reported abuse, but nothing was done to bar his access to her.

This is something I struggle to understand every time I hear about a murder-suicide, or mass shooting that ends with the gunman killing themselves. If they wanted to kill themselves then why didn't they just do it, instead of taking out innocent people along with them? In the end what have they accomplished since they are dead too?

BostonLady said...

The brother, the father both suspected something wasn't right but they didn't do anything to get Sidney out? Perhaps there is more to this story not printed. I don't understand how a mother could allow her daughter to be in this situation and do nothing. I guess I expected to read that the mother told the father to leave and he took Sidney in retaliation. To read that the mother noticed that at 3:30 both the step father and daughter were gone is very disturbing. How long had this been going on?

Seeing that the stepfather killed himself, it doesn't look positive that Sidney will be found alive. This is all so sad.

Tania Cadogan said...

off topic.
I posted this on the caylee daily in relation to the size of the knife and her in general.
Regarding the slit throat.

Judging by the number of stab wounds especially to his back and reading her psyche, the knife size isn’t really important.

Imagine the scene.
He is either dead or dying, he is face down and incapacitated.
He is the submissive she is the dominant.
The stab wounds indicate this was a personal attack, this was out and out rage.
She would have been covered in blood.
Her final statement to him, the coup de grace so to speak, is, she is standing over and above him straddling his body, he may still have some indication of life, the merest flicker.
She grabs his hair and pulls his head up and back creating tension on his throat, even a small knife would be enough to do the job.
The neck is stretched taut and she slices deeply across his throat.
As with anything when tension is applied the cut will be deeper and longer than if relaxed.

I also wonder if there is a full length mirror there.
If there is, then i will bet she had him facing the mirror as well as herself so he could see what was about to happen and be able to do nothing about it (even if he was long past seeing anything the intent is there)
She sees herself as the all conquering, the all powerful.
She has the power of life and death, a slow death or a quick death.
She would see the wound as she caused it, she would see herself as winning.
If i can’t have him no one will.

Since no mention has been made of blood spray on the walls etc from the neck would (trust me it sprays and gets everywhere) it is likely there was little blood left or little pressure from the heart to cause spray.

Slitting his throat was her final statement to him and the world, I will not be denied, cross me if you dare.

It was the exclamation mark to her bloody statement, it was the ultimate full stop to a life.

She enjoyed it, this was not self defence or anger this was the grand finale of her plan.

I will go so far as to say she tasted his blood, she won, he was her sacrifice to her ego.
I will also say she likely punctuated each stab wound with words, each wound punctuating her tirade.
I wil NOT be DENIED, I WANT, ME ME and so on.

I also expect when she was done she laughed, drunk with power.
She had done what she had alway said she would do and it felt good.
I suspect she also climaxed at the end.
As i watched some of of her testimony, i saw as she got to the salacious details she slowed down, she was savoring each act, she was getting her rocks off.
I wonder if she was an exhibitionist.
What is clear she has to be the centre of attention, the world revolves around her and she will say and do anything to get that attention.
There is nothing she won’t do if it means she gets a man and keeps him till she gets bored, nothing is out of bounds and i mean nothing.
Normal sex is boring so she goes to more extremes to get her thrills.
It is the same with anyone, after a while normal gets tedious and somethings needs to be done to spice it up a little, be it clothing, role play a naughty book or video and so on.
Not every time, more as a treat to add va va voom.

She was long past that, we saw by her own words how extreme sex was getting.
She was also using it to control her family.
You thought me weak and boring etc, I am far from, i am the domme, i rule, please me.

Tony’s death was an orgy of bloodlust.
Even now she relives in in her mind, every move, every sound, every taste and smell.

She knows she will be found guilty and death is likely.
What she has now is infamy.
Men will flock to her because of what she did and how she acts, she is the domme, the queen, the goddess, her will is their command.
men will write to her just to be rebuffed as unworthy

Unknown said...

