Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Shot Baby Case: Daughter Questions Mother's Account


Statement Analysis has shown sensitivity surrounding the issue of money for the mother of the baby that was shot.  Her account showed sensitivity, and the mother spoke about how "expensive" a baby is.  

Her statements are so strange that it is no wonder that law enforcement suspected her before arresting two teens. 

Here, the grown daughter, Ashley Glassey, says of her mother:

"How soon do you think life insurance policy will send me a check?"


"She changed her story as far as she told me that the baby was shot first and then she told me that she was shot first. "

The daughter shared her concerns about her mother with police.  


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S + K Mum said...

She must be a great mother if her own daughter is suspiscious of her. I assume, perhaps wrongly, that she knows her mother fairly well.

S + K Mum said...

Noticing that the daughter uses the words 'the baby' too - did this poor baby ever get called by his name. It's as though they are talking about a child that isn't even related to them :(

john said...

This has more twist and turns than a Agatha Christie novel.

A poor baby has died,and it seems no one is telling the truth..

Anonymous said...

How much insurance did she have on the baby?

Skeptical said...

Does anyone else sense that since Casey Anthony was found not guilty, there has been an escalation in the war on children. No body, no crime. Baby Ayla, Lisa, Haleigh (Florida),Hailey (Texas), Dylan. DiPietro takes out insurance on Ayla, a child is shot in Chicago, now a child is shot in Georgia and mother is asking about insurance. It's like some of them are going to school on each others crimes.

john said...
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S + K Mum said...

With this baby, I can't believe I am going to say this - could someone have a baby with the sole intention of cashing in on it's death?? It's awful to say but I can't shake the creepy feeling. I hope I am very wrong.

Have any photos been released of him with any family members - portraying any kind of normal family life?

john said...

There are two emotions missing in all of this,Anger and Disgust.I don't see any coming from sherry west.

If that was my son/daughter this happened to,i would be furious beyond comprehension.My anger would be palpable to those around me.

I would have to be restrained for wanting to get at who ever did that to my son/daughter.

Im getting none of this from SW..

As Dr Paul Ekman said.
The absence of emotion is just as important as the presence of emotion..

dadgum said...

The mom was interviewed on Piers Whatever last night. I saw her, and recorded the next showing. Did anyone else see this?

I am still troubled by language, words of family and others, and by those photos. Are there no normal pics? One showed her smiling..in the hospital showed a non-smiling mother loosely holding a newborn. Not your usual picture at all.

I'm not surprised by the insurance question..she had Antonio cremated right away, and the memorial held. She is sitting for interviews, what..a week later? Need to check dates...

dadgum said...

Shooting was Thursday..How do you go through all that, and be ready to be interviewed on a tv show Monday night?

Anonymous said...

Dang it... the whole thing is looking more and more horrific. If she did shoot her baby then went on national tv calling for the deathpenalty on a boy she knows is innocent she is evil personified.
Everytime we as a society.think weve heard the worst... someone lowers the standard of human decency and shocks us with even more terrible acts of depravity. Poor lil baby Antonio :(

SAlurker said...

I don't think she or her boyfriend did the act of shooting itself. I believe the police tested her & the baby's father (& boyfriend) for gun powder residue and they came out clean.

I think there **MIGHT** be some "for hire" type scheme. JMO.

Nanna Frances said...


Thank's posting about the interview. She also said that the baby had not spoken his first word yet. He was 13 months old.


dadgum said...

She repeats 'we'll never hear his first word' more than once. Odd. He may not be big on phrases, but word?? No Mama or Dada? No byebye?

That, with the odd pics (little maternal connection), Daughter removed at 8yrs old, 17yr old son killed with the knife he attacked another boy with..She hopes the baby's killing and her older son's not related. Huh??

Antonio's father opined that he blames the mom because he told her not to walk there. Something stinks..

S + K Mum said...

Snipped from CNN:

"I just took a walk with my baby," West said. "I can't believe that this would happen, and I left early in the morning. I thought you know that there would be less people on the road and I wouldn't be in anybody's way walking down that road.

"Apparently, either he targeted me or I was just unfortunate," she said of her encounter with the gunman.

West said the incident occurred at 9 a.m. Thursday as she was walking home from the post office.

Anonymous said...

You Americans have a lot of evil "parents" in your city's/hills.TRY abolishing unmarried devils!!!

Jeff said...

"I spoke with the detectives and investigators and the evidence leads to many witnesses, not just me," said Sherry West.

She admits, then, there is evidence that leads to her involvement.

Anonymous said...

She talks of a gunMAN (one person).
Then says two BOYS; one of THEM asked for money, one of them shot her in the leg.

One person or two?

Apparently a mother and aunt (I think) of one of the accused have been arrested for lying to authorities.

Anonymous said...

Three 911 calls. All callers heard the shots but no-one witnessed the shooting only the aftermath.

S + K Mum said...

Sorry that was me at 4.38 and 4.39!

Lis said...

Skeptical, I think so also. It also seems like the authorities almost don't care about crimes against children when they are committed by the parents.

Anonymous said...

PLEASE do a statement analysis on this interview with the mother. I'm floored by the "me me me" focus on her various ailments, no tears, the odd laughing and tangent she goes off on when the subject of her owning a gun is brought up, the bizarre theory that a crack addicted neighbor was somehow involved with both the death of her older son several years prior and the death of Antonio. She packs a lot of bizarre details and unrelated issues into a 10 min interview. Grief can excuse some of her odd statements, but the combination of her immediate multiple tearless interviews, having her son cremated and ashes "disposed of" the very next day, packing up and giving away all of his clothing within days, not attending the memorial service, and conspiracy theories of "people" out to get her and kill her children is a lot to dismiss as irrational grief. I think this clip alone reveals a tremendous amount of insight into this case.


Mainah said...

I took a virtual walk with the orange google (map) man, from the post office down to where the shooting occured near London and Ellis Streets and I was surprise, this is not a bad or what one may think of as a rough looking neighborhood.

I'm not sure which street she took to London Street. Here you can see the post office to the shooting scene.


Sus said...

I saw Sherry West on Piers last night. I heard one new statement from her that agrees with all her others ...she said after Antonio was shot, she was afraid she would be shot again. This woman was not attached to her son.

The daughter's statements shed light on that ...Sherry West is bi-polar, maybe schizophrenic, and on medication. To me, it also explains the boyfriend's anger at her for not protecting Antonio. He is used to assuming she did not care for Antonio properly.

I feel the mother and father have nothing to do with Antonio's murder. Were they good, caring parents? No way! Sherry West wasn't even attached enough to her son to protect him or put him first. She wants to make a profit off of him now.

But the murderers of Antonio are in jail. They were seen leaving the scene. The 14/15 year old's aunt gave them a ride and saw the gun and suspicious behavior. She contacted police. From police statementsyou can tell the 14/15 year old is talking and turned in the 17 year old. And now arrests of his aunt and mother for lying...wonder how he got that way? Hmmm.

Picked a Name said...

The suspect's aunt is quoted as saying he was with her at the time of the shooting, and that later he went to school and: "A few hours later, she said, she picked him up. "It was a normal day. He wasn't nervous or nothing."

There are definitely red flags all over this story, at every angle.

john said...

Hi Picked a Name,

I like the name you picked. ;-)

john said...
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Anonymous said...

Seems to be getting more and more clear to public that she is lying, and possibly/likely guilty of murdering her own son -- why are those two innocent boys still in custody and still charged with murder???

Vita said...


(3) 911 calls released

Have not listened to them yet

Baby shot, mother who isn't thinking bout a funeral, but a LIP payout -
Go Mom

Layla said...

My instinct is the mother did the shooting herself. I believe she is lying. And gave herself some harmless wounds also.

Anonymous said...

it's a double indemnity kinda plot. West was going for the extra big insurance payout -- if the violence cripples her as well as leads to the death of her child she gets more than double the cash. no doubt she learned all those details from getting a payout following the death of her first son.

Vita said...

911 Call labeled as #1


The 911 Op is enough to give a person a heart attack. She is to be the calm and collected to gain info. She is hysterical as if the baby was her own family. So not right. How much information was lost by her reaction to the male caller who was a witness.

dadgum said...


