Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Mark Redwine: Exposed

                                            Mark Redwine is not a stupid man.

Although many may take exception to the above sentence, in analyzing his statements, I have learned not only that he is deceptive, and that he possesses guilty knowledge in the death of his son, Dylan, but that he has a pattern of deception, likely learned in childhood, in which he cleverly dissects the words given to him, and chooses not only which words (and questions) to respond to, but precisely how he will respond.

Dr. Phil's polygrapher found this to be frustrating, but if you listen to Redwine, you will hear this, consistently.

Mark Redwine picks and chooses what words and questions he wishes to use, or answer.  It is his method of deception.  Just as Casey Anthony likes to qualify each deceptive statement with, "perhaps, either/or" and so on, so it is that Mark Redwine is an intelligent, accomplished liar, who is able to grasp just how disgusted the nation is with him due to the revelation of his perversity in wearing a diaper and eating feces.

Mark Redwine is a prime candidate for suicide.

Objection:  He likes himself too much.

Answer:   So it is that he has now had the veil pulled from him, and his extreme perverse nature is exposed.  There is nothing he can say to justify his actions.  There is no one to support him.  He is utterly undone and has nothing left.

Previously, he had some sympathies from his appearance on the Dr. Phil Show, and Elaine's lack of expressed concern in sending Dylan off to his father's conspired together to make him, at least to a small minority, a figure to be pitied.

Eating his own feces turned that tiny minority to nothing.

Anger has been expressed at Elaine Redwine.  There is no excuse to be made for not giving this information to the judge, or for sending Dylan off to someone so horrifically perverse.  This failure to protect is shocking, as I know of no judge who would ever send a boy off to such a grievously offensive pervert.

What is worse than this?

Apparently, Dylan had confronted his father about this very thing.

Dr. Phil, however, did not.

Analyst Kaaryn Gough, weighing on on why Dr. Phil did not address this stark perversity took a most generous position:  perhaps law enforcement asked him not to, since they may have looked upon this as motive.

Dylan was like a lamb led to the slaughter:  he was seeing a man of whom demands respect, yet his 13 year old son, still a boy, saw pictures of his father in women's clothing and in a diaper.  Mark Redwine's rage and perversity, as well as being exposed just prior to this visit, was the perfect storm of risk factors all come together in one last venting.

As he lashed out as his son, I believe his own shame from the lingering guilt of perversity, projected itself towards Dylan, blaming, with each blow, Dylan's mother and Dylan's alliance with his mother.

Mark Redwine has no place left to hide.

He was seen by most of America as a killer of his own child, yet he clung to a semblance of dignity, demanding that his older son, Dylan's brother, show respedt to him, or that Dr. Phil would correct his son.

His demand for respect showed that there was still some gas left in his tank; howbeit little, yet some.

With this release of information, Mark Redwine's humiliation and degradation is complete.  He has nowhere left to hide, and no one he can turn to and demand respect.

The fear is now that he will commit suicide and take with him the location of Dylan's secret grave robbing Elaine, Cory and the entire family of the opportunity to bury their dead and begin the process of grieving.

It was the final cruel sentence imposed upon Mr. and Mrs. Cox, Susan's parents, who were left bereft, not only of their daughter, but of the opportunity to give her a Christian burial.

I fear that Mark Redwine will do the same.


Anonymous said...

Who showed Dylan those photos of his father? He should have been protected from that information just as he should have been protected from his father.

Anonymous said...

How old are these photos? When did this come to light as far as Dylan finding out? I ask because I want to know if any of it was done while he was still with Dylan's mother.

Anonymous said...

Samusenko's mother speaking after her son's body was found in lake.


what do you think of her use of the word "BUT" ???!!

I loved my son "but"...

Anonymous said...

Samusenko's aumt -- aor whoever that other woman who speaks first says you think maybe 95% it's not him. -- a natural denial of the unbearable. but the MOTHER is done with it. she says I loved him but he was taken. and then she goes on about how great the community is. she also seems to enjoy the attention and shake her head at the thought or talking affectionately about her son. language barrier or none -- i am back to suspecting her. I don't think it's easy for a healthy 17 yr aethletic guy to accidentally drown in a lake - - accidentally slip in MAYBE -- but then crawl out. Jacob was a very attractive kid -- he has real charm and vibrancy in his photos. weather he was gay or straight I can't help thinking he was craving a life beyond what his strict family rules were and this created a violent conflict with his mother. this is my guess. i think the mother is hiding involvment.

Anonymous said...

Interview on Sunday - 3/17/2013

Elaine Redwine
Interview begins @36 mins

@48 mins the photos are discussed - of Mark Redwine


Anonymous said...

why is samusenko's mother dressed in happy bright whit intead of mourning black?


Layla said...

Peter--Do you honestly believe the judge would have stopped all visitation bc of Mark's diaper wearing/feces eating fetish? I don't have one ounce of confidence this would have happened.

Layla said...

I do agree with you Peter--he is a clever liar. Some people have it down to an art form, and their minds work quickly to do this. He is an intelligent liar.

equinox said...

Thanks Anon 9:32

Elaine admits that the photos were too traumatic and troubling and she never told the judge about them. She says she is feeling regret and questioning that decision now. Dylan found the pictures on the camera while downloading vacation pictures two years ago, and according to his brother he did ask his father about the pictures on labor day vacation this past year. There was no explanation as to why the pictures were not discussed on Dr. Phil.

brosnanfan said...

So...is Elaine just as guilty as Mark for Dylan's death?

She could have stopped visitation, or at least tried to, with one showing of those photos to a judge. She did not.

~ABC said...

I had that thought the first time I listened to an interview with MR. He will kill himself and take this to the grave.

I am beginning to wonder if ER knew about this sick fetish before she divorced him and to what extent she may have been involved. How could she know this and still say she had no reason to be concerned for him to go visit MR. How can anyone have no concern knowing someone is practicing such a depraved fetish? That just doesn't jell for me. I am convinced now that this is what has caused her to be inconsistent in her responses.

~ABC said...

PS ~Dr. Phil is as much hype as anything else on TV. He is a character designed to appear to be "no one to cross". It's what sells.

Layla said...

You all are dreaming--the judge would have done nothing to stop visits. Yes, it is disgusting, it is not illegal. Meaning, legally speaking what would the grounds have been to stop visits?
Elaine would have been jailed if she kept Dylan from visiting Mark. This us how the legal system works. Not pretty is it?
I mean, Josh Powell is the perfect example! He murdered the kids' mother, and that wasn't enough to stop visits! But a guy dressing in a diaper that will get the judge to put down the hammer. Love to see a case cited where this has happened to show the legal precedant.

equinox said...

I'm going to disagree with Peter, which is somewhat rare. I don't think it is at all a given that most judges would immediately deny parental rights and order psych evaluation of a parent who was disclosed to have participated in fetish behavior. There's just no legal basis for it. Fetish behavior (most of it anyway) is not illegal. I believe in order for it to be used in this manner it would have to be accompanied by behavior that evidenced that a child was at risk of harm, and even then it would only be used as supportive of that cause of action.

Even in the DSM-IV it is only classified as a mental disorder “if the behavior, sexual urges, or fantasies cause clinically significant distress or impairment in social, occupational, or other important areas of functioning…Fantasies, behaviors, or objects are paraphilic only when they lead to clinically significant distress or impairment (e.g., are obligatory, result in sexual dysfunction, require participation of non-consenting individuals, lead to legal complications, interfere with social relationships)”

A few photos is just not going to prove any of that. It doesn't seem that Elaine even had the photos, I believe she only heard of them from Dylan. It's just not enough.

~ABC said...

Hi Layla

I don't really have an opinion on whether the judge would or would not have stopped the visitation. My concern is ER's personal knowledge and her lack of reaction to it.

equinox said...

Layla, we're on the same page.

Pam said...

I don't understand the blaming of Elaine for "allowing" visitation. The only thing I can think is that posters here don't understand how the courts work in child custody. While most everyone here is disgusted and appalled by MR's fetish, there are much worse out there. There are men who are guilty of child abuse that are still awarded unsupervised visitation and joint custody. A man who beats the living crap out of his wife can still get joint custody because "He hasn't harmed the kids". Do a little research before you condemn Elaine for following the law.

You can blame the courts and the politicians that worship at the altar of "father's rights", but you should be blaming Mark Redwine (if he is guilty) and no one else. MR is the one who decided to take his son's life.

skip said...

The judge would have done nothing. I have seen judges repeatedly give visitations- unsupervised- to fathers actively using drugs, and if the mother doesn't comply with visitations, they go to jail. This is for real, right here in Maine. The lawyers frequently say that a mother has to 'prove harm' to the child by putting them in harm's way, essentially.
I doubt a judge would disallow visitations based on a sexual fetish that has nothing to do with children.

~ABC said...

Hi Pam

I hope you don't take my questions as blaming. For me this is about statement analysis and I have had an apprehensive feeling about some things ER has said right from the start. In light of what is now known I have more questions. I'm not interested in placing blame on anyone. That mindset would prevent me from being able to look at and discuss this situation objectively.

Anonymous said...

From WS forum that was online that has been shut down. Discussion of MR, after the BTR show, Elaine interviewed.

Originally Posted by T

OK. But does it correlate with abducting and killing your child? For example, does S&M&B with a willing partner predispose someone to binding, gagging, and whipping their kid?

Response written:
It's not what is going on in the pictures that worried Elaine. It was the fact that her boys found the pictures and then found out that Dylan and his father had a conversation about these pictures on the visit before he disappeared.

In my opinion it's not what is going on in the picture as much as the pictures were of a disturbing nature, Dylan, found them, and approached his father.

The pictures could have been any number of other disturbing things and the same problem and concern would still be there.

I have invited Mark Redwine to come on the show. I hope he will.


~ABC said...

Anon @ 11:12 said, " It was the fact that her boys found the pictures and then found out that Dylan and his father had a conversation about these pictures on the visit before he disappeared."

Is this known? I haven't seen this anywhere else.

Anonymous said...

I had left my laptop on, as last night I was reading the WS forum, the discussion Dylan and the photos. The interview of Elaine.

That post was of a WS member that Tricia (who interviewed ER) responded to.

The forum is on lock down or removed. I copied it off my screen left open from last night. A new forum has opened, with a disclaimer - WS

No discussion of the BTR show, interview, or the content of it.

The page I had open, I lost it, when I refreshed the screen. I am not a member of WS.

The newest forum to open, today, as the one last night shut down to public or ? on page 13, was removed?