I heard about this amber alert over the scanner in my newsroom on Monday or Tuesday - I'm not sure what day it was - at any rate, our scanner often picks up 800 MHZ radios from counties not in our coverage area but what we were hearing that day was an all county alert that a red, antique pickup with Sidney and a blonde, white male were driving down Interstate 40 toward our county - our county line is about 40 miles from Arkansaa border and I40 is about 40 miles from us. We listened to the scanner traffic until the "chase" moved further west out of our area again. We didn't hear another scanner call on it after that. It sounded as though someone "the RP" was following this truck. I can only assume it was determined without question it was a false sighting because there has been nothing in any of the stories Ive read since about this "chase" in Oklahoma. Or - and this concerns me very much - LE dropped the ball somewhere.

dadgum said...

Step-parents, live in lovers, beauty contests, secrets (that others knew), and far too much makeup.

Why can't kids be allowed to be kids..they only have one childhood. Why can't parents put their children before their own desires, and needs? And why can't kids be valued for who they are, the age they are?

I hope she is found. And if people knew there were problems, that there was abuse, of any sort, and didn't speak up..shame on them.

Deejay said...

This looks very bad for the young woman... I think the brother suspects the step dad killed her, hence past tense references.

Looks like the step dad took the girl when everyone was asleep. I'm going to guess that he hoped to return, alone, unnoticed, slip in. He would then feign shock at Sidney's being missing. Help search, etc.

The poor mom is obviously on the daughter's side, Calling out, etc.- but why did she let that idiot into their lives?

As a parent, you have to be suspicious- no one is going to walk in and tell you "BTW I'm going to molest your daughter." You must notice that someone is trying to be alone with your kid, separating you. One thing I told my daughters at that age- "If something or someone is bothering you, if you don't feel safe- Talk to me, talk to your grandparents, talk to a school counselor, anyone, your choice. I'm on your side no matter what."

nicole said...

Can you do an analysis of the alleged rape of the teenage girl from Steubenville, Ohio? The revent articles I'm reading point to not only abhorrent behavior on the part of the boys but also the completely overlooked facts that the girl got staggeringly drunk, been said by her best friend to be a habitual liar, and although claiming to be drunk waited 2 days to go to the police and refused a rape kit. I would link the article(s) but don't know how to from my phone. I would be eternally grateful for any insight on this. Many red flags have been raised for me on this.

nicole said...

*claiming to be drugged.

Anonymous said...

Hobnob, well written and I agree, I just wanted to let you know his name is Travis, not Tony. Never seen anything like Jodi, probably never will again. Thank God.

Anonymous said...

wish John Ramsey would have the decency to shoot himself in the head too.

Anonymous said...

I don't know how to post links but I came across some interesting statements made by Sidney's brother Ben on has anyone come across how old the brother is? Does he live with the mother and Sidney? I know this is looking like a cut and dried case because the step father committed suicide (and that's what I was thinking from day 1 after seeing the amber alert) but the brothers statement is just off somehow... "(Cornell) wouldn't hide it...... " I can't remember the rest off the top of my head but that's the part that seemed odd to me. Like he referred to Sidney, his 14 ye old missing sister as an "it". I found the statement on when I was looking for more info about the case on Google.

Tania Cadogan said...

My apologies i meant Travis not Tony.

Tania Cadogan said...

how to make a link you can click on

< a href ="url">Link text< / a >

make sure there in no gap between the < and the a at the front and no gaps between the < / and the a > at the back It closes the tag.

If you want to check you can do a preview and it should show in blue the title of the page you used to name the link ie Google or whatever you have called the link.
If it shows in blue and you entered the URL correctly ( the page address) anyone clicking on the link will go to the page you want them to see.
If you don't close the tag or have the tag open right you will get a little message telling you where the problem is such as tag not closed or no opening tag.

Good luck :)

Lis said...

She sure looks grown up for 14. Her pupils are very dilated in the first photo.

Her brother refers to her in past tense. I wonder, if we knew the stepfather, if we would understand? It sounds as though everyone was scared of him.

"She never did tell anybody" but did she tell him, the brother?

The wife seems to have had suspicions, she was aware when he and the daughter were gone during the night and she reacted quickly when he came back without the daughter. At that point he knew he was sunk, and went away and shot himself.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

I agree with both, Dadgum and Deejay, others too. Stupid stupid people who bring in these child rapists/murderers around their helpless children. I have no empathy for them whatsoever, not with their children paying the price for their stupidity and only caring for their own selfish desires above their child.