Thank you, whoever posted this link.

You have to listen..she speaks of hiding to be safe, moving repeatedly, hiding inside because people bother her..can't hide any longer.

Followed with her accidents and settlements she lives on, starting over with new kids after 20 year, and how hard it is with a bad spine..

on and on..
'took me 4 years' to recover from losing her older son, 'don't know how long' this will take.. WHO GETS OVER LOSING A CHILD??

on and on.,
me me me..

Layla said...

In the Piers Morgan tape--She describes how the boy shot her in the leg and how it felt. Then says the cops saw her limping, asked her why she was limping, she didnt know, they checked her knee, nothing wrong with it, then they finally see her leg is shot and that's when she realizes she's been shot in the leg.
Mention of "thinking it was a BB Gun": did she, in fact, use a BB Gun to shoot herself knowing the damage would be less?
Mention of she was on pain medication from moving furniture a few days before so there was numbing when the bullet went in. Really???? Could it be that Mom took a bunch of pain meds so it wouldnt hurt quite as much when she shot herself?
Mom's clownish makeup: histrionic personality disorder?
My guess is they have 2 innocent teens sitting behind bars.

Lis said...

I finally decided to watch the video even though I can't stand PM. I've only watched the first half.

She certainly does cry continually without producing a single tear. I don't know about you guys, but when I cry like that, my eyes get all red and swollen and my nose gets bright red and runs, too. She is having no problem with any of that. Also, she has the same level of crying for too long, no variation.

I don't believe she shot her son but I do believe she is putting on an act for the camera here.

Reg flags I notice:

"I was walking home from the post office from mailing a letter"

-not just "I was walking home from the post office" - she has to add "from mailing a letter." Why does she want to make sure we know she went to the post office to mail a letter?

"And I was 5 minutes from my home"
-Did something happen between the post office and "And I was 5 minutes from my home"? Did she go anywhere else besides the post office?

DRUGS- she quickly brings pain medication into the story. Where have we seen this before? She says she had hurt her leg and was on pain medication when this incident happened. She did not feel the gunshot to her leg because of the pain medication she was on! That's a mighty powerful pain medication.

"He shot umm, pulled out a gun and shot at the ground"
-chronology off

"I still thought it was a fake gun and umm neighbors had bb guns and "

-I don't find it believable that a person under these circumstances would be checking for shells to prove to themselves a gun was "real." She explains why she thought it was a fake gun- "neighbors had bb guns". Even if it was a bb gun, would you totally disregard someone pointing it right at you? Or threatening your baby with it? Would you want to be shot in the eye close up with a bb gun, for instance?

"and I screamed and I was scared to scream because I thought he was gonna shoot me in the head and not miss this time"

-Did she scream or not?

I notice she uses the term "proceeded" "proceeding" a lot.

My hunch is that drug use is involved with this incident, perhaps drugs or money connected with drugs were in that purse that she wasn't willing to let go of.

Anonymous said...

It is now being reported that, based on new information provided by Elkins' aunt and mother, that a gun has been recovered by a pond.

Vita said...

911 Call #3

The woman who placed the call, before she hands off the phone to the man walking his dog -

She says to the 911 Operator someone's shot this child, (sic) she has got him on the ground,,, then seconds later she says "she's giving CPR", she is giving CPR repeated by the caller,,..

The same Man (?) (walking the dog) to say into the phone, the Baby is not breathing ..

Since this woman has made the statements she has (West) is it possible she ended his life, appearing to be giving the baby CPR, withholding or blocking his airway..on purpose. Deed Done.


john said...

Gun believed to be used in shooting baby found

Antonio Santiago was shot and killed on Thursday morning in Brunswick. Police are scouring the city to find the person responsible. (Antonio Santiago, 2013)
Related Links
Accused baby killer's mom and aunt arrested; charged with lying to police
Baby murdered in Brunswick: First look at younger suspect
Search is on for gunmen who shot mother and baby in Brunswick
Brunswick baby murder suspects in court
Brunswick baby murdered, search for suspects
Two teens arrested in murder of Brunswick baby

Print Story Published: 2:21 pm Share Updated: 3:35 pm
BRUNSWICK, Ga. -- The Glynn County Police Department says they have found the gun believed to be used to kill a 13-month-old last Thursday.

The Department says they received a tip that a gun was dumped in Salt Water Marsh off Spur 25. There police found a handgun.

That handgun has been taken to a crime lab for testing. Police are unsure if fingerprints will be found on the gun because it was in the water.

Police believe 17-year-old DeMarquis Elkins and 15-year-old Dominique Lane used the gun last Thursday to shoot and kill 13-month-old Antonio Santiago.

Police say Elkins and Lane killed the baby in a botched robbery attempt. The baby's mother, Sherry West was shot in the leg during the shooting. She is ok.

Elkins and Lane are in the Glynn County jail charged with murder.

I Just Figured Naming Out said...

I dont know how to choose a name (let that be my name)..
in one article it states she has bipolar disorder with schizophrenic tendencies, I believe that is a quote by the daughter. It puts a new spin on her comments, if that's true.
The father first said he wanted the boys to die, now he says he forgives them. I haven't got a firm idea about him---that sounds like stages of grief to me, no more-at this point.

sidewalk super said...

And exactly why was the first daughter removed from her mothers care, I wonder ?

Did she have her 18 year old insured at the time of his death?

How is this mother living, what is her means of support?

S + K Mum said...

Snipped from CNN :

According to West, she said the family is working with the Catholic relief organization Society of St. Vincent de Paul to help with unforeseen expenses.

Sus said...

I would like to mention again that while the 17 year old's mother and aunt have been arrested for lying and giving false alibi, THE 14 YEAR OLD'S AUNT TURNED THEM IN. Her life has been threatened for doing so.

Hobnob said...

john said...
There are two emotions missing in all of this,Anger and Disgust.I don't see any coming from sherry west.

If that was my son/daughter this happened to,i would be furious beyond comprehension.My anger would be palpable to those around me.

I would have to be restrained for wanting to get at who ever did that to my son/daughter.

Im getting none of this from SW..

As Dr Paul Ekman said.
The absence of emotion is just as important as the presence of emotion..

As Hobnob says: Look what what for should be there that isn't, look for what shouldn't be there that is

SAlurker said...

I just watched the Piers Morgan interview and after watching that I'm thinking that *some* of her bizarre behavior is related to deep guilt from not thinking the gun was real & failing to protect her son. That and not being bonded to the baby & drugs.

Maybe I'm thinking with my heart instead of my head. I don't know this case is jerking me back & forth - so it seems.

Vita said...

West's Son who died, was killed, Shaun Glassey
Dreamin Demon

2008, DD forum, his friends joining in, telling the truth of what really happened. Tons of F bombs, a usual fare on DD, it's not the regulars it's his friends. Makes me wonder if one of the posters are Sheri.


One friend posted that he lived with his Dad, and " STEP-MOM"

JOrMT: he was protecting the only family he had, which was his step mom, his dad, and his friends....like me, so what if he smokes pot, Its not the end of the world....

Layla said...

In one interview her story is different: she throws herself on top of her baby. The gunman shoves her off of the baby and then shoots the baby. She does not mention this in other interviews--throwing herself on top of the baby to protect him. It can be found in the interview right after she gets home from hospital. She also had described one of the boys as being YOUNGER THAN 10 YEARS OLD.

MPA said...

Mother is quoted as saying:

"They shot my baby in the head and I had to watch him die and I want that boy to die."

"They" is off here since according to her story one boy did the shooting, not two.

It is all about her, it isn´t that her son die-d a horrible death, it´s that she had to watch it.

She wants "that boy" (distancing language) to die, maybe so there are no witnesses to what really went on. Did she want "this boy"; Antonio, to die too since she felt imposed upon and wanted to make some money?

The mother is totally absorbed in herself and all the media exposure is playing into that. She cries without tears.

This case is sad beyond words.

JerseyJane said...

Bizarre behaviors equals her mental illness..
Some article speaks of her being bi-polar with some skitso going on.. I still think a victim.