~ABC said...

Hmmm. Thanks Anon @ 11:27. Maybe it's just the way it's worded and they are referring to the visit previous to the visit when he vanished. It reads as if they mean ER was aware of a discussion about the photos between MR and Dylan during the last visit and it was my understanding that the only communication she had with Dylan were those last text messages.

equinox said...

From anon at 9:32
" Anonymous said...
Interview on Sunday - 3/17/2013

Elaine Redwine
Interview begins @36 mins

@48 mins the photos are discussed - of Mark Redwine

http://www.blogtalkradio.com/websleuths/2013/03/18/websleuths-radio? "

It's all in there, the revelation, how it came about, who knew what and why. Listen to it before it disappears too?

equinox said...

Elaine was aware that Dylan had a discussion with his father about the photos on his labor day vacation visit. She did not know this directly from Dylan, but through his brother who talked to Dylan about it. This did not happen during the visit where he disappeared.

~ABC said...

Thanks equinox.

I listened to the WS radio show when ER brought all of this to light. I'd read things here and there about the fetish and was hoping she would address it on the show.

brosnanfan said...

But...at the very least, Elaine could have brought these photos and this fetish to the judge's attention. This might not have been enough to stop Mark's visitation rights, but it could have been enough to ensure they were at least supervised visits. If this didn't happen, at the very least Elaine could have said that she at least tried.

My parents divorced when I was very young. My mother, at that point, was addicted to prescription drugs and alcohol (she is no longer addicted); my dad tried to get her into treatment, with no luck. He then tried to get custody, again with no luck, although he received extremely generous visitation rights. The courts sometimes get it right, and sometimes they don't. Sometimes their hands are tied even though they realize the decision they are handing down is morally wrong. And sometimes, as in the Powell case, they get it totally wrong.

But she could have at least TRIED. That, for me, is the sticking point. I'm sure she is heartbroken, and I am sorry for her. But she didn't even try.

brosnanfan said...

What is going on in the photos is just as disturbing as knowing that Dylan found them, and that he and his father-figure had a discussion about them. I don't think any proper-thinking parent would knowingly leave their child, no matter their age, with someone who had this fetish. It is disturbing, and the person with this fetish is most likely to also be disturbed.

Anonymous said...

Would any of you really talk to your son about his dad's feces and diaper fetishes? Really? And if you found out your spouse was indulging in these fantasies you would call the police and attempt to have his parental rights terminated?
As gross as it is, it was most likely considered an unspeakable embarrassment to the boys, and no one felt it had any bearing on Mark's ability to be a parent.

Laurie said...

I think if it wasn't brought up in court perhaps Elaine was trying to protect her boys from the humiliation and embarrassment that would have ensued. I normally agree with Peter but I have seen too much allowed to go on and still parents have the right to see their kids when it makes no sense. Maybe Elaine felt like bringing it out in the open wouldn't have made a difference anyway.

Jen said...

This topic has been bothering me since I read about this and listened to the WS show yesterday. I WANT to believe, that IF Elaine had brought this to the judges attention, there would have been a psycho-sexual evaluation conducted and visitaion suspended until it was complete. The fact that he was wearing DIAPERS for sexual arousal, has enough of a pedophiliac nature to constitute child endangerment, in my opinion. But the problem is she didn't have PROOF. Elaine did not see the pictures herself, nor did Dylan relay the story directly to her (apparantly he told Cory, who told her).

I think MARK would have probably deleted the pictures after being confronted by Dylan(?). Elaine reporting her 3rd hand knowledge of the pics that she never saw, (and can't produce for the judge to review) would likely have been met with little action. However, from Mark she would have likely faced retaliation accusations, claims that she was lying and poisoning his son against him, and escalation of an already volatile 'war' between them.

As I said before, I don't know what I would do if I was in Elaine's position. On one hand if she reports, she knows she did all she could (regardless of the result), but by doing so she may be placing her son in a position of embarrassment and vulnerability. Dylan is the ONLY one Mark has physical access to, so if she pursues this and loses..Dylan will be the one to suffer his wrath. In my opinion, Elaine was stuck deciding between the lesser of two evils. So, she chose to protect her son, since he didn't even want to discuss it with her, he obviously wouldn't want to discuss it with a stranger (judge). I'm sure she is tortured by her decision now that Dylan is gone, but I think she was just trying to get herself, and her youngest son through the last few years of forced contact with Mark, with as little pain and drama as possible...and I can't blame her for that. When dealing with someone like Mark, who feeds off of control and drama, the best thing you can do to escape their black hole is just avoid as much conflict/contact as possible.

It's just so sad that Dylan wasn't able to decide for himself whether he wanted to spend time with his dad... he shouldn't have to accuse, and disclose his father's depravity in order to have a choice about who he spends his time with at nearly 14!

Anonymous said...

i's tend to agree w/ Alli on this. doesn't seem necessarily relavent to me. perhaps if you frame it that mark was deeply embarassed -- and that was part of his motive -- there could be something there. but i think it's an abusive murderer anyway. and the fetish photos are kinda here nor there. if he had fetish photos of dead kids that would be a different thing.

Anonymous said...

we often try to associate what we view as perversity with evil. sometimes the correlation makes a great deal of sense and sometimes we blur the line between evil and different. many people have perversity of some kind or another that is out of the framework of "normal" most of them are not child killers.

Anonymous said...

I have more than a little court experience myself; and I totally agree with BronsnanFan and Peter on this. With the help of Child Protective Services, NO judge in his/her right-thinking mind would have allowed unsupervised visitation of Mark with Dylan had Elaine spoken up about Mark's sick shyt eating practices, which she KNEW to exist and which there was evidence photos that would prove it and could have been confirmed by Cody, whether she had physically seen the photos or not. How could she know that Mark wouldn't try to force Dylan to eat his shyt, which he very well might have? She knew how violent and depraved Mark was.

Mark was already known to be a drunk, violent and abusive and this would have been icing on the cake to prevent him from having any private contact with his minor son who did NOT want to be in his presence. There would have been no reason a judge would not have ordered psychic evaluation of Mark prior to allowing him any visitation; also would have more closely considered Dylan's own mental health and the affects this had on him. YES, absolutely, Elaine could have at least TRIED and fought the court system if that's what it came down too but she did not. Didn't even try.

I have never trusted Elaine from the get-go, but this is a shocker for which there is no excuse for Elaine's silence. I still think Mark is holding something over Elaine's head that she is afraid he will reveal if she fights him too hard; be damned with the position it left Dylan in.

Further, had Elaine cared all that much about the mental health of her sons, or the nightmare abusive situation she had them living in, she would have taken them and gotten the hell away from Mark long ago. We DO have laws in this land that protect women and children and places for them to hide under protection. No excuse.

But no, she stayed for years while her sons lived in pure hell with these fights and drunken brawls between her and Mark, all the while exposing them to more mental anguish beyond repair. God only knows what those children had to live with.

I certainly don't buy into the notion that she was only trying to 'protect' Dylan in her decision not to tell the judge and court system about Mark's disgusting sick shyt eating practice, KNOWING she was exposing Dylan to the possibility of being force-fed some of Mark's shyt down his throat. She disgusts me in not caring more than this about her son; which she did NOT otherwise she would have tried everything in her power to stop it.

Anonymous said...

The above anon post at 5:49 a.m. was made by me, The Midnight Lurker.

Anonymous said...

I can't say what Elaine's thought process was on this but I do know there isn't a one-size-fits-all solution to dealing with a controlling abuser. The conventional wisdom is report and let the courts handle things. How many children have died while under the supervision of the courts and CPS. I agree, from experience, with Jen. I learned that the best reaction was no reaction. Elaine knows Mark better than anyone and has dealt with the court system. She may very well have learned just how hard it is to protect your children from an impending threat and how to keep things from escalating. Maybe she did make the wrong call on this one but I don't think bringing the courts into it would have meant a better outcome.
She is playing nice with Mark right now, trying to get him to tell her where Dylan is. I listened to her interview and she was very careful and repeated that she didn't want to trash Mark. She's been walking a tightrope for years and has to continue to do so as her best chance to find Dylan. Can we give her the benefit of the doubt at least for now?

SALurker said...

My first thought when I heard about this was POOR DYLAN! Mark Redwine is a sick, sick puppy. The mother thinking there was no threat to Dylan. Both MR's & ER's actions dumbfound me.

No matter the relationship with an Ex, if I had heard my Ex did what MR did (& took pictures! As a "keep sake"?) I would not allow my child to be anywhere near the Ex for fear of their well being. Court ordered or not.

Obviously hindsight is 20/20 but something of this extreme perversity would not be lost on me. Oh no.

Tania Cadogan said...

Mark has reached rock bottom and i agree he is a suicide risk.

He has 2 ways he can go, he can either suicide due to guilt knowing the finger is pointing at him, there is a motive due to the divorce, custody and now his sexual predilicitions and by suiciding he takes with him the location of Dylan's remain, the ultimate control over Elaine and Corey.

The other way is he will come out the closet so to speak and pretty much tell thew world to shove it, he will brag about it and there are people out there that will say yep he's the man for me.

Some of the commentators here have said wearing diapers indicates he is a risk to children, paedophilia and so on.
I disagree and here is why.

Adults who wear diapers for a fetish rather than a medical need often are termed adult babies.
some will go the whole hog and have their own adult sized nursery and all that comes with it, clothing and so on.
There are also plenty of adult women who charge a lot of money to mother these adult babies.
Adult babies are of both sexes.
They also cover a wide range of 'ages' from infant to toddlers.
There is no sex involved.
Instead it appears to be a form of regression, adults seem to regress and are making up for a childhood they felt they never had.
They literally become the child even to language, behavior and toilet.
I have watced programmes on this and done some reading on it as the human persona fascnats me, why do we do this and that why is that ok but not this.
Adult babies become the submissive, the mother is the dominant even though there is no sex play.
For some it is a return to a time when they felt safe and secure, for others they have the childhood they never had and for others it is a way of easing stress, they are dominant people in their real lives, they are leaders, lead stressful lives and so on and becoming a baby is a way of releasing their pent up stress, they hand over control to another adult and become the led, the passive.
There are plenty of sites, businesses and groups that are into adult babies.

In relation to mark though i see sexual confusion, he smells odd and bad.

He has a history of domestic violence which indicates a dominant personality, he thinks with his fists, he is smart yet when push comes to shove he will use his fists to make a point.
He is into scat play and diapers.
He is a dirty baby and also into womens clothing, I wonder who his alter ego is and what age he role plays as a baby?
I wonder if he has a 'mother' someone who will role play his mom, change his diapers etc.
Adult babies like to have a mom.

