Saturday, March 2, 2013

Mark Redwine's Pronouns

Statement Analysis rivals the best of polygraphy, as we rely upon the words one uses to discern truth versus deception.

Close to Thanksgiving, 2012, Dylan Redwine, 13, went on a court-ordered visit to his father's home, against his wishes and his mother's wishes.  Elaine Redwine did not want to send her son, but attempted to make the best of things in not violating a court order.

Her worst fears were realized when Dylan went "missing."

Statement Analysis of Mark Redwine's words revealed:

1.  Dylan Redwine is dead.
2.  Mark Redwine is deceptive specifically about Dylan going missing.

Statement Analysis of Elaine Redwine shows no guilty knowledge, nor deception, regarding the disappearance of her son.

Body language is often helpful, but a baseline of 'norm' is something critical to the analysis.  Nothing can get to the truth like the principles of Statement Analysis.  Words do not come from a vacuum, and changes in language come from somewhere, with emotion having the greatest impact upon language.

Personal, internal, subjective dictionary.
Instinctive Language

Everyone of us has a personal, internal, subjective dictionary.  For example, when one uses the word "boy", we may need either context to know its meaning, or follow up questions.  For one, a "boy" may be a newborn, yet for another, it was the "fighting boys" in the Gulf War, aged 18 to 21.

Instinctive Language is exempt from the personal, internal dictionary that is subjective.  These exemptions:

1.  Time.   Objective time on the clock.  6PM is 6PM is 6PM.
2.  Articles.  "The, a, an"...are articles and are instinctive.  "A man approached me to demand money.  The man took my wallet."   This shows "a" man, indicating, instinctively, that the man was not known, but once known, he became "the" man.
3.  Pronouns

Pronouns are the single greatest reliability to detecting deception and have a "life all their own" (see "The Secret Life of Pronouns" for further understanding) and best guide us.

When someone is alone, and says "we", the person is attempting to deceive us.  When someone claims to be alone, and slips out the instinctive word "we", the subject is calling us to attention.

Every parent of a 13 year old knows how quickly the plural pronoun "we" is employed when a child feels guilty, just as every Junior High teacher knows.  Humans like to say "but everyone was doing it" as if the plurality of trouble-making causes it to be acceptable.

"We're going to take the polygraph" said Mark Redwine, while alone, to the Dr. Phil polygrapher.

He had no intention of going through with it.

Search Dylan's case here in the blog for the specific words of Mark Redwine and see how the same principles used in his case have been used in every other case, including Casey Anthony, someone everyone accepts as a liar.  There is no change in principle.

Once it has been established that a subject is lying, people often dismiss the subject as irrelevant.  Nothing could be further from the truth.  On the Nancy Grace Show, guests routinely dismissed Casey Anthony's statements as useless.  Mike Brooks said, "I know that Casey Anthony is lying because her lips are moving" in a chuckle, making investigators' skin crawl.  This is the opposite of what an investigator does.  A trained investigator listens to the very words of a liar because the words come from a memory and it may be that the lying subject may give out valuable information, even within lies.  Two examples from the Casey Anthony case:

"George and I don't believe that Caylee's in the woods or anything..." shortly before she was found in the woods.

"In my heart, I know she's close" Casey said.

Caylee was close and she was in the woods.  Even in lies, truth is sometimes found.

Mark Redwine's statements are vital.

I did not see the original airing of part 2 of Mark Redwine, part 2.

As I am now watching the recording, here are some observations


ex girlfriend:  only dated for 6 months and has 1 week experience with Dylan.  How dare she say anything to Elaine Redwine.

Dr Phil put her in her place.

Mark:  Likely Flunked his original polygraph; at least the direct questions.  When asked about it, his answer was to avoid and say, "there were some discrepancies..." (passivity noted)

Ex wife:  language showed signals of veracity in description of Domestic Violence.
Mark kidnapped previous kids.

She believes he could have harmed Dylan because  "he has a violent temper and snaps easily."

Mark enjoyed himself, especially when he inflicted pain upon Elaine.  Elaine was honest; signals of veracity consistently.  He loved the attention, even negative.

Nothing on the show signals anything but that Mark killed Dylan.