Hobnob said...

I am puzzled.

This is a murder case, it took place on what Thursday and i now hear the baby is creamated already?

I would have thought that given the nature of the crimes the body would not have been released so quickly.

This leads me down the path of why was the body cremated?
If they have received help from a catholic organisation are they catholic?
If so was there a mass and why was the child not buried as i understand catholics prefer burial rather than cremation.

This thought then leads me to why a cremation, is there something in the body the mom didn't want found should it have been exhumed.

This then leads me down to mom is taking pills (junkie?) blaming the bad back etc, was baby given something to keep him quiet so as not to interfere with mom time?

There is no maternal bond that i can see or sense, she is dissasociated from her child even to claiming at 13 months she will never hear his first word!!

She lost 1 son to a gang murder and apparantly a daughte to CPS, What is her history with CPS and with LE, does she hve a record?
Was baby insured , if so why and for how much?
What kind of help is she getting from the Catholic relief organization Society of St. Vincent de Paul?
Buring a baby isn't going to be overly expensive, is there a fund now for her?

Money is the motive here, the mom has told us so in her statements and her priorities.
Is it possible she or hubby has arranged all this?
She got money last time.
Murdered child is a great way to get money from the sympathetic public.
She gets money, she gets rid of a burden, she gets tv time.

The mom smells off, thee is much she isn't telling.
Polygraph her and amongst the questions ask the following:

Do you know the youths who killed your son?

Do you know who shot you?

Did you shoot yourself?

Did you arrange the shooting?

Did you know you would be shot that day?

Did you know your son would be shot that day?

Did you pay someone for shooting your son and you?

Do you sell your scripts to others?

Do you buy non prescribed medicines from others?

have you made any financial benefit from this shooting?

Did you provide the gun?

Did you provide the bullets?

Are you a gang member?

Did you arrange for your son to be shot dead?

Did a family member arrange for your son to be shot dead?

Have you told the truth?

Layla said...

She refers to the gunman as "the young man".
Very respectful way to refer to a baby killer.
She reminds me of John Ramsey. He also used very soft language to refer to JonBenet's killer.

dadgum said...

Nobs..her son Sean Glassey took a knife to attack another 17 yr old in 2008. The targeted boy got the knife, it was ruled self defense.

I think I heard 4 kids in the interview linked,not Piers. One hasn't been heard from...that I know of.

Layla said...

Sad that 2 innocent teens are going to prob get life in prison for her lie.
She tells Piers she has no doubt the teen is her baby's killer because she saw his picture on a reporter's phone, and it's definitely him.

Anonymous said...

De'Marquise Elkins = MURDERER

Sherry West = VICTIM

- the mother and aunt of the 17 year old murderer ADMITTED the 17 year old was at the scene of the crime

- the mother and aunt of the 17 year old MURDERER provided information to the police leading to the recovery of the MURDER weapon (the gun)

- the 17 year old MURDERER bragged about crimes he committed on his facebook page AND on his facebook page he threatened to turn his neighbourhood into a murder scene ("Me in my ___ a turn your blo5k [sic] in to murder scene")

De'Marquise Elkins = MURDERER

Sherry West = VICTIM

sidewalk super said...

One look at her physical body, and you know she's not throwing herself around.

Was she getting drugs by mail?
Was she picking up some form of money at post office?

The aunt who told the truth is to be commended in this situation. Does she have any idea why?

dadgum said...

Was she known as someone with drugs..or with checks to be cashed? Why stop someone like her and demand money, or her purse? Why shoot the baby? What are the backgrounds of the boys?

john said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Fern said...

In response to Anonymous 6:42:

There is no question in my mind that Elkins and Lane are responsible for Antonio's murder. But West and Santiago make me very uneasy, and could be involved. Just my opinion.

Ashley Glassey's comments (if true), are very telling. Ashley is clearly suspicious of her mother.

Anonymous said...

Thought it odd she called the kids African American in the interview, the way she said it was just weird, and said they were around 10 or 12 yrs old. Then later she identifies teenagers.

~mj said...

I agree that the mom is very suspicious. I am thinking maybe mom was too high (a bit more pain meds than prescribed perhaps) to fully recall the incident. That plus mental illness equates to bizarre speech, ideas, etc.

Perhaps she even was involved in purchasing street drugs and owed money and her dealer was sending a message.

Something along those lines would seem to have all the pieces fit. Perhaps her b/f knew "that" road was where she was at risk with her possible habit...

Fern said...

I hope toxicology samples were taken from both Sherry and Antonio. I still can't see that little boy sleeping through all that gunfire and chaos.

Hate to say it, but if Antonio was marked for death, I hope he WAS drugged and didn't experience the unfolding ordeal.

BostonLady said...

Why did she tell us "I don't walk enough" before telling us what happened? That which is stated in the negative needs to be flagged. I think she is telling us that she does not normally walk the baby. So why this day? What was different?

I watched part of her interview and it sent chills up my spine. The "no tears" when she was trying to look like she was crying... her matter of fact responses.. Something is very wrong.

If she did in fact ask about the insurance money, she needs to be thoroughly investigated. How much insurance did she have on the baby? If she was involved in any way with this innocent little baby's violent death, she is one cold and calculated human.

Maybe she is on some sort of valium like drug that is keeping her with a very flat affect. Maybe.

dadgum said...

She said she doesn't walk enough..yet always takes Ellis..

It's like trying to figure out CA or Jodi Arias..

Bad spine but moves furniture..meds making gunshot numb..I think she may be a little slow.

Pak31 said...

This case has disturbed me from day one. It's never made sense to me and now with all of the info we know, it really doesn't add up. I trust LE will follow through and check it all out. These parents had to have been involved, they are way too passive. It's hard enough losing a child, but to see your own toddler murdered. Shot between the eyes during a "robbery"? I would not be able to function for a long time and this woman is acting like she's won an award with all the t.v. programs she's been on. God is taking care of Antonio, that is the only thing I am certain of.

Pak31 said...

To Hobnob: I don't know if it was just a reporters words or the mothers, but I read that the mom had the baby cremated and "disposed". The article, which I don't have a link to, said disposed. It didn't say buried. I find that very creepy.

stopplayingdumb said...

I wonder what she actually said to the boys and what they actually said to her. I doubt they asked her for money and that was it. If she started explaining that she didn't have any money because babies are expensive, I'll eat my hat. I think she was asked for anything else of value or possibly pain meds. Why did she still have her purse? Why wasn't she actually robbed of anything? Why did they demand money from her and not her purse itself or rings, cellphone, etc. Why didn't they just rip the purse off of her? Did she swear at them and call them crackheads or something that caused them to retaliate by killing her baby? The insurance money thing coming out after people here were speculating about it blows me away. The money thing makes sense since she explains that "babies are so expensive." Why would she have an insurance policy on her baby if she was likely not working and collecting either welfare or disability?

dadgum said...

Who is she afraid of..she moved a thousand miles and hid in the house, never taking the baby outside? She says hiding isn't enough anymore.

A crack smoking neighbor in GA had her son killed? Isn't his death why she moved to GA?

Not right..

Jazzie said...

"Karimah Elkins, 36, the mother of 17-year-old De’Marquise Elkins — charged in last Thursday’s killing — and her 33-year-old sister, Katrina Elkins, were reportedly more forthcoming after they were booked into the Glynn County jail.

Glynn County police chief Matt Doering told the Associated Press the siblings provided information that led investigators to a small pond where they recovered a handgun. He said the gun was being tested to determine if it was the weapon used to kill 13-month-old Antonio Santiago last week...

“We arrested them last night and brought them back to headquarters, where we afforded them the opportunity to make additional statements,” Doering told the AP on Tuesday. “They did, and that information led us to other witnesses … (who) led us to an area where the gun was disposed of.”


Jazzie said...

"My client is absolutely, 1,000-percent not guilty," public defender Kevin Gough told The Associated Press. He made the comments Monday, while preparing for Elkins' first court appearance on the murder charge."


1,000 percent vs 100 percent.
"absolutely" not guilty.
His lawyers says.

Anonymous said...