I wonder if he is a male or female baby when he wears his diapers?

Tania Cadogan said...

He is conflicted as his public persona is macho male, the classic trucker, the heavy drinking sports mad macho man.
it has now come out he likes to wear diapers and womens clothes, his macho public image is no more, if he tries to keep it up he will be mocked and his charade exposed.

Is it possible the fight started because Dylan found out and asked about it?
Mark would be furious, his secret revealed, his masculinity questioned.
For mark his masculinity is his all, it's his image to the world i am man hear me roar etc.
He drinks heavily this is going to impact his sex life, is he impotent i wonder?
Is his scat play a way of getting aroused?
Wearing the diapers i don't see as a sexual fetish a way to get his rocks off.

This leads me down the path of what is mark then?
He likes to wear womens' clothing does he seek out men whilst he is dressed as a woman, is he a lot lizard? (hookers who hang around truck stops)
Is he bisexual? in which case why dress as a woman why not be who is is or is his alter ego a way of satisfying his urges whilst he convinces himself he is still all male?

Mark is in turmoil, his sectrets are coming out, he is at rock bottom, the real mark is being revealed and it will get messy.

I wonder which part of mark killed Dylan, the macho driver, the transexual, the alcoholic. What else is there to mark that has yet to come out?
Where are his friends, his supporters?
Who is there for mark now this has come out?
Right now he is at his most dangerous, he is trapped in a corner with no way out, nowhere to turn, he literally has nothing left to lose.
The one bit of power he has left is knowledge of where Dylan is. Will he do the ultimate and kill himself so no one can take that last part of him away? I think so.
people won't remember him for his dipers, his sexual predilictions, they will remember him as the man who took the secret of Dylan's resting place to the grave.
he will forever have that power over Elaine until Dylan should be found.

This also explains Elaine's sensitive language, she knew and said nothing causing her language to change in order to avoid bringing it up. This was her control over mark, it was a battle of wills wth Corey and Dylan in the middle. Dylan was the sacrificed pawn in their game of mental chess, who will break first and how?

John Mc Gowan said...

In reply to Hobs questions,i was wondering who plays the role of mom?Could it be his ex,and that's why she defended him,she also may not of wanted this to surface for fear of embarrassment and ridicule.Has this now opened up a whole can of worms and will LE pursue this line of questioning given that we now know Dylan knew about the photo's.

SALurker said...

Hobnob-I agree with just about everything you've said except this :

"Some of the commentators here have said wearing diapers indicates he is a risk to children, paedophilia and so on. I disagree and here is why."

Isn't he supposed to have ate feces & has pictures of it?

I guess it's one thing to wear diapers as an adult & want to be a baby again (WithOUT children in the mix) but to eat feces & leave pictures where they can be found by a CHILD?

That's wrong on all levels. I could only imagine how Dylan must have felt.

I'm a grown adult & I'm hearing about this type of behavior for the first time. I'm totally grossed out & horrified.

I can't picture how disgusted, sad, and confused Dylan must have been. It being his dad & him a young child.

SALurker said...

Just thought of this after I hit post/submit.

°MR wanted/wants to be a baby.
°MR seems stuck on ER.
°Dylan is the baby of the broken family.

Did part of MR resent Dylan for being the baby of the family? Did Dylan somehow take MR's place in MR's mind???

MR loved/hated/needed Elaine. In MR's mind - take out ER's baby & let her know how badly it felt for MR to be abandoned by his "mommy", ER.

Is this why he refers to her as "mom"?

S +K Mum said...

Jen @ 2.27- that scenario makes sense to me, how could Elaine convince anyone about photos her sons have told her about that she has no access to or has seen with her own eyes? I think she kept this quiet to protect Dylan for the reasons you have stated.

I also wondered the same as John @ 9.27 - possibly she has been involved with some of these things with MR in the past and is worried about the humiliation for herself and her son Cory.

Anonymous said...

Sick sick sick. Demonic possession without a doubt.

I have wondered many times if something like this is what causes many young boys/girls to grow up thinking they are homosexual. Or later start to believe they are, then start to practice homosexuality.

Neglected for hours, left alone in their crib too long in dirty diapers and play in their feces, (and with their penis, etc); hungry, and start to eat their own feces while playing in it. It has been shown in many studies that small children do have sexual urges under the right (or wrong) circumstances. IMO, it's a possibility.

Midnight Lurker

June Andrews said...

Sorry if I'm bothering. I cannot blame Elaine for allowing visits. Same things happened to us. I revealed the truth at court and I was the one who wanted to cut off the relationship between my son and his father though there were several documented stuffs backing up my concerns. The judge granted MORE time with the father to punish ME.
I chosed not to allow visits, so I was charged w/interfering visitations and was sentenced for a year probation. I almost lost custody of my son because of this. Elaine went through the same thing and though I don't know the specifics in her case - I'm sure that every mom is concerned to lose custody.

Anonymous said...

Cory brought up the topic at Dr Phil show. I imagine that if Mark had 'dirt' on Elaine he would have jumped at the chance to expose her. By all accounts, this seems like something Mark started after being alone and left to his mental illness for some years.
BTW these pictures are apparently posted on a fetish website. If you look hard enough you may be able to find them.

jen said...

Hi June- I appreciate your comment AND your courage to do what you felt was best for your son, despite the court's ruling. Good luck in resolving your custody issues!

Laurie said...

Maybe ER didn't want this out in the open bc now people are speculating she may also have participated in this? I am going to keep giving this mother the benefit of doubt before I pass judgements like that on her. I don't think she has done anything to deserve that. I am certainly no expert, but it sounds like some people think they know everything about abusive households and court systems.

jen said...

Hi June- I appreciate your comment AND your courage to do what you felt was best for your son, despite the court's ruling. Good luck in resolving your custody issues!

Anonymous said...

These pictures of MR in diapers and eating feces must have been taken by somebody. Unless he was posing for a tri-pod and a camera with a delay, someone else must have been there. That thought is pretty disgusting. Who was with him?

Anonymous said...

I'm torn on this issue. On the one hand, my first thought upon reading this was Dennis Rader & all his fetishes. On the other hand, what is the relevance of MR's fetishes to this case? Whether or not he killed Dylan, what part of the diaper, etc thing would be to blame? I hate to point this out but plenty of people have twisted fetishes and don't kill their kids, or lose custody of them. Except in cases of proven paedophilia, how is a fetish in the bedroom risky to kids?

That said, I would've used the pictures being found in a custody battle because at that point, my son would've been exposed to the fetish - especially at such a young & impressionable age.

Anonymous said...

Continued from 11:16am - I meant provable paedophilia - in the sense of how could MR have lost custody over his sexual habits without proof that those habits put Dylan at risk?

Tania Cadogan said...

Midnight lurker.

People do not choose to become homosexual the same as you presumably didn't choose to be heterosexual.

Current thinking supports exposure to hormones during gestation to varying degrees having influence on the foetus.
Men and women both share the same hormones the difference being in what proportions, men having more tesosterone and women having more oestrogen and progesterone.

Since you used the words "demonic possession", i presume you are a christian of some kind and thus believe god creates and gives life.
Since god is the 'creator' and creates humankind in his own image, i have to conclude that it is god who makes people heterosexual, homosexual, bisexual,intersex, transgendeed and even global sexual.
Since god is allegedly perfect and never makes a mistake, i have to presume that god has decided that you are straight, you are gay, you aren't fussy and you are one sex mentally in the body of another and you are both sexes at the same time so you decide what you want to be, the globalsexals you can love everyone and everything.

Homosexuality isn't down to being left in a dirty diaper too long, nor is playing with their penises (infants are tactile it is how they learn, they do not understand the concept of dirty or private areas until they are taught) If playing with their penis causes homosexuality then pretty much every male in the world would turn out gay and Italy would be flaming.
Males for whaever reason have a fascination with their penis and appear to be checking it constantly in case the willysnaffler has snuck in and grabbed it whilst they were off guard, it is unusual for men to not be checking it, rearranging it, holding it and so on, you don't see wome doing the same with their bits or bosoms.

Festishes come about for many reasons, often the sexual feelings come to be associated with a particular item, Take males as babies and crawling seeing women in high heels at what would be eye level.
they see the shoe and are then picked up and fed, cuddled whatever that makes them feel good (full tummy, clean diaper, cuddles) in the brain over time synpotic links are created that associate the shoe with the good feeling and hey presto you now have a shoe fetish.
It becomes a problem when the fetish takes over the person's life, that to get satisfaction the object of the persons fetish has to be present, for example they can only get satisfaction if their partner is in heels or even that they can only get satisfaction with a high heel.

I dispute the words you used of children getting sexual urges.
The sex drive only kicks in once puberty is reached and the hormones start being produced and released, the ages can very both in gender and also factors such as race, diet, environment, there are also cases of precocious puberty
which can affect very young chilren (though treatment is available to stop or minimise this particularly in girls)

Tania Cadogan said...

Infants and toddlers as part of learning can and do put all sorts into their mouth ( hence all the age warnings, visits to ER and the OMG did they just eat a worm?)it is one of the ways they learn. the learn taste, they learn texture, they learn shape, what is good , what isn't, they are also grabby little creatures and will reach out and touch everything, watch a parent and child in a store and the child is touch touch grab and the parent will be forever putting stuff back on the shelf or end up paying for something said child has opened or partially eaten ( my niece was a sod for that yoghurs, juices etc were opened before you even knew you were in the aisle)

Even you midnight will have been left in a dirty diaper for a few mins, i will bet you had hands all over the place come diaper changing time, i will bet you ate stuff you shouldn't have yet you seem to have turned out mostly ok.

I am bothered though by the words "It has been shown in many studies that small children do have sexual urges under the right (or wrong) circumstances. IMO, it's a possibility."

Is there ever a right time for a child to have sexual urges?
Personally i disagree.
What is your definition of a right time for a child to have sexual urges?
When is there a wrong time to have sexual urges?
My enquiring mind wants to know, and. as this is a statement analysis site, i bet there are more than a few asking the same question.

Vita said...

The woman, who dated MR, she a guest on the Dr.Phil show, she on private interview defending MR, that no way MR hurt Dy. She to go after Elaine and say how dare you, Dr. Phil to shut her down.

She posted online, HLN, NG covering Dylan's missing.