I don't have a lot of empathy for this bio father and brother either, if they saw the signals and had questions concerning how the stepfather was treating Sidney, and God only knows for how long.

There HAD to be obvious signs that Sidney was being molested by him or at least was in fear of him. Same as with Hailey Dunn who DID cry and tell her granny and deadbeat Clint that she was scared of Shawn. All ignored. I despise them both. Sidney had no one to protect her either. Why?

Anonymous said...

Nichole, I too wonder about the alleged rape in Studenville, Oh and how it has mushroomed into such a big deal, now claiming that it has put the spotlight on all of Stubenville who are all up in arms about it. Why? The alleged rape was not commited by the whole city of Stubenville, so what's their problem?

This was a group of teenagers out having fun with a teenage girl who was totally out of control, falling down, roaring drunk. I'm not excusing them for what they did with (to) her, but what the hell could she expect?

On the other hand, was this actually rape or was it just taking advantage of the opportunity at hand by boys who did not realize they could be prosecuted for rape by a young girl who never said no because she couldn't in her condition? Seems to me like that had she cared about herself she would have never put herself in that position, so drunk she didn't know or care what she was doing.

Hasn't it always been the case that boys/men will take advantage of a girl/woman if they get the chance, particularly if she doesn't do anything to stop them? Is this really rape?

John Mc Gowan said...


Nonverbal Communication Analysis # 2336:
Jodi Arias "Secret Video" Jury Will Not See -
Extremely Out of Context Body Language

As psychologist Dr. Michael Brannon says, there are many things which are obviously incongruous in the above edited video of Jodi Arias. It was filmed when she was alone on the day she was arrested and charged with first degree murder of her former boyfriend Travis Alexander. Standing on one's head is obvious and could arguably be (as was also stated here) a form of exercise/meditation to cope with the stress.

From a body language perspective, when Ms. Arias says to herself, "You should have at least done your make Jodi. Gosh." - her hands preen her hair and her elbows stick out laterally (in strong distinction to and sends a completely different message from when the elbows are pointed forward). This is a nonverbal signal of very high confidence and specifically says she is thinking of herself in a sexual context. This configuration puts breast on display, indicates high vitality, engenders the release of pheromone-like substances (vomodors) and also exemplifies a self-preening behavior.

To be thinking of oneself in a sexual context in the midst of an interrogation on the day of an arrest for first degree murder of her former boyfriend is extremely incongruous for normal behavior. This is particularly true given her later admission of killing Alexander in self-defense. It also indicates that Jodi Arias had, at that time at least, a high level of confidence that she would be found to be innocent of murder.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous @ 8:41 AM,

A person cannot sign a contract when inebriated. Nor, can they consent. Their judgement is impaired.

Exercising poor judgement does not equate to granting permission to having a crime committed against you.

A self destructive girl could be suicidal. Would it then be ok for the boys to kill her?

Had the girl had a physical/mental ailment equivalent to a "drunk" is she fair game?

In Iran they punish women for being raped by flogging them. I'm not sure your mindset is much different.

To me your boys will be boys perpetuates a cycle of misogyny.

Were girls to be girls with a broomstick and a drunk boy be as acceptable to you? After all what did he expect.

Yes, you are trying to excuse them. There is no excuse. The town should be outraged.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Anon for your response to my post @8:41. I respond to your comments as follows:

1) This was not about signing a contract while inebraited, which in any case would not be ethical, acceptable or legal since the parties are under 18 years of age.

2) This incident is more than exercising poor judgement. This girl put herself in the position of being fondled and penetrated by any boy/every boy at will who were present without a peep of protest. No one got her drunk, no one druged her unknowingly, she/they (underage), got herself drunk.

3) This is not about a girl commiting suicide and the boys did not kill her.

4) Good question.

5) This did not occur in Iran where women are punished for being raped; NOT drunk but raped deliberately and violently. That is an entirely differentsituation. My mindset as you charge me, IS different. How DARE you falsely accuse me! However, that is NOT the case here.