Pak31, here is a link to the article mentioning he was cremated and his ashes disposed of (I would guess scattered) by Saturday. Does anyone know if there was an autopsy performed before the cremation? Isn't that required in a murder investigation? It seems very hasty considering the circumstances.....murdered Thursday morning, cremated and "disposed" of by Saturday, perhaps even Friday evening.


Anonymous said...

She claims to have a spinal injury from multiple car accidents so serious that it qualified her for disability, yet she was moving furniture....which she alleges caused another injury so serious it required pain killers, yet goes for a walk? If she was a terrified recluse that never left the house, why choose to go for a walk when you are injured and in so much pain it requires heavy medication?

Layla said...

I don't know--this teenage gunman picked out of a lineup of 25. An "anonymous" tip stating he was seen crouched in a vehicle leaving the crime scene? (How do you see someone crouched in a car?). Gun found in a marsh. Is it possible after the cops picked this kid up his Mom got rid of a gun in the house?
What is more suspicious than anything is the baby's mother asking her daughter when life insurance will be mailing her a check.
What was the "letter" Mom mailed at the post office that day? A life insurance payment perhaps?
Is this a case where the most selfish heartless person in the world just happens to have the most horrible crime imaginable committed against her?
Not likely.

just1girl said...

Watch for what you don't see. Recently my granddaughter was injured & I believe she was not being supervised correctly. My anger has been all consuming. My grief has caused me to shed untold tears.

There is no way that I would be capable of being on TV, speaking a coherent sentence or even showering & putting on make-up had my little one been killed.

I sensed this mother's story was off from the first paragraph I read. She said, "I told them I did not have it". Have what? "I did not think they would do it in broad daylight." She was expecting the confrontation & for the baby to be killed just not in the day time??

Jen said...

Part 1

"I was walking home from the, the post office, and um, I thought, you know...I don't go out enough so I should take a walk"

-She starts out strong but immediately goes into what she was 'thinking' and explaining why she was out walking, making it sensitive to her. Why? She has every right to walk down her street.

"and I was five minutes from my house, next to the blue house out this road here I always walk Ellis St"

-begins with 'and', skipping over what took place between the post office and her arrival '5 min' from her house, (which attempts to further explain/excuse her walk...as in, I was only five minutes from my house & I should have been safe). She mentions the 'blue house' for the first of two times...this location is sensitive to her.  She also claims she 'always' walks Ellis St, directly after saying she doesn't get out. Also the father of the child later says he 'told' her NOT to walk that street.

"and a boy approached me and told me he wanted my money and I, I told him I didn't have any money, you know, and, and he said give me your money or I'm gonna kill you and I'm gonna shoot your baby and kill your baby, and I said I don't have any money and, and don't, don't kill my baby"

-once again she begins with 'and', skipping over something. As she begins to describe the encounter she speaks of a singular 'boy', and continues speaking of one attacker throughout her recounting of the event, yet she claims two teenagers were involved. She says he 'TOLD' (expected) her he 'WANTED' (unexpected) her money. Why is she not quoting him, as in...he said, 'give me your money'? She seems to be story telling and constructing the account herself, not reliving or telling it from experiential memory. Her language is laden with, 'and then', skipping over or stalling for time, and 'you know'..attempting to convince, not convey. Even while recounting the verbal threat toward herself and her baby, she is focused on the money aspect and answers to it first and more than once, whereas concern for her child seems to be an afterthought. She portrays the encounter as if she and the armed robber/baby murderer are having a conversation, rather than a hostile stick-up.

"and he tried to grab my purse and I tried to tell him I don't have any money"

-her favorite word seems to be 'and'. She says he 'tried' to grab her purse, which means attempted and failed. She also says she 'tried' to tell him she didn't have any money, which also means started or began, but didn't finish or succeed.

Jen said...

Part 2

"and then he shoved me and he shot me in the ear (pulls ear forward to show wound BEHIND ear) it, it grazed my head back here and um and, and, and, and then he shot me in the leg and I didn't feel it, it got numb I thought it was just a bb gun cuz it was a small gun"

-She finally gets to the point of the shooting and her focus should be her poor baby being shot...it is not. Her tension is evident as she stutters through her words in an extremely forced 'crying' voice. She includes the fact that he shoved her, which is insignificant considering the gravity of what she claims took place. Then once again, beginning ALL sentences with 'and' she says that he shot her IN THE EAR, yet she pulls forward her ear saying it grazed her HEAD, back BEHIND her ear. No injury is visible and a bullet can't fold down an ear and strike behind it...either she was ducking down or the shooting 'in her ear', didn't happen the way she describes.
-Then she says he shot her in the leg and she DIDN'T feel it, it got numb. This statement in the negative is significant because she DID feel something...'numbness'. In other interview she claims she didn't realize she was shot in the leg until it was discovered by responding officers who noticed her limping, yet in her account she speaks of how it felt when she was shot, AND what she thought (that it was a bb gun). Her 'thoughts' are noted in the perfect place, and are inserted at a time when her only concern SHOULD be the mortal danger she and her baby are experiencing.

"and (sighs), and then, and then, all of the sudden he walked over and he shot my baby right in the face and, and he must have died instantly because I screamed for help and, and a neighbor to call the police and he ran off, he got scared that I screamed"

-Now she FINALLY gets to the shooting of the baby...this topic is the obvious headline and SHOULD be all consuming. She SHOULD be tuned into every detail, when/if he woke up, was he crying and scared from the tension and witnessing 2-3 gun shots, did she make any attempt to shield him or sacrifice herself, etc. 
-Instead she begins with a deep sigh, along with 6 distancing phrases...'and, and then, and then, all of the sudden, he walked over, and HE SHOT MY BABY RIGHT IN THE FACE. This sentence fragment is her ONLY direct reference to the murder of her baby, in contrast to her detail and rambling about her need to get out more, where she regularly walks, her exchange with the 'boys', her shooting, her injuries and her thoughts.
-Next she makes a very strange and unexpected statement.. 'and, and he must have died instantly, because I screamed for help'. First she instantly accepts that her baby is DEAD...this is unexpected since she later performs CPR. Then she says 'he must have died instantly BECAUSE I screamed for help'..???
-What?? According to her story, her baby is dead because he was shot...why would her screaming equate to him dying instantly? Is she unwittingly leaking out part of an underlying story...as in, she was being confronted about a drug debt, or part of an arranged plan which she deviated from by screaming too soon? 
-She also states he ran off, and got scared THAT she screamed. So she knows what he was thinking? He didn't run off because he just murdered a baby? Did she expect him to stay? Also it's interested that she says he got scared THAT I screamed, rather than WHEN I screamed. Was he not expecting her to scream when she was shot and her baby was murdered in front of her? That wasn't part of the plan and left him 'scared', and rushing to get away before 'help' arrived on the scene?

Jen said...

Part 3

"and I wheeled my baby really quick to a safe place inside the gate of the blue house on Ellis St"

-Here is the second mention on the 'blue house'  and this time she adds the detail that it had a gate, and she considered it a 'safe place' to wheel her baby. This is strange and interesting as clearly nobody  would regard the area close to where she and her baby were just shot 'safe'. Yet the second mention of the 'blue house' and now a gate makes me wonder if a plan existed to use this location for a planned 'altercation' due to the gate (obscured view). Also note the mother only focuses on 'quickly' wheeling her baby to safety after he is dead and no longer capable of being in danger.

"and um, and then, you know, I took him out of the harness and I tried to perform CPR, but I saw his lungs inflating but um he was not breathing and there was no pulse and um by the time the EMT's got there, the police they tried to do CPR also and they, they, we lost him"

-Again she uses multiple distancing/stalling phrases..'and um, and then, you know', before stating she took him out of the harness and TRIED to perform CPR. We know by the 911 calls that she didn't do this until 911 was already on the line, with multiple callers..as the caller describes her removing him and starting CPR. She earlier claims to have "quickly" moved to safety and done this but obviously enough time lapsed for others to arrive on the scene, and since the danger was gone (ran away) why didn't she instantly remove him and try reviving him, rather than waiting for witnesses? She describes HER efforts to revive him as unsuccessful, but then shifts/shares the blame onto the EMT's/police by saying.."they tried to do CPR also, and they, they, WE lost him", which is passive and attempts to reduce her responsibility.