Her FB comment:
Karen Obar Alexander · North High School Bakersfield California

How dare you judge someone you don't even know, i know mark and Dylan and if he is guilty of ANYTHING IT'S LOVING AND SPOILING THAT KID WAY TO MUCH. And as far as the cell phone there is no cell service out there I've been there there is non at all!!
Reply · 5 ·
November 29, 2012 at 9:01am


Found online a post of her and Elaine communicating on FB. No date, as this is a screen shot.

She in response to Elaine: As she is asking E for info on MR.

but, if you ever want to tell me anything that might help me, I would appreciate any info. She to thank E, you seem very level headed.

Who is this woman? she berates Dylan the victim on National TV. She berates him in her HLN Comment. She attacked E on National TV. She then asks E for aid, help in her failing relationship with MR. She to believe he is blowing smoke up her ass.. she a victim, as she is going through a divorce.
The other is her, this woman. Did she date MR? or he chose her? for her size? as her clothing could would very well fit him. She said she traveled and stayed a week at MR's with Dylan. This she said to the world on Dr. Phil. Were women's clothing found in MR's house after Dylan poofed? he to use her as his alibi, excuse, oh they are Karen's, a friend, who stays here time to time.

She has huge man hands, this woman, she is no flower. https://www.facebook.com/karen.o.alexander

John Mc Gowan said...


Ive just read that exchange from the Fb screen shot.

Karen asks Elaine for help in here relationship with MR,and then says"I am a WOMAN going through a divorce."

Why does she feel the need to call herself a WOMEN,its unnecessary.Does she doubt her sexuality?

Sus said...

Thank you for answering to the homosexual comment, Hobnob. I was about to. Homosexuality has nothing to do with being left in dirty diapers or with any other treatment in early childhood.

As to the main topic at hand...I agree with Peter's points
A. Mark's fetishes stem from from disturbing mental deterioration on Mark's part.
B. Exposure of said secrets could endanger Dylan.
C. Elain had a duty to inform the courts of danger to Dylan.

BUT I THINK YOU ARE NOT TAKING IN MARK'S PERSONALITY AND CONTROL HERE. Even though you write what an accomplished liar he is, you disregard the effect that lying has.

Mark has control by confusion, cover-up, accusations, etc. Elain does not trust her own instincts. One example was on the Dr. Phil show when Mark railed at Elain for calling her divorce attorney when Dylan went missing. ELAIN WAS PUT ON THE DEFENSIVE SAYING SHE HAD NOT CALLED HER ATTORNEY. Why can't she call her attorney? Her son is missing from a visit to his noncustodial father! And the one who actually saw their attorney that morning was Mark!

Mark lies and manipulates to keep control. Thus Elain doesn't trust her own instincts. She should have told the judge; she didn't; I don't blame her now, though.

Skip said...

Hobnob, you made my day with your posts. Very educational and you made me laugh. I was hoping as I read the comments that someone more eloquent than I am would respond to him.

John Mc Gowan said...

Karen also says:

"I just feel he is blowing smoke up my arse"

Which given the circumstances it is an unfortunate choice of words.

SALurker said...

Bravo Hobnob!!!!
Exactly what I wanted to say but couldn't put it into words.

My favorite part:

" If playing with their penis causes homosexuality then pretty much every male in the world would turn out gay and Italy would be flaming.".....

I about fell on the floor laughing. :)

Oh as far as Christians-there is wide variety of us. I'm sorry that mean, judgemental ones seem to tramp everybody down.

Homosexuality is not being deviant. It's how you are born. How you are wired. And like you said, a perfect God (which He is in my mind) does NOT make mistakes. He only makes beauty.

Vita said...

John, the photo as her FB profile is ...
She does not look like the same woman on Dr. Phil. Something is off. They are similar, yet something is odd. Not being facetious, the photo of this person looks like Mrs. Doubtfire, a man in drag. Her hands are huge, as her neck, facial features are manly. Your question is of my own thoughts. When was this profile photo taken? in the middle of a transition? ...

Her FB (background) to be of arena of Semi's, Rigs and trailers.

photos from the show, she seated next to MR, she is bigger than him, in body frame.



Skeptical said...

My skeptical nature is kicking in. Eyes for Lies said she saw something puzzling in Elaine. Was it her knowledge of Mark's activities and the pictures? It does bring up the question, was Elaine ever involved with Mark in these activities and the pictures were not a surprise.

Anonymous said...

OH GOD you bore me! Of course YOU wouldnt' believe Hobnob, because you don't even believe there is a God. So much for YOUR thoughts and mountainous manmade non-ending research that you seek day and night, all to reinforce your personal beliefs that there is no God and all who believe differently are stupid braindead christians.

I beg to differ with you SALurker. What you say is what man says, not what God says. Read The Book for yourself. The conclusion to the matter (and many others) is: "There is a way that seemeth right unto man but the end thereof are the ways of death."

Homosexuality is NOT how you are born and it is NOT how you are created. God made man and God made woman, a sexual perfect puzzle that fits together. There are no missing pieces to the puzzle and no substitues. YES it IS a deviate practice, whether you care to accept it or not.

The practice of homosexuality is a great sin and those who practice, teach and preach otherwise are ignoring all that God says about this abomination in his sight; in fact, they don't really believe in God or his holy word otherwise they would NOT be going againt his warnings. That is not to say that God does not forgive and save some from the wrath to come, as God can forgive and save anyone he choses, and does.

You have your own choices to make, and have, just as I do, and have. Good luck with yours! Like I said; read it for yourself. It is GOD's wisdom I seek and not some misinformed lou lou who will bite the dust having no further chance to wrongly steer others and pat the backs of those who are wrong and KNOW they are wrong.

Midnight Lurker

Vita said...

The presser attached to the photo of Dr. Phil, MR, GF, and Cory on stage -

In the interview's second segment, a former girlfriend of Mark Redwine was brought out to defend his character and parenting, while both his ex-wives and an older son with Elaine, Cory Redwine, stopped just short of accusing him of murder.

At one point, Dr. Phil made this offer to Mark: “If you have your son stashed somewhere, or if, God forbid, you flew into a rage and you hurt him accidentally and he's dead, if something has happened, I will help you deal with it now, and we will go recover that young man right now. … But my offer has a shelf life.”

Mark declined.

“Just know that I offered,” said Dr. Phil.

“I'm not involved in this no matter how I come across. I'm not involved,” said Mark Redwine, before crying while he spoke of how his son Cory had said he hated him.

Dr. Phil replied, “If you're not involved in this, then there is something seriously wrong with you because your reaction to this ... something's seriously wrong with you.”

Evidently yes, "something is seriously wrong with you" as ppl who were not in the audience, had no knowledge of the photos of MR, until Elaine shared it, WS BTR interview.

Elaine, interview with PH, she said that MR was on stage one of the two days, she and he seated across from each other. The following day, she did not have contact with MR, via the show.

Which of the two days did they show the audience the photos of MR?
Edited out. Was he present on the stage, photos shown? or this was day 2, he not on stage?

Pine River Times is a local Newspaper -they have followed Dylan's missing. I found this entry on their FB, of a person who was in the audience, one day or both days? I am confused. I removed the poster's name.

I was in the Studio Audience and I'm surprised they didn't bring up the Dads weird fetish of eating his own poo. I know it's gross but I guess he dresses in womens clothes and wears diapers and shares these pictures on the internet. What if Dylan found them? This could be a motive for Mark R to hurt his child, think about it.
February 28 at 10:17am


John Mc Gowan said...

Skeptical said.

" Eyes for Lies said she saw something puzzling in Elaine"

Hi Skeptical.
I agree with,the majority of readers here also felt that way too,and now we know why.Eyes doesn't believe MR is involved,that is why a lot of people felt dissapointed in her analysis.

Tania Cadogan said...

john said...
Karen also says:

"I just feel he is blowing smoke up my arse"

Which given the circumstances it is an unfortunate choice of words.

Welcome to this week's show, Guess My Dirty Little Secret.

~cue applause and tacky music~

Our panel of guest judges will get 1 min to ask out contestants questions about their secret,our contestants can only answer yes or no.

Introducing our first contestant..
mark redwine.
Mark has several secrets which all combine to make his main dirty little secret and it's a doozey

~applause and audience goes ooooh~
Welcome mark remember you can only answer yes or no to the questions.

mark - mhmkay

No mark, Yes or no only please.

Hi mark, i see you didn't make an effort for the show so do you work with the public?

mark - no.

Judge #1 is your job a manual one?

mark- yes.

~audience claps~

Judge#1 is your secret to do with your job?

mark - mhmm.

Host - can i remind you, yes or no only please.

mark, mhmkay.

judge#2 Hi mark,is your secret to do with alchol?

mark. no, my drinking isn't a secret.

Judge#3 Hi mark, are you married?

mark, NO! The bitch divorced me stole my kids and slanders me, i'll kill her.

~audience claps~
Host, Now mark remember yes or no only please as anything you say can and will be used against you in a court of law.

mark - mhmkay (glowers & slouches)

Judge#4 Hello , is your secret to do with your temper?

mark yes. (mutters to self)

~audience claps~

Judge #4 are you a truck driver?

mark yes (mumbles till they breathalyse me)

~audience claps~

Judge#4 do you kill prostitutes and then dump them by the road?

mark No.

Judge#1 is a special item of clothing needed for your secret?

mark, yes

~audience claps~

Judge#1 is it made of rubber?

~mark consults with host~

mark some of it can be

~audience claps~

Judge#2 does it involve dressing up?

mark yes

~audience claps~

Tania Cadogan said...

judge#2 now we are getting somewhere ~laughs~
Do you dress up in women's clothing?

mark yes ~slouches further down~

~audience claps~

Host remember he has several secrets here which make for the biggie.

Judge#3 womens clothing and some of it is rubber.
do you wear diapers as part of your secret?

mark yes.

~audience claps and cheers~

Judge#4 strange combination there mark eh?

mark piss off and give me a drink.

Host, now mark remember no swearing.

mark mhmkay.

Host and stop saying mhmkay this isn't Southpark.

mark ~mutters under breath~

Judge#4 are you an adult baby who likes to cross dress?

mark Yes

~audience claps and cheers~

Judge#1 this is only part of his secret you said?

Host yes.

Judge#3 wow it must be good.

judge#2 as an adult baby are you potty trained yet?

mark sometimes, define potty trained.

Host, remember yes or no here mark and put the Jim Beam down

Judge#4 do you mess your diaper when you wear one?

mark yes.