6) Wrong. This girl was as much of a "boys will be boys" as the boys were. What is her OWN responsibility for her co-called rape? Where does her OWN blame begin and end? 'eh?

7) Sick. These were NOT girls with a broomstick raping a drunk boy. These were teenage boys taking advantage of the sex-play opportunity that lay wide open before them.

8) NO, you false accuser and lying pissant; I am NOT excusing them. I'm asking; how could this be considered an out and out deliberate rape when this girl had her OWN part in it, drunk as a skunk, then has the nerve to ask "what happened to me" when she found herself with no clothes on, and then prosecute them for rape and ruining their lives for the rest of their lives.

I just hope she gets to suffer her own consequences for the situation she herself set up, and is thankful that she didn't fall into the hands of some men who would have butchered and dumped her sorry ass.

Anonymous said...

To get back to #4) The answer would be NO. But this was NOT a girl with a mental impairment, per se'. This was a girl who got her OWN self drunk and spent a wild night all on her own without provocation from the boys who took advantage of her free offering of sex, however too impaired to resist. But wouldn't you think they might have been a little impaired themselves, and too impaired to use good judgement?

Anonymous said...

We scream we want our rights and now we've got 'em, so wouldn't you think women would learn to take a little responsibility for THEMSELVES?

Anonymous said...

Anonymous @ 11:xx

A Statement Analysis Pro I am not. Yet, I can see through your words, no problem.

Those rights we screamed for were to vote, obtain credit in our own names and own property. You make it sound as if we were petulant children. Your implications are astounding.

Let's explore my being an accuser and pissant. You didn't react to my having implied you are a misogynist. Yet, you a emphatic I said you were excusing them.

So....what are you NOT excusing them from? If you are not excusing their behavior then you agree they were guilty of rape? Just fortunately, they picked a rape worthy girl?

Your only hope is she "gets" to "suffer" her own consequences. Do you mean she should get to suffer more consequence than being raped by two or more boys and having it advertised in social media?

I take it you do not see the irony in how "sick" it would be if the girls were taking advantage of sex-play opportunity.

The state prosecuted the boys, not the victim. The boys ruined their own lives.


Anonymous said...

Ha. I see you don't know much about the many rights women went to bat for, sought and got. There were/are far more rights we sought and fought for than just those few you mentioned; some we are still fighting for.

No, you cannot see through my words anymore than you can read my mind. Silly woman, you're not smart enough.

No, I am NOT excusing these boys but neither am I excusing this girl like you and countless others seem to be doing. I think they were ALL appalling, not just her; but that also they couldn't have fondled, groped, molested and "raped" her had she NOT gotten herself drunk and put herself in the wide open position, unchallenged, to be fondled, groped, molested and "raped" without her knowledge or protests. IMO, she is as much at fault as they are.

How foolhardy of you to think there is ANYBODY out there protecting those of us who do not look out for our ownselves, including YOU, and that applies to every area of our lives. But that seems to be the mentality now; blame everybody for what happens to you but yourself even if you DID have your own part in it.

What I said or implied was that YOU are sick in using such an example of girls raping a drunk boy with a broomstick since that is not what happened and is a digusting scenerio you made up in your own sick mind.

They ALL contributed to ruining their own lives Suzie, with her help I might add, whether you care to accept it or not. And yes I do hope she gets to suffer her own consequences and not just the boys for what she stupidly handed them on a silver platter and now blames them for. Now, that doesn't make it "right", but that's exactly what she did.

Anonymous said...

The fact is, this case could even be taken a step further in setting a precedent in the future, now that these two boys have been found guilty of rape. The guilty verdict will not make this type of situation better, it will make it worse.

Let's say a similar situation could arise (and I'm sure there have been many and will be many more), where teenage boys (or even one boy, or man) takes advantage of a girl (or woman) sexually who is drunk and making herself available; then he starts to think, OMG, what have I done! This girl could accuse me of rape and have me arrested. I could serve time in prison for this and have an RO charge against me for the rest of my life.

So he decides to kill her rather than take that risk when all he had done in the first place was take advantage of the sex she lead him into when she made herself available to him.