Note the interaction between Mark and his oldest son:

The oldest son is scared for Dylan and Mark, on national television, answered him by saying "you are being disrespectful..."

This is bad enough of a divergent from Dylan, but then Mark gave us what is needed:

"And I believe that what you are saying is coming right from your mother..."  (more on this in next article)

The son knows why Mark did this:  " hurt my mom. "

Raising money:  he went from "people" wanting raising money to "her"; they called "her"; singular.  He lies consistently.

Elaine:  reliable.


Anonymous said...

See how Mark turns the blame around to either Mr. Beam or Jack the polygrapher? How come Mark's brain works like this!???

Well… I didn’t have a lot of Jim Beam. I mean, I wanna make that… When I say ½ bottle I’m not talking about a big bottle, I’m talking about a small bottle, like a pint size…

So what was it that affected you to the point where we couldn’t go forward?

Well…and I guess when you were asking me these questions and you asked that question and I responded to it and I gave you my answer, I guess I was… I was expecting another question to follow that one, and… and…and at that point when it stopped

Well, actually, it wasn’t a question though, Mark. It was a statement by me and I said, well that’s a disqualifier. If you don’t feel well enough to take this test, then we’re not gonna’ do it.

Right…but the question was, do I feel well enough to take it? My response was, No, and…. and… instead of having another question followed behind that, when you reacted to that, and … and… said what you said, I was a bit taken by that.

Dr. Phil:
Do you wanna’ take it?

Well I don’t know that… that…. That… At the point we are right now with that question I don’t think that my answer is any different now that it was two hours ago.

Dr. Phil:
So you don’t want to take it.

Pause…Not if… if it means that my answer to that question is, no, then it’s no now. You know, maybe now isn’t the time to be taking the polygraph test, and I believe that that’s where we’re at with that.

Anonymous said...

Who talks like this? I'd an old person and have never ever heard a person talk in blaming circles like Mark Redwine!

JerseyJane said...

In a past interview, Dylan's mom said, MR would be pissed off more by what Dylan DID than what Dylan said... Dylan's mom said 'Both' but what he DID was placed first in her statement.

MR NOT having the FULL attention of Dylan pissed him off. I can see the steam coming out of his ears, as Dylan has his head down all into his phone texting or playing games.. And to NOT have his own personal sit-down father and son pal-wow at a restaurant!! Oh!!, the MR blood was boiling!!! I'm sure he grabbed his phone and just pounded away on lil' dude's head, then realized no return and strangled him... I really think it is that simple, his egotistical rage.
He was a puss in boots with that polygraph scenario, talking in circles, being his coward self..

Dylan's bro, if u read this, be the best man u can be on this earth, REPRESENT UR LIL' BRO, for he IS a far better MAN than so called Pops will EVER be! God
Bless! Also give lots of love to mom always...

JerseyJane said...

Sorry about the graphic opinion of how I believe lil' dude may have been killed.

john said...

K-9 rescue team returns from Redwine search

Posted at: 02/28/2013 6:19 PM | Updated at: 02/28/2013 7:14 PM
By: Eddie Garcia, KOB Eyewitness News 4

The East Mountain K-9 search team that went to the Four Corners to look for Dylan Redwine is talking only to KOB Eyewitness News 4.

The team just got back to town Thursday afternoon.

Wendy Kessinger and one of her hounds, Sabre, are back at home after searching Vallecito lake for missing teen Dylan Redwine.

"What we did was a process of elimination of areas," said Kessinger.

Earlier this week Sabre picked up on a scent on the east side of Vallecito lake despite all the snow and ice.

"Sabre absolutely went crazy there, he had bark alerts in the water, he was scratching at the ice through the snow there," she said.

Kessinger says Sabre is specifically trained to ignore animal remains and to only look for human scents.

"There is something there, we can't be positive that it is Dylan but there is somebody there," said Kessinger.

She says she alerted law enforcement and the Redwine family.

"Divers need to go back in my opinion," said Kessinger.

Kessinger said she still stands by her offer to help the family - for as long as it takes.

"When it comes to an end and the police funding runs out the overtime is too much - it's these teams that need to come on out and do this, keep it going," she said.

We talked to the La Plata County Sheriff's Office and they say their hounds picked up on a scent in that area of the lake this fall.