~audience claps~

judge#2 i know this is a bit icky do you #2 in your diaper?

mark Yes.

~audience claps~
Judge#2 do you play with it?

mark Yes

~audience claps~

Judge#2 i know this is gross do you...do you eat it?

mark yes

~audience claps and gags~

Judge#1 just your own?

mark mhm

Host yes or no only please

Judg#4 so you are a truck driving, cross dressing, adult baby with alcohol and anger issues who went through a messy divorce and is fighting over custody of your kids?

mark YES!

~audience claps and cheers~

Host remember this is only part of his main dirty little secret.

Judge#3 does your secret have anything to do with a visitation?

mark yes, i showed him though.

judge#4 did you... kid or kids?

Host kid singular in this case.

Judge#4 did your kid find out about your secrets?

mark. yes, it was that bitch of an exwife who told him, i'll swing for her.

Host as you have done previously mark judging by your record.

~audience and judges laugh~

Judge#1 did you mislay your kid?

mark. No, she did it it's her she is out to get me. I haven't lost him ~mutters~ I know where i left him

~drops empty bottle on floor and slumps~

Host mark remember yes or no, otherwise, anything incriminating will be used against you.

Judge#1 did your kid, your son i would say, want to stay with you?

mark NO!!

~audience claps~

Judge#4 did you get into a fight with your son?

mark yes, no, we talked. i talked he indicated.

Judge#1 Ok I am going to take a guess here.

mark ~mumbles go take a long run off a short pier you (^&%*)%

Judge#1 mark you are a truck driving, cross dressing, adult baby who likes to eat his own poop and maybe other people's as well. You have a thing for transexuals and probably go out looking for sex both as male and female Your son, who didn't want to see you as he hates your guts, found out about your secrets either through pics or word of mouth,and,was quite rightly disgusted. You tried to explain it away and got into a fight.You killed him due to your anger issues against his mom whom you blame for everything, your drinking, your emasculation and the fact you have nothing to hold over her. You dumped him somewhere and are now holding his resting place as bait for your ex wife.

mark yep, pretty much.

~audience claps and cheers wildly~

Host There you have it another fine example of a deadbat dad with a dirty little secret. Thank you mark for coming on our little show, you can if you like have a bash at our partner show smoke the poly, beat the polygrapher hosted by Ura Liyah.

~audience claps as mark is poured off the stage~

Host Now please welcome our next constestants, yes, this is a two fer one dirty little secret, billie dunn and shawn adkins

~Audience Host and Judge claps as they walk on stage~

John Mc Gowan said...

Hob's Lmao. hahahahaha.

Vita said...

Yesterday, I listened to the WS BTR interview, attempting to process the announced by Elaine.

Brain blown, thinking of the content, the said of MR's fetishes. Went online and it became a Kevin Bacon, via searches. Truckers and Diapers, I did a search and I came across a forum which appeared harmless. A discussion of Truckers and diaper wearing. I to read the exchanges and then look at what site I was on. This a forum of those who have diaper fetishes as grown adults. Umkay! - after I read this forum of few posts, moments later, I had an Epiphany, related to MR's own statements.

This persons written, not on this subject, yet their words made me think back to MR's own saids - his version of Dy's timeline:


As a truck driver myself. I know for a fact that truck drivers wear diapers because I've seen diapers in trash cans around the parking lot and fuel islands. Truck drivers usually stop at walmarts where there's parking space wether its to shop or sleep. Since there are very few truck stops and rest areas compares to the amount of drivers out there. California being the worst. Some use empty beverage containers. As a ab / dl myself diapers have increased my productivity driving.

I will add more, do you read what I read, maybe it too will click on - from MR's statements.

shmi said...

Is wearing a diaper and eating feces a fetish? Hell, I don't know, but it is depraved, sick. I would not have sent my boy to spend time with his dad if I knew about it. MR has a SICK mind!

We have a legal system, and then we have moral responsibility. Our legal system is broken, and I will always do what I feel is right. Oh, if you want to know right from wrong, read the bible, it is spelled out there for you! F the laws on child custody. We have seen too many mistakes because of a law or no legal presedence. Judges that have no common sence.

And to hear that the judge that ordered visitation to MR has retired!! He should have been fired!! With no benefits for life.
He is a useless tool.

My heart aches for Dylan Redwine. The turmoil he must have been going through the days before his court ordered visitaion. To have to face that despicable person he called dad. Why can't a 13 year old speak for themself in court?

Most disturbing is that his words indicate his son is dead.

MR-please, go out with a little moment of decency and tell Elaine where Dylan is!! Show you have some humanity left in you. What have you got left?

Tania Cadogan said...

Did i touch on a sensitive area there midnight?

You want me to take as gospel(pardon the pun) a book which over the millenia has been written by man, for their fellow man interpreting what amounts to dreams, hallucinations and general grabbing of power from so called prohets and sundry religious leaders and organisations who have their own version of heaven and hell, who have their own aims and desires, who will happily kill anyone who belives something even slightly different even if it is the same god in name.
Take the king jame bible, this was created by forcing 2 different religious organisations to work togeather and thus unite the nation in their belief.

You tell m in one breath god doesn't make mistakes and then go on to say homosexuals etc are deviants, how do you explain away intersex (what your would call hermaphrodite) children?
Are they a mistake or did god make them that way deliberately?

If homosexuality is such a great sin how do you explain away priests in the catholic church who are gay since they were allegedly called by god despite god presumably knowing their sexual orientation since he created them.
Is this a mistake or is god testing the faith of his believers?
Doesn't god tell you to love they neighbor? doesn't god talk about foriveness and understanding?
isn't he supposed to be a loving god?
Does this only apply in certain circumstances?

The bible is full of contradictions, does this mean you as a beliver can pick and choose what to obey?
What parts would you choose? the bits that suit your lifestyle?
if you want to follow the bible word for word as you believe it is the word of god then boy will you have some fun when you find the contradictions.

You aren't very understanding or compassionate for a christion which is unusual since god preaches love for all etc.

I sincerely hope that you never have need of any emergency services, public services, or in fact contact with anyone on this planet since shock and horro, you may come into contact wit someone who is gay etc.

In fact,

i bet you come into contact with people of every sexual orentation every single day.
I do hope they don't get offended by your rampant heterosexual fire and brimstone christianity.

Westboro baptist church are losing members, perhaps you could go join them, they will make you welcome big time

hugs, smooches and have a nice day, i still like you even if you don't like yourself xx

Dee said...

Hobnob says..." If playing with their penis causes homosexuality then pretty much every male in the world would turn out gay and Italy would be flaming.
Males for whaever reason have a fascination with their penis and appear to be checking it constantly in case the willysnaffler has snuck in and grabbed it whilst they were off guard, it is unusual for men to not be checking it, rearranging it, holding it and so on, you don't see wome doing the same with their bits or bosoms."
OMG Hobs, ROTFLMBO at "every male in the world would turn out gay and Italy would be flaming." I totally agree with your sentiments. My 3 year old grandsons, now that they are potty trained and can get to it easier, have become obsessed with their penises. They both take it out and examine it, turn it this way and that, rearrange it. We're trying to teach them it's ok in private to look/touch but not polite to just pull it out whenever and wherever they please. It's not sinking in too well. Maybe I should tell them the "willysnaffler" will steal it if they leave it hanging out, lol.

Vita said...

MR uncut interview


Start at 10:14, he is asked what happened, as you picked up Dylan from the airport...

LE confirmed, Dylan's plane arrived @ 5:45pm. MR speaks of delay of Dylan's flight. He to add added words, he to ramble. As we have listened, it was not Dylan nor his plane delayed. It was MR who was delayed, he was late.

He throws out, the time of it was 6'oclock, 6:20, I don't remember, but immediately we left the airport and went to Walmart.

Reporter: Why did you go to Walmart?

MR: Well, I had just come in from doing a job in Silver City New Mexico...so I didn't have a whole lotta things..
Ding Ding Ding

I question as he does not say, as he is not asked. Was he or was he not driving his Rig, when he picked Dylan up from the airport.

He says he just finished a job, came in from Silver City, New Mexico. He was delayed and could not park just anywhere in the airport, as he was driving his Rig?

He chose Walmart, as the Trucker in my previous posts states, Rigs are allowed to park, Truckers to shop, sleep, in Walmart Parking lots.

He then to go on of the McDonald's time line. He does not say they purchased food, he does not say food at all. He angry with DY that he would not go to a sit down restaurant. He to drive in the parking lot, realizing his Rig would not pass the clearance..he drove out,.. no drive thru was went through.

The texting of Dy. He and Ryan's last texting session began and ended in mins - 8:02pm. Dy did not text to Ryan, after this session. Ryan continued to text him that night. Dy did not respond. The last activity outgoing (Dy's phone) at 9:37pm, this is not released by LE, it is sealed.

MR speaks of when they left the McDonalds, @12:07

leaving McDonald's was around 7:30ish, it's about a 45 min drive, from Durango to get up there, We would have been here about 8:15, 8:30ish..somewhere in there..
The entire all to begin on a left foot. Dy's focus Ryan. They arguing as MR clearly wasn't haven't it, Dy wanting to go to Bayfield that night.

If he was driving his rig, could he have lost it, driving to his house? ..told Dylan to get out of his truck, hike it the rest of the way, or he Dy to attempt to open the door, as there was a break down between them prior to this visit..he was pushed out?

He to run him over, or run him down. A fall/push from a Rig Cab for a 5'0, 100lb Dylan would be of serious injury. His Cab/Rig would not have damage. All would be needed is a clean up. Dy disposed somewhere - between that point and his house.

Whatever happened it was no accident, as it has been a cover up, with past tense words from MR of Dylan, after he reported him missing. Dylan was never inside MR's house? as this went down prior to MR reaching his house.

Tossing it around as this is a mystery, what happened to Dylan before he was reported missing. MR is the only one who can provide this. His statements to be red flags all over them.

Anonymous said...

Pheeeew.... not even reading your garbage any longer, Hobnob.

Obviously you know more than God. Or think you do while others here agree that you are smarter than God. Same as lucifer thought HE knew more than God.

Not defending the Word of God to a wolf in sheep's clothing either. Don't have too. It stands as written and stands alone.

Have a large time, Hobnob. Enjoy it while you can. But just know, we will all give an account of every idle word. That doesn't exclude YOU, nor does it exclude those others here who claim to be christians but do not stand up for God's Holy Word.

Past my bedtime.... nighty nite now.

Midnight lurker

Anonymous said...