These were three children, none of legal age. If I were the parents of one of these boys I would sue this girl's parents on whatever charge I could muster up, for allowing their drunk juvenile daughter to run around drunk and disorderly, making herself available to me, expecting me to be a super human, and ruin my life; just the same as all these girls who yell rape against a young man who did not rape them, then get away with it and walk away scot free after they have destroyed him.

If the parents can't control their drunk juvenile daughters then the courts should.

Anonymous said...

Im stunned this goes anywhere beyond the fact she was 11 and they weren't minors. Truly it blows my mind. WTH.

Anonymous said...

She's not a woman, she's a kid.

Anonymous said...

Oh, my bad, totally wrong case. I have trouble with this one also. It makes me very uncomfortable. i think everyone has culpability here. Somehow I got the impression this waa going on for weeks with up to 20 men involved and the girl was very young. What case was that? If that waa not this case, then Im relieved the boys are not going to prison. I find these kinds of cases very uncomfortable to talk about. Especially when you see what's going on in India...the world is becoming much more violent and hostile towards women. I don't know what the truth is here but I hope to God this was a fair trial and God's justice was done here because fake rape cases are just exacerbating misogynistic views of women and that truly terrifies me. I have to say I am very grateful I do not have a daughter. In sick of movies with rape scenes and I wikk get up and walk out. There are websites that fetishize these scenes in movies I was told, so I looked that up. Yes and they rank them, it was a popular motif in the 70's. OMG what a world we live in.

Anonymous said...

typos, apologies, I can spell!

Anonymous said...

Are you kidding me?? Typical good'ole boy attitude there. BTW it is against the law in most states to have sex with someone under the influence, just as you said she couldn't give consent yes it is rape. It is the mentality of people like yourself that made a law such as this even necessary.

Anonymous said...

to clarify Anon at 4 something, I do wonder what this girl's family life was like. If they were negligent, they should be sued, on everyone's behalf. I feel like that is fair. And when I speak of 'these' girls, I'm referring to any underage girl who behaves with abandon, they may be living out old scripts, trying to turn it out differentlt to rewrite the past, looking desperately for love or just filled with self destructive self loathing. This does not, however, negate an opportunist's actions. I don't know what happened in this case.

Anonymous said...

Anon @ 5:05 and 5:10; the girl was 16 and the boys were 16 and 17. All juveniles, all minors.

I totally agree with your post Anon @ 6:17; and yes I do believe these drunken parties had been going on for most of the end-of-summer month of August, 2012, so not the first time this 16 year old girl had participated.

I also agree with your post Anon at 6:29. This girl does bear some responsibiulity for her own reckless behavior; and YES, her parents should bear some responsibility in a civil suit. Why they still have custody of her is a mystery to me. She should be placed in a juvenile detention facility by court order until she is at least 18 years old.

Sad world we live in and only getting worse, and anyone who thinks many of these girls (in this country) aren't having their drunken doped up part in these orgies are either blind, deaf and dumb or kidding themselves.

It's a shame this guilty verdict was rendered by one judge, no panel and no jury. This gives a judge too much 'sway' power and leeway to favor his buddy prosecutor, or whomever. Can't trust them either.

Yes, I think the boys should have some punishment but so should the girl.

Shayna said...

Suzie, I'm afraid you ate feeding a troll.
(Although I have enjoyed your answers to the troll's ridiculous assertions. )

Anonymous said...

I am not a troll. I have been here a lot longer than you have, Shayna.

jen said...

So if I understand you correctly, you believe that if a girl becomes intoxicated and unable to give consent...then she's fairgame for all the horny jocks to use as they please?

By the way, 'actual rape' is more often a line crossed by an acquaintance, than a random forced attack by a stranger. The implications are the same, the violation of a woman's body, and an expression of control and dominance by the rapist. Comments like yours make it clear that rape is STILL treated as less of a crime than theft. If someone broke into your car and stole it, you would feel violated, helpless and victimized. Nobody would question whether your actions CAUSED the crime. People wouldn't say, 'well thats what you get for leaving your car unattended by the street', or 'why didn't you do a better job of looking out for your car'? You would blame the thief for taking what wasn't theirs to take. Rape is no different, yet people like you sadly choose to blame the victim, and question their actions.