The revelation of an apparent insurance policy confirms my initial thoughts that there is much more to this story. It may even end up being a combination of drug related and insurance scam. If the gunman can be persuaded to talk I believe he will reveal a plot entered into with the mother, given the fact that she twice references insurance payouts and now her daughter claims that she brought up an insurance payout for this baby the very night of his death. In her language she reveals her focus is money and in one interview she refers to the money as 'it' ("I don't have it"), which seems to represent an already known amount or debt. She claims to have told the gunman, 'babies are expensive, when you have one all of your money goes them" (paraphrased), which also seems to reference a debt or discussion as to 'why' she doesn't have the money. If she was a random target, this conversational tone wouldn't be expected and killing her baby wouldn't result in any payout or benefit for the gunman. I think she may have owed money and talked this guy into an insurance scam to pay her debt (he gets paid and so does she). Maybe it wasn't supposed to go this far and they were both only supposed to be wounded (which could still result in a payout of some kind, plus donations, restitution, disability, etc...especially due to the outrage of a baby being targeted). We shall see...facing 1st degree murder charges, it shouldn't take long for someone to talk, and the rest of the story will come out.

Sus said...


This article gives you a pretty good idea who is lying, but the attorney calls it "shifting". Haha.

CarlaP said...

Jen, thank you. I found her rambling so jarring and disconnected to the gravity of what happened, I don't know much about statement analysis and appreciate the insight.

CarlaP said...

Interesting...the above link states the father took the ashes and that the baby was cremated on Monday, yet a previous article stated on Saturday that he had already been cremated and that the mother asked for his ashes to be "disposed" of because she didn't want them, she would rather remember him "alive". Odd, most people are more invested in their pet's remains being returned to them after euthanasia than this woman's haste in disposing of the remains and belongings of her own flesh and blood. Sad all around.

john said...

Excellent Jen..

john said...

If there was an autopsy done shouldn't LE have the calibre of the bullet which killed the baby,or was it a through and through(God Forbid).

Was the bullet which shot the mother taken out,or was that a through and through also.

If no bullets were collected LE will not be able to make a comparison with the gun.

No cartridge cases,no bullets,no GSR,all very convenient if that is the case.

Say it was a small calibre bullet im sure it would have lodged in SWs leg given that it was in her thigh,a fleshy and muscly part of the the leg.

Here is the bit which terrifies me the most.
No bullet found in the babys skull which would suggest a through and through.
If that is the case,and im sorry for painting this picture,
The poor baby would have the back of his head blown out.

I would think that CPR would be redundant given that senario.

Again im sorry for painting that picture. :-(

Lynn said...

If she is on antipsychotic meds, non of the behavioral analysis will apply. I was dx bipolar and I've had drug combinations in the past that had me so numb it felt more dangerous to me than the mood swings. Thankfully, my dx was wrong and an emergency hysterectomy has completely leveled out my emotions, but I could tell you horror stories about the side effects of some of those medications. I actually believe the rise in psychotropic medications is one of the reasons for the rise in obesity.

I had no emotions or inappropriate emotions

I stuttered, had a flat affect, and sweated profusely. I had tics, and I gained nearly 100 lbs.

I am in no way saying she is innocent because I think it is all too weird myself. I do believe though that you can't do behavioral analysis on the mentally ill unless you have knowledge of the medications and their effects.

john said...


New video: Arias complains about handcuffs!

SALurker said...

This is creepy. This article claims that baby Antonio was cremated & a service held for him on FRIDAY!!! He died on Thursday!


That is not enough time to process this emotionally. Especially for a baby. Makes no sense.

S + K Mum said...

She says he was asleep/slept through the chaos? Maybe, some babies can sleep through a lot of commotion.

How do we know he was even alive when she went for a walk?

I presume an autopsy was performed - has this been confirmed does anyone know?

john said...

S + K Mum said...

How do we know he was even alive when she went for a walk?

Good point..

Anonymous said...

How do we know he was even alive when she went for a walk?

The AUTOPSY REPORT proves it

Sherry West = VICTIM you fucking ignorant scumbags..................................................................

S + K Mum said...

Anon 7.19AM

That is why I asked if an autopsy had been carried out.

Could you shed more light on the autopsy please, that would be more helpful than abuse.

Baby Anontio is a victim is he not?

S + K Mum said...

*Baby Antonio not Anontio!

dadgum said...

..Good Morning!

S + K Mum, I am a bit surprised that anything was done that quickly in GA. I fear the autopsy may have looked at the obvious, not the unsuspected.

I am heartbroken for Antonio. He deserved to live his life.

S + K Mum said...

Yes dadgum, everything happened very quickly, I wasn't sure if that is usual in GA or not. I know it's not in the UK.

Autopsy,cremation and 'disposal' of ashes (shudder). Dictionary: disposal: The action or process of throwing away or getting rid of something. Your baby? (shudder again).

Then interviews. Maybe TV appeals looking for perps but that wasn't the case.

Each to their own, I don't know what goes on in other people's minds - thankfully!

Light The Way said...

Wow, Anon 7:19...
You sure are invested in the idea that Sherry West is a "victim".

(Just sayin'!)

john said...

About that ‘absurd’ Zimmerman tweet
Posted by Jonathan Capehart on March 27, 2013 at 8:30 am

Mark O’Mara and George Zimmerman (Joe Burbank/AP)

Robert Zimmerman Jr., outspoken defender and brother of the killer of Trayvon Martin, stirred outrage over the weekend. He sent a tweet linking the slain unarmed teenager with De’Marquise Elkins, the Georgia teenager charged with murdering a 13-month-old in a stroller last Thursday. Included in the tweet were alleged photos of the two in juvenile middle-finger poses. As if the photos weren’t offensive enough, the words accompanying them were a bridge too far: “A picture is worth a thousand words.”
.@AnthonyCumia – Alleged FB pics of 13mo old Antonio Santiago’s alleged killer & #TrayvonMartin Side-by-Side #uncanny pic.twitter.com/gAoNLYINIR
I know I’m not alone being offended by this. But you will never believe who was also deeply offended. “A comment like that tying Trayvon Marton to a murdering 17-year-old because they are both black and showing their middle fingers is absurd,” Mark O’Mara told me Tuesday evening.
While the lawyer for George Zimmerman doesn’t believe this case is a prime example of the treatment and plight of young black males by the criminal justice system, he has said in previous interviews that a conversation on said plight needs to happen. He even said that he would gladly join Martin family attorney Benjamin Crump in leading one. But Robert Zimmerman’s tweet “does the opposite of trying to have that conversation. That is the antithesis of everything we’ve been saying.” In fact, O’Mara has tried mightily to squeeze race out of his second-degree murder case. Nevermind that some of his actions (i.e. seeking access to Trayvon’s Facebook and Twitter accounts) and the words of some of Zimmerman’s and Trayvon’s supporters help to keep race at the forefront of this case.
O’Mara was emphatic when he said that his client’s older brother does not represent or speak for his client. He was also quick to point out that he has not been in contact with Robert. “I would like to say his heart is in the right place,” O’Mara told me, “but his words didn’t match.”http://www.washingtonpost.com/blogs/post-partisan/wp/2013/03/27/about-that-absurd-zimmerman-tweet/

Fern said...

West is planning on moving back to New Jersey. As she was packing today she found the one thing that helps her feel closer to her son again, the outfit he was wearing the day of the shooting.

"He was wearing this before he was killed. I found it today and I just wanted to hold it because my baby is not here to hold anymore," said West.

Now, I can only speak for myself. I respect that mourning is a very private matter and there is no "right" way to grieve the violent loss of a child.

That said...I would BURN the clothes my child was wearing when he was senselessly murdered.

Nanna Frances said...

Another article:

rob said...

Sounds like mama is a drug-user who makes her living off of accidents, having children and insuring them. There was surely no love of her child by this mother. Something stinks in GA. It does sound like the boy did the shooting, but there has got to be more to this story.
God help these innocent children.