Vita said...
"How dare you judge someone you don't even know, i know mark and Dylan and if he is guilty of ANYTHING IT'S LOVING AND SPOILING THAT KID WAY TO MUCH. And as far as the cell phone there is no cell service out there I've been there there is non at all!!"

-As soon as someone angrily accuses others of "judging" I see it as a bad sign. When they say "how dare you" it's a double bad sign. When they use caps, it's a triple bad sign. (At least she didn't bring God into it, usually they'll say something like "only God can judge.)

It's just my observation that whenever someone is guilty, their friends/family will post comments exactly like the above to news articles and the like.

shmi said...

I am happy to judge MR a depraved person. He will never be in my presence. His mind is sick!

JerseyJane said...

MR is not going to kill himself. His behaviors, lifestyle, whatever you must call it, is a life he can live in the trucker world. Pleassse, this man is selfish, no death to him by his hands!
If an arrest is close or he feels no escape, then and only then, I see a possibility for him to kill himself....no seeing it. I see him drinking and drugging himself to death in his get-up, careless drinking and driving his rig if you want to call that suicide....

Tania Cadogan said...

Hi Midnight a final word before i put you in ther toybox for the night

Not defending the Word of God to a wolf in sheep's clothing either. Don't have too. It stands as written and stands alone

No pronouns taking ownership of your words.
If you won;'t take ownership of them we can't do it for you.

This is interesting since you have in fact tried to defend the word of god as you felt the need to in response to my earlier post.

It stands as written and stands alone, what does?
You don't tell me so i can't assume
If you meant god's word then why not say so?

Perhaps, my friend, i have made you think, enough to not commit to your words.
How about tommorow you do a random act of kindness fo a stranger, say hello and chat for a few minutes with someone sitting on a bench, go out and meet the world.

Judge not others, that you may be judged yourself and found wanting.
learn to love yourself and thus learn to love others.
One day you may have need of help from those you scorn and despise.

have a nice day.

hugs and smooches

Hobs xx

Skeptical said...


Thanks for the info on Eyes analysis of Mark Redwine. I didn't realize she had done an earlier post on him. She said she didn't detect any indicators of deception in the video she watched. My question is why not? If lying is evident in his language, wouldn't it show up in his body also. I'm not going to give him credit for being that good of a liar.

Tania Cadogan said...

Many many years ago when i was but a mini hobnob, my mom was working backshift and one of our uncles was babysitting (the vulcan uncle who showed no emtotions and was coldly logical, goodness knows why she picked him as our babysitter)

One night mom came home and found him giggling uncontrollably, something she had never seen him do.
He was crying with laughter.

When he finally managed to compose himself she asked what had caused this merriment figuring out my playing with chemicals was involved as per usual.

It turned out my two younger brothers both just in kindergarten had been arguing in the toilet and had asked him for a tape measure.
He duly provided said tape measure wondering what they were planning on doing with it.

Both brothers went back into the toilet and closed the door and, after a min or so started arguing again.
All my uncle could here was no mine is bigger than yours, no, mine is bigger than yours and then accusations of cheater.
The door opened and both my brothers came out with the tape measure and their jimjam bottoms round their ankles.
They asked him to see who had the biggest willy.

My poor uncle blushed, coughed, snickered and then said i don't know ask your mother before packing them off to bed.

Once he got downstairs he collapsed in giggles, and continued throughout the hours till mom got home.
My brothers have never lived that down hehe and my uncle mellowed and showed emotions after that.

If you are a male you will never be bored, you have a built in toy to play with.

Layla said...

This is in reference to Elaine not telling the judge about Mark's fetish pictures:
Legally this is what would happen: Elaine would tell her lawyer Mark has pictures of himself in diapers eating his own feces, and that she does not, in fact have these pictures in her possession. The lawyer is going to tell her not to bring it up. Because 1) it will not be considered relevant in the eyes of the law and 2) she has no proof. If Elaine chose to bring it up regardless, the judge WOULD NOT CONSIDER THIS RELEVANT.
As someone else pointed out, men are allowed, in the eyes of the law, to beat the crap out of their wife, and still have unsupervised visitations with the kids.
This brings up an important point: the law is not very intelligent about these matters. It is not intelligent to disregard the incredibly strong link between wife abuse and child abuse. Factor in Mark having diaper/feces pictures, yes, an intelligent person will raise their eyebrows, and sign for a psych evaluation. The sad part is I doubt the psych evaluation would yield much of anything beneficial to Elaine's case. It will not show Mark is psychotic, impaired by delusions, hallucinations. He doesn't even strike me as full blown narcissistic personality disorder. Not that it would matter to the law if he were.
Bashing Elaine is unwittingly supporting Mark's abuse of her. This is his angle. Remember, we are supposed to be upset with her for not packing Dylan a winter jacket as Mark implied had she done so Dylan would not be missing (for perhaps he succumbed for the elements).
The law has yet to catch up with the manipulative capabilities of these types of abusers. As Peter pointed out, despite appearances, these people possess a kind of diabolical intelligence where they are able to very quickly produce crafty distortions and deflections. As well as leaving their victims between a rock and a hard place: Does Elaine tell the judge and place Dylan in much greater danger? Knowing that even if she tells nothing will be done?

Lis said...

Oops that was me that commented on the statement from Karen Alexander that was in Vita's post, I forgot to sign my name.

Lis said...

Layla said...
"Bashing Elaine is unwittingly supporting Mark's abuse of her. "

I agree.

Let's stick to analyzing the statements, we don't need to go to conjecture.

Tania Cadogan said...

Hi SALurker.
I guess it's one thing to wear diapers as an adult & want to be a baby again (WithOUT children in the mix) but to eat feces & leave pictures where they can be found by a CHILD?

You bring up an interesting point.
However it doesn't just relate to being seen by a child.

Keeping a secret is hard, keeping a guilty secret even harder, man will have an urge to confide in someone or something to ease the burder, it could be a loved one, a confidante, a priest, heck even a pet or inanimate object.

Often the subject with the secret wants to confess, to come out the closet, this is hard to do.
They will wonder how the news will be received, how will they be judged, will they still be loved and so on.
To get round this first obstacle, to test the waters so to speak, the subject may leave little clues or hints about their secret.
For a killer it could be cuttings about the case, discussing the motive or how it was done, for gays it could be accidentally leaving a pamphlet lying around or leaving their pc on with a page history, for others it may be a pictures or a catalogue.

I wonder, who took the pics and who left them around to be found?

If mark left them was it because he thought his children wouldn't be as judgemental as his ex wife, his children would act as a cushion, they would perhaps be a bit more understanding as they may not of understood the whys and wherefores.

I also wonder if during his marriage he didn't leave hints for Eileen to find or perhaps introduced it as a bit of role play to spice up their sex life.

This didn't come from nowhere, it is a part of who he is, what matters is when did they realise?
What was said when it came out, was this a part of their messy divorce?

Now that it is out in the open , it cannot b used to blackmail him, if Eileen was holding this over his head he has now disarmed her, instead, he now holds dylan's remains over her head.
What does he want in return for giving up Dylan's remains i wonder.

Transvestitism isn't as shocking as it used to be, there being many famous transvestites out there RuPaul, the now deceased Danny LaRue, Divine, Roxanne (cagefighter alex reid's alterego) and numerous others in the entertainment business.
For many males it allows them to express their feminine side, their softer side.

What would be the more shocking aspect is the adult baby and the coprohilia which is one of the less common fetishes.

My dad dresses up as a woman or a baby may bring forth guffaws ( he is not going to be pretty looking)
One's friends finding out your dead eats poop is going to be a real problem resulting in bullying at school and ridicule as only kids can.

It may result in mark feeling less guilty as his secret is out to his family, it will however cause relationship problems with his family.
I know i for one wouldn't want to touch him or be close to him, he would have horrible breath and grotty hands ( he doesn't seem the type to brush and floss his teeth well nor wash his hands often).
I would also bet since he wore diapers that his rig would also smell.
I certainly wouldn't want to be around him.

Dylan didn't want to be with his dad, it is likely he made this clear to mark and would have brought up the diapers, the cross dressing etc, he would have verbally emasculated his dad.Teens open their mouths without always realising they have gone too far.

Mark was going to have none of this, he would prove he was a man and used his fists.

I wonder if they have used luminol in his rig and cadaver dogs?
I wonder if they did the same for his clothes?
i wonder if he has a favorute item of clothing he no longer wears.
Blood goes everywhere and all it takes is a microscopic drop to nail the killer.
A spot on his cap or on his boots, tucked away in a lace or the tongue is all it takes.

ME said...

This"father"isn't really a "father"it's a feral dirty animal thrown into civilisation.throw it into jA cage"jail.

John Mc Gowan said...

Skeptical said...

Thanks for the info on Eyes analysis of Mark Redwine. I didn't realize she had done an earlier post on him. She said she didn't detect any indicators of deception in the video she watched. My question is why not? If lying is evident in his language, wouldn't it show up in his body also. I'm not going to give him credit for being that good of a liar.

Hi Skeptical.

The thing with B/L is, its about context.For example.You an i are having a pleasant chat together,your B/L is pleasant,comfortable and relaxed.

I then mention and or bring up a subject that makes you feel uneasy,your B/L will leak your uncomfortabilty,I then will take note of were this occured and then move on.

I will then ask you questions about subject you are comfortable with answering,and watch your b/L baseline..

What i do next is continue making you feel relaxed.

when you are relaxed and feeling comfortable,i will go back to were you showed tension or nervousness.

Now,if your B/L changes from your norm/baseline again i will note it.

I then know i have hit a major hot spot.

I dont know why this makes you react like that,all i know is that you are not comfortable with the subject i brought up.

That's were we begin to question.

There is NO clear sign that someone is telling lies in regards to B/L.B/L is an indicator of possible deception,no more and no less.

Now micro expressions is another page..They are reliable,not for deception,but betraying an emotion you or i trying to hide..Ekman..

John Mc Gowan said...

To add,this is why i am so glad i stumbled across Peters site.I beleive and trust B/L,not to pin point deception,but to know were it may lay.S/A has blown my mind with its accuracy..With S/A and B/L together...Liars be afraid very afraid...

Sus said...

I noticed in the Melissa Blasius interview that MR constantly smacked his lips. It drove me crazy. I googled signs of lying...and sure enough...smacking the lips while talking.

Lis said...

I just don't get anyone saying that they didn't get a lying vibe from MR. As soon as I watched the video I was creeped out by him. He was trying too hard and I could see right through it. His mannerisms were similar to a man I knew who was incredibly deceptive, so I picked up on them right away. This man always played the good guy, the nice old country boy. But he was devious.