They used sonar and sent in divers and turned up nothing.

Mainah said...

MR: ...I’m talking about a small bottle, like a pint size...

Not "a pint size" but "like" "a pint size"...

I'm curious as to what was happening when MR was Dylan's age (pint-size?). I'll guess - excessive drinking, divorce, rage, neglectful, disrespectful, self-loathing, name calling bully(ies) for parent(s)? He's projecting something, vicarious and immature, pathetic and weak. Something he was trying to fix from his own experiences and using Dylan as a opportunity to "relive" something.

My heart is heavy for Dylan, his friends and his family.

Peter Hyatt said...

Mainah has gotten her first diploma in Statement Analysis: she is listening instead of interpreting.

This is so much of the battle now won. If he meant to say "pint" he would have; but he did not.



Anonymous said...

Substance abusers always lie about how much they took/drank anyway. Mark also started out with his hands about a foot and a half apart when describing what the bottle was "not" and ended up with them closer together "like" a pint. However, his hands were more demonstrating a fifth. Even so, even IF ALL HE DRANK WAS A HALF A PINT, that is still 8 ounces of hard liquor. So all he told us for sure was he drank MORE than 8 ounces.

Julie Moon said...

Maybe Mark says 'we' cuz it's him and his ol' buddy Jim Beam...

Peter Hyatt said...

correct about substance abusers and lying via minimization.

If he said he drank 8 ounces, it would be truthful, but if he said that he "only" drank 8 ounces, it would likely be a lie.

His method of deception will be discussed in an upcoming article.

Anonymous said...

Could MR have wanted to be "pint-size" Dylan's buddy instead of father? Was he jealous of Dylan's other buddies? Could he have wanted Dylan to drink with him like? Jim Beam buddy?

Lis said...

If MR commits to drinking a smaller amount, then he loses his implied excuse for not being able to take the poly. If he commits to drinking a larger size, then he looks like the alcoholic he is.

He is blaming Jim Beam but he would not have taken this poly regardless. The Jim Beam is a convenient distraction. The real reason he did not take the poly is because he is guilty and he knows it will become evident. He realized this when he saw that he would have to give yes or no answers, when he saw that he could not just talk in circles. That is when he realized he would lose control of his narrative.

TxTchr said...

If MR was stupid enough to appear on national TV drunk, it's conceivable that he was drunk when he picked Dylan up from the airport. Alcoholic rage is unimaginable.

Jen said...

Hi TxTchr-

First I like your name...thank you for all you do as a teacher.

Also you are's more than likely MR was drunk when he picked Dylan up from the airport. As an alcoholic Mark is always some degree of drunk in order to be functional and according to Mark's own words he was anticipating a 'sit down' with Dylan, so he may have been more lubricated to ease his nerves. When there is an alcoholic in the family the other members learn to recognize the signs of a blow-up brewing, and this may be why Dylan sent the sad faced text to his Mom. To let her know it's happening again...same old Dad, same old crap.

Mark fought for the Thanksgiving visitation, although Dylan wanted to be with his mothers family & spend time with his dying Grandmother, highlighting Marks disregard for Dylans feelings. The morning after Dylan arrived, one of Mark's errands was a visit to his attorney's office to 'deal with filing some paperwork with the court' (paraphrased). I believe Mark intended to file some sort of emergency custody order, to make more drama out of his forced tie Elaine back up in court, make more false claims that she would have to spend money fighting and prove that he was still in control of her through Dylan.

Like Peter, I believe this is where the conflict erupted. When Mark couldn't convince Dylan to eat at a "sit down resturant where he could talk to him", he became angry and blurted out his plan to interfere with Dylans new life. Dylan being nearly 14yo and not happy about being forced to visit, may have stood up for himself and his mother for the first time...telling Mark he didn't want to be with him now or ever. A teenagers tongue can be very sharp and from Cory's statement on Dr Phil, it's clear how the boys really felt toward Mark. Just as Mark proved by his answer to Cory on Dr P, he saw Dylans rejection of him as Elaine's fault and he struck down his own son in his rage.

Layla said...

Anon @ 12:22--I have also wondered what role alcohol played--meaning I bet Mark was drinking and he seems like tge type that would offer alcohol to Dylan to try to be a "cool Dad".