Sus said...

I hate to see the murder of Antonio Santiago turning into this!

Antonio was a 13 month old baby! He was shot in the face by two thugs. That is what Antonio died from, people.

Read the news articles. The police have done an incredible amount of work. They have a witness that drove the murderer from the scene and saw Elkins with the gun, they have the gun, they have family who tried to cover up for them, the 14 year old is talking, they have video!!!

Elkins has a smart attorney who is making this about race and the mother's mental illness.

And the mother is mentally ill. Once her daughter said bi-polar/ schizoprenic, I got it. This is why her statements do not make sense to us. This is why she was paranoid about leaving her home and thought she was in a safe area at a safe time. This is why she didn't trust her own perceptions of the situation.

I have seen the culture where they protect their own and do not snitch when they murder, but this one even shocks me. Antonio was a baby and his mother is a mentally ill victim.

By the way...if her daughter was so concerned, she could take it to the police and by-pass the press.

Sus said...

I meant to add: I praise the police dept. of Brunswick for their detective work, but where is there victim advocacy? Someone needs to step up and speak for this mother now...not wait for trial. Their case is going to fall apart in the media if they don't help her. The defense attorney has already asked for her psychiatric records.

Fern said...

Sus...you make some very astute points.

There is no question in my mind that Elkins and Lang committed this murder. I don't think you'll find much of an argument on that point.

I think there are many (myself included) that question if this was random or orchestrated. I simply can't dismiss Sherry West's comments and actions as the manifestations of mental illness. Hell, even her own daughter is suspicious...

Santiago, too, makes me uneasy.

We'll learn more in the days to come. I do hope it was simply a robbery gone bad, and there is no connection between West, Santiago, Elkins and Lang.

Right now, I'm not convinced.

Anonymous said...

Yes that is what I'm struggling with - random or orchestrated?

I do sincerely hope it was random but West is most definately not convincing about that.

And a defense attorney asking for her psych records doesn't sound good either.

Anonymous said...

SHERRY L WEST 37 Drug and Alcohol Possession Of Controlled Substance Except 35 Grams Or Less Of Marijuana

SHERRY L WEST 37 Drug and Alcohol Unlawful Use Of Drug Paraphernalia - Amphetamine/Methamphetamine

SHERRY L WEST 37 Drug and Alcohol Poss Any Methamphetamine Precursor Drug W/Intent To Manufacture Amphetamine, Methamphetamine Or Any Of Their Analogs

SHERRY L WEST 37 Traffic Oper Motor Vehicle Owned By Another Knowing Owner Of Vehicle Has Not Maintained Financial Responsibility

dadgum said...

Wait a second..
From past events I know that a Mom will keep personal items, especially from that day. The hospital will be very careful to give you what is not needed medically, or as evidence.

Why weren't the clothes considered evidence? Weren't they soaked in blood and covered in gunshot residue?

Even if they had been retained, tested and returned to his mother..what kind of statement is "I found it today.." Found it where..in a pile of things you hadn't yet discarded?? You forgot where you had put Antonio's clothing in a rush to cremate and discard Antonio, with all the packing , check cashing, and interviews to be done?

Yep, the boys did the deed. It sounds like they had something to gain. 'I didn't think they'd do it in the daytime' is a far cry from 'Oh my God, we were robbed at gunpoint in the middle of the morning!!!!'

Why did they target this mom and baby? What about them looked like a great haul was to be had?

Why, after both boys, threats, had run away..did she bother to 'wheel' to the safe 'blue house', and begin CPR there. Why did she stop before EMS arrived? Would you???

Is she afraid of Antonio's father? Why leave him now, in their grief? He blames her for walking 'there'. But he forgives the boys?? She says they dated for 3 years, to be sure it would work out. She states she has moved and hidden for years because of fears of people in NJ. Why go back there?

I am sure the boys will be speaking up once their attorneys are on board..and we will all be listening.

Anonymous said...

Pretty familiar with the authorities then. Quality parent.

The 'it' she refers to in her purse - drugs? Is that what the gunman.. err... two boys were after?

Anonymous said...

"We are aware there is some speculation being circulated throughout the rumor mill," Rhodes said, without specifying what he was referring to. "However, let me assure you -- as I previously indicated -- that we are thoroughly investigating this case and we will not, I repeat, will not leave any stone unturned."

Asked if West herself was a suspect, he said, "We are not at liberty to discuss the intricacies of the investigation, as it could possibly damage it."

dadgum said...

maybe this is why she is headed north..

S + K Mum said...

I'm confused about the outfit he wore before he was killed. (Fern's post above). Maybe the mother means a sleepsuit/pyjamas he wore before he was changed and left the house that morning??
Like dadgum said, surely the outfit he wore at the time of the shooting would be kept as evidence. This is going to be a murder trial after all!

Sus said...

Thank you. This police force's work seems thorough to me. They have been open about what they are looking into, and I trust their investigation.

CarlaP said...

I think it's safe to say that police are thoroughly investigating the possibility of SW's involvement in the murder.

"We are aware there is some speculation being circulated throughout the rumor mill," Rhodes said, without specifying what he was referring to. "However, let me assure you -- as I previously indicated -- that we are thoroughly investigating this case and we will not, I repeat, will not leave any stone unturned."

When asked if Sherry West knew De'marquise Elkins and Dominique Lane before the murder of her son, Brunswick PD chief said "No comment". Also no comment when asked if this was random or targeted crime.

Police aren't releasing many details, saying they don't want to jeopardize the investigation.

Brunswick police say they are not looking for any other suspects at this time.

Fern said...

Sus and others that believe this was a random crime...you appear to be correct.

This just in: police believe the death of Antonio was random and possibly gang related. More arrests may be pending.


Anonymous said...



dadgum said...

She'll "get over it" in a short while, and "start over".

She lost one to cps, one was a murdered killed in self defense, Antonio was murdered, 4th child??. I would not want to be this woman's 5th try at motherhood.

Mary said...

Although I haven't commented for quite some time, I've followed Peter's blog since the beginning of him posting statement analysis on his old WP blog several years ago, so although LE have made 2 arrests in this case, I trust Peter's analysis. When he says someone should be more closely scrutinized re their possible involvement, I don't question his opinion- I look for further clues.

I say this because Dadgum, I totally agree w/ your thoughts re the mom being able to appear on TV only days after her baby's been murdered. I didn't watch any of it but just *hearing* she'd be on Pierce Morgan's show caused me to raise my eyebrow. LE have got to know something is amiss when, imo, even lay people are seeing this woman's actions among the same lines of so many guilty mothers before her (I'm looking at you Casey Anthony).

Mary said...

Apologies for double post but wanted to say thanks (and hello again) to Peter & Heather for all their hard work, daily, and continuing to be a voice for the many innocent, murdered kids when others have long moved on. There's already 2 "reserved" signs waiting in Heaven for both of you : )
May God continue to bless you with things money can't buy!

Anonymous said...


apparently they found "the" gun?? & it's linked to the information given by the relatives of the boys arrested???

--- one thing to remember these boys may have posessed a gun -- but that doesn't mean it was the gun used in this crime. still baffling.

Anonymous said...

this is a really mysterious case. the police are keeping these two boys in jail facing murder charger and they arrested two of the boys adult relatives. & claim to have recovered the gun from salt water. BUT sherry west is clearly foccussed on her insurance check and has been giving a wobbly statement from the start. COULD it be that west is focussed on her insurance more than her baby but that these boys are actually guilty of the murder?? I don't know -- at the moment I am baffled.

Anonymous said...

they should have done toxicology on the baby -- to see if they had given him painkillers first

Anonymous said...

what if a "bad" mother crosses with some "bad" kids (perhaps out to do a gang initiation killing) ----- you get a mother with the psychological tendency to think of herself above her child -- but who isn't actually guilty of the murder of her child.

bad things happen to good people -- bad things also happen to not so good people.

The Bleat said...

Why was the baby cremated so quickly? Why was he already sleeping again at 9 am, just within minutes of her leaving her home?