Here is the trouble with body language. It is subjective. One person may see something, another person doesn't see it. I think some of it comes back to who you have known and what you have seen before. Statement analysis is different. It's objective. It is a matter of learning and practicing the principles until you are skillful at using them. Body language analysis, seems like you either "have it" or you don't. Not much help to someone who doesn't.

brosnanfan said...

Hey, I left a comment on here earlier today...not sure why it went *poof*.

I just think we are getting sidetracked. I am sure Elaine is heartbroken, because her baby is gone. And I also think that had she told the court what she knew about the photos, it is also likely the court would have not done anything about it since she herself didn't have proof...but you don't know for sure the court would have ignored it, just like you don't know for sure the court wouldn't have ignored it.

Yes, it would have been momentarily embarrassing for Dylan and his brothers. But momentary embarrassment is a small price to pay for doing the right thing. Now, Dylan has paid the ultimate price, and the price is so high.

My point is that Elaine learned of this information, and didn't do anything. If you know of a situation of child abuse, and you do nothing, then that child ends up dead, you are just as guilty as the person who killed them.

brosnanfan said...

I apologize in advance for the length of this post. Emphasis is mine.


Colorado Child Abuse Reporting Statute


TITLE 19. Children's Code.

Article 3. Dependency and Neglect.

Part 3. Child Abuse or Neglect.

§ 19-3-304. Persons required to report child abuse or neglect.

(1) Except as otherwise provided by section 19-3-307 and sections 25-1- 122(4)(d) and 25-4-1404(1)(d), C.R.S., any person specified in subsection (2) of this section who has reasonable cause to know or suspect that a child has been subjected to abuse or neglect or who has observed the child being subjected to circumstances or conditions which would reasonably result in abuse or neglect shall immediately upon receiving such information report or cause a report to be made of such fact to the county department or local law enforcement agency.

(2) Persons required to report such abuse or neglect or circumstances or conditions shall include any:

[really long list of various professionals, people in authority, teachers, clergy, etc…I had to snip it out because of Blogger comment space limitations]

(II) The provisions of this paragraph (aa) shall not apply to a person who acquires reasonable cause to know or suspect that a child has been subjected to abuse or neglect during a communication about which the person may not be examined as a witness pursuant to section 13-90-107(1)(c), C.R.S., unless the person also acquires such reasonable cause from a source other than such a communication.

(III) For purposes of this paragraph (aa), unless the context otherwise requires, "clergy member" means a priest, rabbi, duly ordained, commissioned, or licensed minister of a church, member of a religious order, or recognized leader of any religious body.

(bb) Registered dietitian who holds a certificate through the commission on dietetic registration and who is otherwise prohibited by 7 CFR 246.26 from making a report absent a state law requiring the release of this information;

(cc) Worker in the state department of human services.

(dd) Juvenile parole and probation officers;

(ee) Special advocates, as described in section 14-10-116 (2) (b), C.R.S.;

(ff) Officers and agents of the state bureau of animal protection, and animal control officers.

(2.5) Any commercial film and photographic print processor who has knowledge of or observes, within the scope of his or her professional capacity or employment, any film, photograph, video tape, negative, or slide depicting a child engaged in an act of sexual conduct shall report such fact to a local law enforcement agency immediately or as soon as practically possible by telephone and shall prepare and send a written report of it with a copy of the film, photograph, video tape, negative, or slide attached within thirty-six hours of receiving the information concerning the incident.

(3) In addition to those persons specifically required by this section to report known or suspected child abuse or neglect and circumstances or conditions which might reasonably result in abuse or neglect, any other person may report known or suspected child abuse or neglect and circumstances or conditions which might reasonably result in child abuse or neglect to the local law enforcement agency or the county department.

(3.5) No person, including a person specified in subsection (1) of this section, shall knowingly make a false report of abuse or neglect to a county department or local law enforcement agency.

(4) Any person who willfully violates the provisions of subsection (1) of this section or who violates the provisions of subsection (3.5) of this section:

(a) Commits a class 3 misdemeanor and shall be punished as provided in section 18-1.3-501, C.R.S.;


I read this to say that if you (whoever you are, including a parent) suspect child abuse/neglect, and you don't report it, you are committing a Class 3 Misdemeanor.

A situation which could have been seen as possibly leading to abuse of Dylan was not reported.

brosnanfan said...

I don't mean to seem unsympathetic of Elaine. I am a mom, too, and I have a son as well. I would be heartbroken if he disappeared. I would be more heartbroken if there was something I could have done, and I didn't do it. I feel for her, because she must be in agony. I just hope this serves as a cautionary tale for others who might be in the same situation as Elaine and Dylan; do something...at the very least, try.

I hope this monster of a sperm donor leaves at least a clue as to where Dylan is, so Elaine can at least have some closure. I still think you'll find him in the reservoir, along with his fishing pole.

Julie said...

I didn't make it thru all of the comments due to time constraints so please forgive me if I repeat someone. I agree with Equinox that the courts would not have intervened in his visitation. I could give you horror stories of what happened to my stepson while at his mother's, but it was never "enough" for the judge. Family court is one of the most broken systems in our country. If Dylan confronted Mark about the photos, I don't see it being a question and answer type of conversation. What boy would want to have that conversation? I can see it coming out in anger with disgust and contempt. If Mark kept at Dylan and they argued and Mark kept demanding respect, I can see a 13 year old yelling, "why should I respect you? You dress in girls clothes, wear diapers, and eat #@*&! What are you?" As for Elaine, we will never comprehend what she likely went through or even particpated in while she was married to him. The residue of abuse can last a lifetime. There is no way to apply our logic to her situation. You can't expect logic from an illogical mind. I am going to be alone probably when I say that I hope Mark gets help and finds Jesus before he dies.

brosnanfan said...

But even if there is a reason to believe that the courts would not rule in the favor of reason and the child's safety, one should at least still try. My dad did, back in the early 1970's, when no court in the land was giving custody to the father over the mother, even if the mother was a drug-addicted alcoholic (as was in my case). My dad has told me multiple times that he did everything he could, even when he knew it was hopeless, because he knew one day he would have to answer to me for his actions of the time.

Peter has said many times that a parent will do anything for their child. So does one not try because it seems that the efforts might be futile?

~ABC said...

Hi Brosnanfan

I appreciate your comments and I agree with you. I've been through the nightmare we call family court. It is sometimes beyond belief what is allowed by those whose job is suppose to be to protect the best interests of children. But as you said, I did everything in my power to mend the situation and because I know this my conscience is clear. I don't have to wonder. Fortunately my situation, as heartbreaking as it was, didn't result in the horrible situation Dylan's has. :(

~ABC said...


Dan Bender, Public Information Officer for the La Plata County Sheriff's Office, confirmed that the investigation is still active, but said there are no new developments in the case, which is the focus of a five-agency task force involving his office as well as the Durango Police Department, the Bayfield Marshall's Office, the Colorado Bureau of Investigation and the FBI.
Bender said immediately following Dylan's parents' contentious appearance on the Dr. Phil television show at the end of February, the Sheriff's Office tipline received over 500 calls, and the task force is following up on tips that were generated by some of these calls.
"We do believe there is foul play involved," Bender said. "We're following everything up, and are now treating this as a possible abduction. We have ruled out the possibility that this is a runaway case."
Bender would not confirm or deny that family members may have been involved in Dylan's disappearance....

~ABC said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
brosnanfan said...


My dad is not a perfect person, but I have no doubt of his love for me. He has told me many times, as have others, of his fight for me in the courts. One story he likes to tell is when the judge (dad still remembers his name, lol) was laying out plans and times for visitation with me. I guess dad stood up in the courtroom and told him in no uncertain terms that no judge of the land would ever tell him when and where he could see his daughter. I'm not sure what happened after that, he won't tell me. :)

He had very liberal visitation rights. I even lived with him out-of-state for a year.

I love my mom, and thank God she is no longer addicted to prescriptions and alcohol. She did have a stint in the mental hospital, though. She was/is emotionally needy, manipulative, abusive, and at times physically abusive. But...I made it through. Forty-plus years after the court battle, I love both my parents, even though my mom and I are not close (in my eyes, at least; in hers, we are fine).

You're right; family court IS a nightmare. Trying to prove abuse/neglect is an uphill battle; either the court doesn't believe plain cases of abuse, or they do believe trumped-up stories of the revengeful parent. I see it all the time in the food pantry I work in; the stories I hear are heartbreaking (although SA is helping me see which ones are obviously fabrications, at best). It is so sad.

My heart does go out to Elaine, even though it might not seem that way. Hindsight can often be 20/20. But personal responsibility cannot be negated because of heartbreak. And poor Dylan was let down in this area by several people in his life, including his parents, including the courts.

Anonymous said...

Well! There ya go Hobnob. You have missed your calling, woman.

Now that right there is some funny shyt! Marc being interviewed. I nearly cracked up reading your little stage-setting ditty with Marc & judges #1, #2, #3 & #4.

THERE'S where your talent lies, instead of slinging mud at God for all the 'mistakes' you think He made, and all the confusion you toss at His feet and blame Him for while you mislead others; even ruling him out as never having existed and slamming those who do believe and take Him at his word, when you already know better.

So why are you sitting there wasting your life, your time, and mind on a fruitless pursuit when you have all this fantastic writing ability and talent that God gave you; which does NOT lie in insulting God, His word, or His followers; knowing therein you defeat yourself in a ridiculous pursuit you can never win?

It would appear you have wasted your precious talent and valuable time being angry at an innocent God, and most christians who believe and try to follow Him, that you have let lucifer rob you of this magnificient talent God gave you. What a shame.

No, this is not a back-handed compliment. I mean it, you ARE a talented writer in make-believe story telling; a lost talent all going to waste while lucifer has your mind locked up in chains in a mindless pursuit of trying to prove something you never will. Dang Hobnob, this is a real shame.

Midnight Lurker

Anonymous said...

shmi & BrosnanFan; I agree with your posts. Marc is a filthy, nasty sicko, and by choice. He knows exactly what he's doing and loves it. Add alcohol to the mix and this man is insane. No one is pointing a gun at his head and forcing him to do the things he willingly does. The things any of us do always comes down to a choice we make ourselves.