Anonymous said...

Well said. And having someone unwanted in your car is far different than having someone unwanted inside your body. If male in male rapes were more prevalent, men would be forced to reanalyze the issue. Being in a position if safety from physical attacks gives them a feeling a entitlement. Rapists are predators.

Anonymous said...

Jen, that is not what I said. This is a case that stands on it's own; it was not a case where a woman went out on a date with a guy, got drunk and he forced himself on her. This was not date rape of any kind.

This is not a case where a young woman trusted someone she knew, allowed him to give her a ride and he raped her. This is not a case where someone broke into this girl's home and raped her. This was not a case where a girl got drunk, the team was feeding her liquor, and the team withheld and raped her as if that's what they had been scheming and plotting.

This is a case where a 16 year old girl had been drunkenly partying with these 16 and 17 year old partying, drinking boys for the month of August, 2012, and was well known to them and them to her. She obviously felt comfortable enough in their company to keep on drinking herself into oblivion and partying with them with no care or thought as to what could have happened to her.

As they say, 'let the good times roll' and that's what they did, she, as much as them. For her continued part in her willful drinking and getting drunk beyond her control, OR THEIRS, she is as much a party to her own rape as they are. That's all I'm saying.

Jen said...

I have debated with myself all day as to whether or not I should further respond to your posts and your position on why this 16yo girl, in her poor judgement, CAUSED her own rape. There seems to be little anyone can say to influence your opinion but I will try, as this issue is too important to ignore...and selfishly, to vent my own frustration with your position.

This young lady was among friends (or so she thought) when she made an adolescent, impulsive decision to consume too much alcohol (at a party where many of her peers were doing the same thing).In doing so, she did not sign away her right to expect her body to not be violated. I am saddened that you value yourself so little that you would think that ANYTHING you or another woman could do, should result in a forfeit of your right not to be victimized. There is NO gray area here, those boys did not have the right to force sexual contact on her, while she was unconscious or incapacitated. THEY are responsible for THEIR behavior (not the girl or her parents...get real!). These boys were AWARE of their actions and IN CONTROL of themselves (something that cannot be said for the victim). They chose to take advantage of this girl and they were proud of their conduct..recording it, texting friends and reveling in the attention they got...even texting that she was 'like a dead body'.

As to your earlier comments, about how much you hope this 'sorry ass' (teenage girl) suffers for her conduct, I guess you will be pleased to know that she will suffer endlessly. She will bear the stain of her bad choices (and her rapist's) for the rest of her life. In her small town she will not be remembered for her career, her accomplishments or anything relative to her 'pre-rape' life. She will be 'the rape girl', her greatest shame and source of pain, will also be her identity to most. She will likely spend years abusing herself in various ways, (eating disorders, drugs, alcohol, abusive relationships, etc.) trying to numb the pain and guilt she feels for a fleeting moment of irresponsibility, and her youthful inability to predict the life-long consequences she would face.

She will feel guilty and burdensome, as she watches her family suffer from the impotence they feel, having not been able to prevent, or 'fix' what happened to her. She will question WHY this happened, WHY she did what she did, and WHY she didn't just stay home that night. The WHY's, and what-ifs will NEVER end for her & her family. Her heart will stop every time she hears a voice similar to her rapist's or see's a man with his general build or features. Even years later, her rapist's face will invade her mind when she smells cigarette smoke on someone's breath, or hears a particular song on the radio. This list could go in infinitely, and into much darker places, but hopefully these examples constitute enough 'suffering' for you to regard her 16yo transgression, as paid.

JerseyJane said...

"She is as much as a party to their own rape"-Anon

Well, I'm sorry, Anon, that the girl didn't think first to ram her fist or objects up the guy(s) ass first and tape it.. You moron, are you serious??

Anon, come to the hospital or the morgue or watch her tape. Rape is rape. I have never know anyone to have signed up for it..male or female.. Or any animal or beast, for that matter, on this earth!?!?!?