A few years ago, Ashley Glassy commented on a Yahoo comments that both she and her older brother were taken from Sherry's home because Sherry had beaten them pretty badly.

Sherry has a history of child abuse. Why hasn't baby Antonio been properly autopsied? How do we know she didn't randomly involved these two kids somehow? How do we know that Antonio was alive before he was shot?

I hate doing this, but Sherry's two children were taken away from her, at least according to an older post by Ashley, because of abuse.

I have no way of knowing the actual involvement of the kids who are arrested, nor do any of us. They may have done it, but the randomness makes no sense. Investigators are saying it's not likely related to gang activity. Investigators are saying it appears random. Where they there to meet with Sherry for some other reason? Was one of them there for that? Was it set up? Who knows, but the fact that Sherry has a history of child abuse really worries me in this case. Very sorry.

The Bleat said...

first of all sweetie im very sorry about your family's past history it is such a shame to hear those kind of things, i don't think your adoptive mom should have kept that from you for so long, although im sure her heart was in the right place her brain must of been somewhere else i being a soon to be mom worry about all kinds of concequenses your child could face due to secrets or such actions that they were exposed to in early ages, i think she should have sat you down earlier on and explained it all if you had questions about anything she should have encouraged them and tried to answer whatever she could, as far as contacting your biological family i can understand where she is coming from see my mom was an alcoholic and she beat me and my older brother bad when we were children she lost custody when we were 10 and then she moved away the courts ordered that we have no contact with her but once we were old enough to make our own decisions we began keeping in touch once a month or so, so in that matter i think you are old enough to make your own choices in that case but your adoptive mother does right now have the final say and im sure she is just trying to protect you from a world of hurt guess she figures if your real mom never tried to contact you again shed rather let a sleeping dog lay, and not worry about you getting even more sick of life...now where i do not agree with your adoptive mom is the laughing at you when your crying out for help, when i was your age i was also very suicidal and i used to experiment with pot and pills and cut my self sometimes just to see the blood and know that i was alive and in some strange way the pain i inflicted on myself dulled the pain that i felt when my family let me down or the kids at school odd balled me out, you should know that my older brother and i were thick as thieves he was the only person i felt i loved in life for a while and he was stabbed to death in 08 well when he passed away i used alot of drugs to keep my heart numb to the pain of loosing him, so please sweetheart don't put your life in the hands of someone else even if you think jerome and you will get married and live happily ever after i'm sure that he loved you for real and for some reason passed before his time and was able to give you one last message he'd say liv your life and be happy hed want to see you move on and be strong for him, after shaun "my brother" died i went to a medium and he told me to be strong and begged me to turn my life around it was so scary when the woman was telling me how he was crying and sobbing next to me on the couch i could feel the energy in the room and thats what got me to turn my life around... this jerome kid sounds like a really great guy keeping your head into schoolwork and off your family, but no man should ever decide your fate, life although it may not seem like it is a precious gift and trust me honey things will get easier, if you ever need a friendly shoulder to cry on or just to talk to another girl who has been there and done that you can email me or im me which ever i'd really be happy to help and maybe ease your mind alittle... ill hold you in my prayers either way.------ashley_glassey@yahoo.com------… yahoo s/n= secondchancesdntexist or aim s/n= sexy0pink0mommy

Sus said...

Here's what happens, Anon: All reason goes out the window. It's like sharks feeding on blood.

"...mother is clearly focused on her insurance..." One person said the mother asked about insurance. We don't even know if that is true, or if there really is insurance.

It's the new American way...blame the victim rather than the perps.

Mary said...

@Anon 3:04:
I, too, am baffled by this case for the same reason you are (asking when she'll get her big fat payday at the expense of her baby's death) but I'm also troubled by the motive. Why would the 2 teens shoot Antonio in the FACE but leave the only witness who could identify them alive?

Jen said...

Thank you to John and Carla...and thanks to Bleat for posting that info from West's daughter.

(today's article)
Doring described the crime as, "the worst evil that's happened," and said additional witnesses have been identified and some warrants are still outstanding.

"The truth will come to light at the proper time," Doring said as he wrapped up the conference." An investigation is ongoing.

-While I understand the police are connecting this crime with gang activity, I still do not buy that West and baby Antonio were random targets. These excerpts from the article, especially the quote.."The truth will come to light at the proper time", seems to imply LE is investigating a larger conspiracy that has yet to be revealed. Wouldn't that negate the idea that this crime was random? If additional witnesses and warrants are indeed outstanding, then this crime was obviously discussed/planned or covered up within a larger group than those who have already been arrested. (Elkins, Lane, Elkins mother, aunt).

-My sorry, but the idea that a 13mo baby, who's mother just 'happens' to have a life insurance policy against his life, fell victim to a 'random' attack defies all logic. (especially with the mother discussing the policy payout on THE DAY her baby was murdered, and her twice mentioning other insurance payouts in interviews about her babies murder!)

-Also these quotes by LE certainly don't seem to convey a belief that this attack was random. They could easily have cleared up any speculation, but instead they declined to answer directly, and assured that their investigation is continuing and thorough. (they already have Elkins, Lane, Elkins mom and aunt in custody, they know the location of the crime scene, they have served search warrants, etc... so whats left to investigate besides the mothers {West's} involvement or her connection to these teenagers)

"We are aware there is some speculation being circulated throughout the rumor mill," Rhodes said, without specifying what he was referring to. "However, let me assure you -- as I previously indicated -- that we are thoroughly investigating this case and we will not, I repeat, will not leave any stone unturned."

When asked if Sherry West knew De'marquise Elkins and Dominique Lane before the murder of her son, Brunswick PD chief said "No comment". Also no comment when asked if this was random or targeted crime.

-If LE (or insurance fraud investigators) don't uncover a prior connection between Elkins/Lane or other gang members I will be floored. Why would this 'gang' randomly target a broke, mentally ill drug addict pushing a baby in a stroller...how much $ could they possibly expect to get? Without a connection or prior agreement with West, no plausible motive seems to exist.

Fern said...

Sus...again, an astute point you make...

Unless Ashley recorded the telephone conversations with her mother, the insurance detail is hearsay. Also, Ashley provides no details. Wouldn't the normal response to Sherry asking her daughter "how long will it take to receive a check?" be "did you have a policy on Antonio? For how much? When did you purchase it?"

I think LE looked into the life insurance matter and found nothing.

The Bleat said...

Excellent post, Jen.

The Bleat said...

It's the new American way...blame the victim rather than the perps.

I don't think we're "blaming," but some of us are certainly "questioning."

The two arrested were obviously involved, but through what motive?

It is the American way to question. It's unfortunate for Sherry, had she been trying to start anew--past may have caught up to her. That's very sad, but we've seen mothers do this sort of thing in the past. It may seem cruel to question her; however, the story seems off--and the worst ever crime is when a parent creates a situation for the death of his or her own child.

Don't think that those of us who are questioning Sherry's story don't feel a little guilty, horrible even, for having these thoughts. Should we clam up, or put them out there?

Also, I was thinking, maybe we want to count out the possibility that gangs are enticing young kids to kill our babies. That's a scary thought too. I don't think that's it, because the story doesn't make rational sense.

I'm so sorry to all of Antonio's family who loved him so much that these thoughts are here. It's because he was a precious baby that we see these things. We question for him--for our own children or for all children.

Antonio wasn't clutching Sherry's purse, so why was he shot? The mom says they asked for money. He was sleeping in a stroller.

On a side note, if she does have schizophrenic tendencies, as Ashley says, then it's possible she's embellishing the story with odd details from an internal fear that she will be blamed--especially given her other children were taken away (based on something Ashley appears to have written in the past).

It is very possible that her story is half true, but that she really is a victim.

Sus said...

I hate to instill race into this discussion, but if police are connecting the shooting to gang activity, it is even more unlikely Sherry West or her boyfriend were involved. Her boyfriend is Hispanic. Elkins is a blood. He's not dealing with an Hispanic.

The crime does rather look like an initiation or revenge because the shooter went for the head...first on Sherry West, but I don't think she was an easy target like Antonio. My guess is asking for money was a cover up and reason to approach. The younger boy was along to witness or learn how it's done. Elkins needed a killjng "under his belt" simple as that.