Trigger said...

Could Mark have killed Dylan in an alcoholic "blackout" type rage?

If Mark had awakened to find Dylan in bed and tried to wake him up, then realized that Dylan was dead, he would have panicked, then denied his part or justified his behavior and blamed Elaine in his sick mind.

Is Mark even capable of taking responsibility for any of his actions?

He wouldn't be the first alcoholic to kill a family member in a blackout state.

TxTchr said...

Trigger, if Redwine had been so drunk as to "blackout", someone would have seen and intervened. Men who have to dominate and bully thrive on anger as their control mechanism. He can't control if he's so blasted he can't even function. My dad's need to control even went past my teenage years and into my first few years of marriage, threatening to "'slap my face'" when I said something he didn't like. Imagine how much more "threatening" to his masculinity Dylan's 14 yo mouth would've been.

TxTchr said...

Jen, thank you for your comment. As a teacher, it's difficult to see the dysfunctional conditions that some students must endure. One of the students I taught last year committed suicide 2 weeks ago. He saw no other options or solutions for the problems he had. He was 14. Redwine decided for Dylan. If I can't have you, neither will your mother. This was Redwine's problem, not Dylan's.

Peter Hyatt said...

Alcohol blackouts leave no memory and if a real blackout takes place, language would not show deception.

One cannot lie about what one does not know.

Polygraph would show the same.

Shelley said...

Peter, the "eyes for lies" blog author stated she felt Mark was being truthful but questioned Elaine. I often read her blog and she's usuallyon the same page with you.

Curious what you think about that.

And Elaine spoke frequently of Dylan in the past tense early on but I have noticed she's switched to present tense? What do you make of that?

Sus said...

Would you please cite the msn articles where Elain spoke frequently of Dylan in the past tense. I can't find them. Thank you.

Trigger said...

I had forgotten that when controlling men were feeling angry that it is a "high" feeling of release and they feel elated rather than depressed.

Threats of violence or death make them feel "high" and alive.

Shelley said...


Elaine's past tense statments were comments on this blog about here use of past tense and not ones I heard myself.

I tried to find them in this site but not having any luck.

Anyone else recall them and maybe recall which title they were posted in?

Jen said...

To TxTchr-

I'm so sorry to hear that your former student took his own life at only 14. So young, and with his whole life ahead of him..I pray he has found the peace that eluded him in life, and I wish he could have felt more hope than despair during his time here on earth. Take care of yourself in this time of sadness.

~ABC said...

I can't even find my own comments on that at the moment, but paste this link in your browser and it should give you any instance of those words on this site.

~ABC said...

Here's the thread where I was questioning Elaine's past-tense language. I got a lot of great feedback.

Anonymous said...

Dr. Phil show, part 2. Someone posted on a crime forum (don't know if I can mention names here) that at the point where DP had MR backstage and was telling him to fess up and DP would help him, the camera cuts away from MR's face, but you can hear him say "behind the scenes". Sorry, I don't recall the minute mark. A few seconds later, when it cuts back to MR, his head is down and he's studying his tie as if his life depended on it.

Some suggested that DP missed those three words and missed an opportunity to crack MR. Anyone else see that?

Anonymous said...

Oops, left out my train of thought... I guess that some people took "behind the scenes" to mean that MR would talk more with DP off camera, behind the scenes.

And I tried to find the minute mark, but I don't have time to watch the whole video. But it's at the point where Dr. Phil is saying, if you have him hidden or god forbid you did something to him, tell us now and we'll help you get through it.

Sus said...

Thanks. I am looking for the exact statements where she spoke of Dylan in past tense. I remember others saying, but in all interviews I just never heard her do it. I will take a look.

~ABC said...

Hi Sus

Sorry I misunderstood. This is one of the interviews

Anonymous said...

Tyya's dad won't bribe situated anything common at the meet - no ice cream, no sweets, no cookies. But when the saleslady puts a recompense sticker on Tyya's nose, Daddy is at the model mo feigned to corrupt something high-minded

Anonymous said...

Did anyone catch how MR went from normal to brief psycho at the mention of Dylan hiking??? He stated, "And, you sent him without a Jacket ." How did he know Dylan had no jacket? How did he know what was in the back pack?