Save your breath, Jen.

Anonymous said...

Jen, I understand your points and concede to a lot of them. HOWEVER, IMO, this girls' biggest concern was the fact that these boys had passed around her photos all over their school, to their friends and posted them on media sites with their snickering, degrading, humiliating comments. THAT is a horrible thing, agreed.

Yes, her reputation has been destroyed; and no, no one deserves that. You are right, she will never be able to live it down. But sufffer such huge emotional trauma over having been "raped"... ? Are you kidding; whe wasn't raped in the normal sense of being raped. Nobody 'forced' her. She was limp as a rag due to her intoxicating condition she got herself in; not them, they did not get her drunk, she did.

I think a lot of you don't realize what so many of these young girls are doing, what little whores they are; even giving blow jobs in the school stairwell, behind the cafeteria, in the schoolyard, afternoon swaping 'parties' in their homes and on and on; even some starting as young as eleven. You think fun-loving whoremonger young boys don't and won't take advantage of this? Whose to stop them? They don't see themselves as sex offenders or rapists, just having a good time with the nookie that's available to them is all they see; until they get caught.

I'd almost guarantee that this isn't the first time this girl has made herself available for party sex, but this time she got caught by being publically humiliated; now the only thing she can do to defend herself is cry 'rape, she was too drunk, she didn't know what she was doing'. Now she has no other way to defend herself with her family, friends and the entire City of Steubenville. Right.

As for the actual 'rape' she was so plastered that she didn't even know what went on there, nor was she forcefully injured in any way or she would have gone to a hospital or rape crisis center the next day, or told someone. Did she? No. Her only concern seemed to be 'what did I do last night?' 'Oh no, don't tell me I did THAT'. THEN it became rape after she found out there were photos and everybody knew, snickered and pointed at her.

Wouldn't she have known there had been a semen deposit on her stomach and pelvic area before she saw the photo of it on her stomach? But prior to that she just simply showered and washed it off, thinking no more about it? 'Big deal?' But not such a big deal when she discovered everyone knew and had seen the photos.

Seems to me like she would have seen (and smelled) the evidence in and on her stomach, vagina and pelvic area the next day when she sobered up, got dressed and knew then what happened; perhaps she did and wasn't concerned about it until she had to face up to the ridicule of everyone knowing...

I'm sure she knows what her part was in all this and that she is not innocent in what she allowed these boys to do to her, drunk or sober. IMO, it's her reputation and her own shame caused from the public exposure for having allowed this that motivates her. Would I feel the same way? ABSOLUTELY.

Would I have accused them of rape? I just don't know, I can't answer that, maybe I would have tried to salvage my reputation in any way I could rather than make it worse on myself for the rest of my life by carrying it even further(like she has done); however, public humilation is a horrible thing, so maybe I would have had I been exposed with photographs and everybody seeing and knowing.

I think all three of these kids belong in a juvenile detention center for the next couple of years. Let's move on Jen. Your points are well taken even though I don't entirely agree.

Lisa said...

No one wants to hear your ignorant drivel. Try to remember that this girl is the victim not those boys.THEY made the CHOICE to assault someone incapable of giving consent! End of story..It doesn't matter if they were intoxicated or not. There is no excuse. I feel sorry for them because they were obviously not properly educated about what constitutes rape (probably have parents like you)but at their ages they should have known better..the majority of young men do. Regardless of this girls actions and/or inactions, she did nothing to deserve/invoke this violation. It is people with your kind of backward mentality that allow this behavior to continue!!! This girl/victim did NOTHING to deserve this and she sure as hell did not deserve to have her rape put out there on social media for people like you to ridicule or humiliate her further. You are virtually saying boys are slaves to their hormones/desires and that they don't have any restraint when faced with a female in a vulnerable position. That is some true idiocy! You say no one forced her...but YES, they did. They never had her consent and in her condition she was unable to give it to them which is the same thing. Also, it doesn't matter what this girl was wearing and it doesn't matter if she has slept with the entire town in the past; it still does not give those young men permission to violate her!!!!You should really re-evalute your blame-the-victim mentality and hope and pray this doesn't happen to someone you love.

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