But Elaine? So many unanswered questions. I have sympathy for her, feel bad for her that she has lost her beautiful son at the hands of this dangerous madman, but do not understand how she could have let Dylan slip through her fingers without putting up a fight when she KNEW what a psycho Marc is, always was, and that Dylan wanted nothing to do with him. Why not at least fight the visitation for Dylan's sake?

We do not know what kind of oppression Marc had Eliane living under for so long, or how it had beat her down, it must have been horrible; but WHY she didn't make every effort to stop Marc's influence in both her sons' lives when she KNEW neither of them wanted anything to do with him and for good reason; particularly Dylan since Cody had reached legal age.

So okay, she hadn't seen the disgusting perverted photos, but Dylan and Cody had. WHY didn't she encourage Dylan AND Cody to say so, stand up in court if need be, cry, do anything they had too, but tell the judge AND Child Protective Services about these photos, the perversion and the trouble their daddy had caused in their lives?

There just almost HAS to be something more that Elaine is hiding in her own life. But what? Wasn't she arrested once for driving drunk with the kids in the car? A very stupid, dangerous and negligent thing to do. Had she also participated in these disgusting practices with Marc? Or what? NO mother would sit there and not do everything in their power to keep their son away from a father like this unless they feared a worse retaliation upon themselves if they exposed him.

What did she have to lose by at least TRYING to protect her son, even if she lost? (How different is this from playing the lottery? YOu can't win if you don't have a ticket). Was Cory the only one trying to protect Dylan, but was duty bound to keep his mouth shut if his mother told him too? It would seem so, or what did Dylan tell the judge in private, or did he tell him? All unanswered.

It is Dylan I really feel sorry for. Poor kid. He HAD to be deeply troubled day and night, knowing he was going to have to go visit alone with his psychotic and dangerous father. There would be NO WAY he could stand up to that sicko, he was helpless to Marc and knew it. He must have felt like he was taking the death walk on his flight and walking thru the airport. Which as it turns out, HE WAS. I am SOO sorry for little Dylan.

I see and understand the points being made by Layla, Skip and others as it is a well-known fact that family court judges send pathetic little abused kids back into the same abuse over and over, doing nothing whatsoever to protect them; many of these same kids wind up being killed by their abuser after Child Protective Services walks away and closes their files doing absolutely nothing to protect them or ever checking up on them again, when they KNOW those helpless children had been abused.

BUT, I also believe that Peter has far more professional (and personal) experience in this area than he has ever told us, or ever will tell us, so based on that I am going with Peter's belief that Marc will most likely commit suicide.

Who can say with certainty? He likely will now that he has nowhere to turn for pity or even friendship, could lose his job, and for danged sure I don't think he would be able to get another one, at least not driving a truck or anywhere else that involved any public contact. He could easily be compelled to kill himself, being the selfish self-centered b'stard he is, so I agree with Peter and JerseyJane.

Midnight Lurker

sidewalk super said...

Eyes for Lies writes that Elaine Redwine is hiding something, I'll bet this was it!
Were I Elaine, I would be so shocked and appalled, disgusted, etc., etc., I might not be able to tell a Judge, a lawyer.
On second thought, why didn't Elaine just hand the pictures of mark eating his own feces to her lawyer?
I suppose the truck driver threatened her if she exposed him?

Anonymous said...

Skip, I don't put much faith in anything Eyes for Lies says, that's not to say Elaine may not be hiding something, but Eyes for Lies has been wrong on other occasions as well. Initially she said she didn't detect any deceit in Marc's first interview,right?

Frequently, unless something jumps off the page at her she can't "see" anything; like someone else pointing out to her the lies and deceit, then it finally sinks in.

This woman needs to take an extensive course in statement analysis and stop her play acting that she is all-seeing and all-knowing. BS, I'm better at it than she is and I don't claim to be an expert.

That said, I do question that Elaine is hiding something she did not want surfaced; NOT to protect Dylan per se' but to protect herself. Otherwise, nothing else makes sense that she wouldn't take every means possible to protect her own son from his sicko father, already knowing Dylan wanted nothing to do with Marc.

Haven't we already learned that when people hide deceit it is to protect THEMSELVES and not just another party UNLESS that other party is holding something just as bad or worse over their head?

Midnight Lurker

Anonymous said...

My daughter's sperm donor lost all parental rights when she was only four months old. Unbeknownst to me, my ex had another life. Photos and emails that I had found and turned over pretty much helped seal the deal in court. After seeing the evidence, the judge decided within about 20 minutes that it was in the best interest of the child that her father's parental rights be terminated immediately and permanently as his "alternative lifestyle" presented a danger to her. She never had to see her "father" again. Luckily, she had never been left alone with him at any point.

As far as ER goes, maybe she participated in some of his alternative lifestyle choices. There might have been equally incriminating photos of her out there also. That is one reason I can think of that might have kept her from using or sharing the information or photos she and her sons had seen. In my case, finding photos of my ex seemed like it might help convince the judge to consider my daughter's safety when considering visitation. My attorney, on the other hand, was absolutely thrilled when I showed him photos I had found of my ex's life before I had met him, and said "OMG, it's like the baby Jesus just landed in my arms!" The termination of his parental rights happened very quickly afterwards. CPS was never involved; the judge just went by what was presented to him that one morning. Even the attorneys were stunned at how quickly the judge terminated his parental rights.

I just wanted to add a personal experience to let some of you know that, yes, sometimes it does happen that way in court.

~ABC said...

Hi Brosnanfan

You not only made it through. You are a very level-headed, and compassionate lady. :) Thank you for sharing your story with me. It has comforted and validated me in many ways.

Anonymous said...

When I Google "Mark Redwine Diaper" guess what? I only get SA and a few hinky blog hits. Guess this story didn't make "legit" news.

How convenient that the photos were erased from the camera.

This is ALL hearsay. Elaine and Mark HATE each other, and there is no limit to how low Elaine will go to paint Mark a monster.

JerseyJane said...

Mr. Polygraph is waiting......
And waiting..
And waiting..

I'm sure the dust can get blown off for Mr. Hearsay.

Anonymous said...

Never knew this story was about God?? And for the ones that say what they would do for sure if you were Elaine, well your not her and you are not in her shoes......

Anonymous said...

Anon @ 8:14, Elaine doesn't have to go very low to paint Marc as a monster. He IS a monster.

It makes me feel sick to even look at his photo in this article; KNOWING what he's sat in, played with in his hands, had in his mouth, swallowed, and smeared in his nasty beard.

Those two boys weren't lying. They SAW the horrible photos themselves and more than likely it was one of them who deleted the photos; so humiliated, sick to their stomachs, wanting the photos to just go away, and never wanted anyone to ever see them again.

Poor children. They would NEVER be able to get those images of their own father out of thier mind. My heart breaks for the both of them, and now Dylan dead BECAUSE OF IT.

While I may feel some pity for Elaine's suffering, (and I do); it is these tormented boys I really feel for. Elaine could have and SHOULD HAVE taken her boys and vanished from Marc's life years ago for the sake of her children's mental health if not for herself.

No matter WHAT the relationship was between Marc and Elaine; this is not something Elaine did, this is something her monster ex and father of her children did to them.

You should be ashamed of yourself; if for no other reason in memory and honor of innocent and brutally murdered Dylan, a mere child; and poor Cody who has to live with this, and likely blaming himself, carrying the burden of his parents horrible marriage and Dylan's murder by his own father, thinking he could have done more. It will torment Cody for the rest of his life.

It is obvious that you hate Elaine so much that you don't even have any pity or compassion for these poor boys. That makes YOU a monster as well.

Midnight Lurker

Anonymous said...

Anon @ 12:50 yesterday; I too have been involved in a custody dispute against the mother who stayed doped up, neglected and allowed the baby to be abused; and with no photos or emails, was still able to prove it and won in family court. In this case, the judge also made an immediate decision to relinquish any rights she might have had.

Prior to that she had been given many opportunities over a period of three months to rehabilitate herself and did not. This mother also lost permanent parental custody with no visitation.

However, afterwards I learned that she could file a petition with the court at anytime in the future, requesting that her rights be reestablished and actually could regain custody if she were able to prove she had rehabilitated herself just based on 'claiming' she had changed and bringing forth a few witnesses who would say she had.

THERE's where the catch lies, so I just wanted you to be forewarned that your fight might not be over in time to come. It has been almost seven years now and so far we have not heard a peep out of her but that doesn't mean she couldn't crop up at any time. I guess you might say we live on the edge just waiting for the other shoe to drop.

Midnight Lurker

Anonymous said...

I appreciate your empathy and warnings. Luckily, the other shoe dropping definitely won't happen in this case. He will never be able to request custody. Maybe it's the state I live in, but there was only a window of ten days for any appeals to occur. It's been eight years. He tried to make contact once, a few months after his rights were terminated, and he was jailed as a result. I haven't heard from him since.

Anonymous said...

BTW, my last comment at 11:06 PM was directed to Midnight Lurker.

Anonymous said...

Why are people assuming the photos were deleted and no one has them? That's entirely incorrect.

Anonymous said...

Anyone closely following the case would know that the photos still exist, some have said they've seen them, and parts of them were released here:


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

I hope dylans family is being monitored and protected from that creep..police plese keep them safe from that monster..

Anonymous said...

Agreed Pam

Lynda Land said...

You guys who think that because Mark had this sick baby-man poopy-eating thing going on, Elaine must have been "in" on it and somehow complicit are freaking off your meds! Have YOU ever been in that same situation? No? Well, I kind of have...I found disturbing porn(of the "normal hard-core variety") on many occassions, hidden in many places in my own home, and was as shocked and sickened as I could be by it all, being a survivor of several rapes. I just don't like that stuff. Yet over and over he'd promise he threw things out, he'd gotten rid of it, turned over a new leaf...When I found hidden files on the computer my child used, that was it. As time had gone on, I'd become more and more freaked out by him and his "problem." I was downright living in fear that he'd kill me just for knowing or bringing it up...PLEASE walk a mile in someone's shoes before trying to blame Elaine. What Mark did to his son is not "understandable under the circumstances,"nor to be down-played by blaming Elaine. I'm suspecting a certain person has a false profile and is trying to cast aspersions upon this innocent woman who's already been put through too much, thank you, "Babyman."I'm fully expecting all this to become a part of your trial, hosebag. Idiot/perve of the lowest form/can't make anyone else look bad but your own self. Or keep right on talking....;)

Lynda Land said...

Anonymous, how brave of you to speak out! Anonymously. Gunking up the clear waters of truth with your discharge. Stop squatting in the stream.

Statement Analysis Blog said...

No one blames Elaine.