There is video evidence. I would bet it is someone telling Elkins to shoot between the eyes or Elkins himself saying that.

This whole thing just sounds too much like gang activity to me.

The daughter's statements prove nothing except Sherry West is a bad mother.

I am fully convinced Sherry West is mentally ill. She is the picture of most mentally ill in the US, not all, but most...self-medicators, homeless or in the corrections system barely hanging on, abusing their children, victims of crimes and committing crimes. That's the reality and who we are talking about when we say to fix the mental health system.

It is difficult to feel compassion for people like Sherry West, even to give her a break. Unless I'm proved wrong, I'm giving her that break.

I'm off my soapbox now. :)

dadgum said...

The mental health system is broken..and not getting better any time soon. The healthcare system is right behind..here in NC adult and group homes are closing without notice, without clients having a place to go. People read about it, it isn't their problem, and someone else will fix it. No one is paying for the services needed, and the homes are closed. Available dollars and providers are going away, not increasing.

I think what concerns many of us is that there is more to the story. There often is. It wasn't just a 'robbery gone wrong', but what was it??

On the West Coast gangs had initiations which involved the homeless and mentally ill living on the street. Crimes that often went unsolved, and no one championed the victims as they were 'unknown', or invisible..crimes performed in the dark of night with few witnesses.

I hope this is an aberration, not a foretaste.

Seems more like the drug cartel activity in Mexico..no fear, no remorse, no one is safe.

Jen said...

Thanks Bleat-

I understand why some posters want to believe West wasn't involved, as it's not comfortable to think a mother could/would do something like this. However the mother's language reveals her focus is on money and herself (even without confirmation of an insurance policy from the daughter). I also don't feel her mental illness excuses/explains her focus on insurance money and HER injuries, rather than her helpless baby being shot dead.

West HERSELF twice mentioned insurance payouts during her interviews and she focuses 99% of her story on herself, her injuries, her money/lack of, the attempted robbery, and her 'rescue' efforts...rather than the murder of her son, which should be all she can think about. Does that suggest that SHE is focused on the victim (Antonio)...not hardly! For God's sake, she didn't even want his ashes! To her, this is a done deal and on to the next scam, err...baby.

Even if I try to imagine the encounter playing out exactly as West describes, her actions & language just don't make sense!! If she was focused on the safety of herself and her baby, then she would have thrown her purse at them, (regardless if it had .10c or 10k in it) and ran away with her baby, while screaming for help. Instead she claims to have engaged her would-be murderers in a casual conversation about baby expenses and only screamed after being shot repeatedly and watching her baby be murdered. While Elkins/Lane are obviously the ones to be 'blamed', for killing Antonio...West has raised enough suspicion by her actions/language to warrant a closer look at her involvement. After all, Elkins/Lane stood to gain absolutely NOTHING by shooting her and her baby, and SHE'S the one talking about how expensive babies are and insurance payouts!

Also, even 'gangs' don't want unnecessary attention and involvement with the police. I find it hard to imagine any gang or organized crime group is going to seek out the kind of outrage that a crime like this incites, along with the increased scrutiny/pressure from LE without a significant payoff or advantage to be gained by their actions. We shall see how it all shakes out...

The Bleat said...

"Glynn County Police Chief Matt Doering told reporters Wednesday investigators are looking into the possibility that the killing of 13-month-old Antonio Santiago in Brunswick was gang-related. But Doering says evidence police have gathered so far doesn't support gang-related charges.

Read more: http://www.foxnews.com/us/2013/03/27/police-chief-says-slain-ga-baby-and-his-mother-believed-to-be-victims-random/#ixzz2OmEE0WnI

john said...

Have i missed something?

Can someone enlighten me as to whether she had a cell phone,and if so,why didn't she call for EMT immediately after the shooting?

Anonymous said...

The police checked both the mother & father for gun shot residue, according to reports, and supposedly the results were negative for both of them.

Plus, in one interview the mother of the younger(<-I think) suspect, said her son was "just a witness". She didn't say her son wasn't there. She also didn't say the other kid wasn't there either or that the other kid didn't shoot the baby. She only said her kid was just a witness and her feelings go out to the mother and baby.

Fern said...

This just in:

A Georgia grand jury has indicted a 17-year-old suspect in last week's fatal shooting of a baby in his stroller and in another unrelated shooting 10 days earlier in a robbery attempt.

The 11 counts returned Wednesday against De'Marquise Elkins include malice murder for the slaying of 13-month-old Antonio Santiago. The indictment says Elkins shot the boy in the face with a .22-caliber revolver while trying to rob the child's mother in coastal Brunswick last Thursday.

The indictment charges 15-year-old Dominique Lang on seven counts including felony murder. Elkins' mother and sister were charged with trying to dispose of the gun in a saltwater pond.

The indictment also charges Elkin with trying to rob a man at gunpoint March 11 and shooting the victim in the arm.


Sus said...

If it is gang activity, I hold it was just a couple of wannabes, not a thing to come. This is what Chicago faces daily. Of course, Chicago deals with the Mexican cartels and gang violence as the cartels have said they love to deal out of Chicago. It puts them right in the center of the US.

A baby was shot and killed in Chicago last month. It didn't get much publicity once it was known his daddy was a gangbanger, changing the baby's diaper in the wrong turf. Wow! I bet that baby knows gang turfs.

Fern said...

Not sure...but I think Elkins' mother and aunt are in deep shit if they were the ones that disposed of the gun. I thought they were only charged with providing false statements (alibis) for Elkins.

Fern said...

Oh, wow! I just re-read the article...it was Elkin's mother and SISTER (not aunt).

My bad. Sorry.

CarlaP said...

Anonymous @ 5:14,

No one is challenging the fact that the two suspects were at the crime scene or that Elkins shot Antonio. Commenters are wondering what, if any, part SW played in all this due to her conflicting statements and keeping the focus of her story on herself, and money. No one has stated that they suspect she shot the baby herself, only the possibility that perhaps there is more to the story in regards to her involvement.

CarlaP said...

Also, I keep reading comments stating that there is "video evidence". I haven't read that in any articles, can someone post a link to that information?

Anonymous said...

wondering what, if any, part SW played






Just because she's low income and living in a slum ghetto project and mentally ill does not mean she's guilty....she's a VICTIM of a violent crime

CarlaP said...

"Just because she's low income and living in a slum ghetto project and mentally ill does not mean she's guilty....she's a VICTIM of a violent crime"

That is projection of your part. The reason I wonder what, if any, role SW has in this murder is based on her statements, behavior and demeanor when discussing the events of that day. She lives in an house apartment from what I've read, not a "slum ghetto project" as you put it. It seems like you have some negative connotations with her neighborhood, income level and mental illness issues. None of which have any bearing on her story or why people are questioning it.

CarlaP said...

"Just because she's low income and living in a slum ghetto project and mentally ill does not mean she's guilty....she's a VICTIM of a violent crime"

That is projection on your part. The reason I wonder what, if any, role SW has in this murder is based on her statements, behavior and demeanor when discussing the events of that day. She lives in an house apartment from what I've read, not a "slum ghetto project" as you put it. It seems like you have some negative connotations with her neighborhood, income level and mental illness issues. None of which have any bearing on her story or why people are questioning it.

dadgum said...

What makes you assume she lives in a 'slum ghetto project'? Is there any such thing in Brunswick?

No one is saying she is not a victim of the shooting of her son. What people strive for is justice for Antonio, no matter how uncomfortable it might make us.

Fern said...

District Attorney Jackie Johnson of the Brunswick Judicial Circuit said in a statement Thursday she would not seek the death penalty against either suspect because Georgia law doesn't allow capital punishment for defendants charged with crimes committed before they were 18. Both teens are charged as adults.

Elkins is now also charged with a second attempted robbery and shooting that happened 10 days before the baby was slain. On March 11, according to the indictment, Elkins tried to rob a person identified as Wilfredo Calix-Flores, pointing a gun at him while demanding his cellphone and wallet. Elkins shot Calix-Flores in the arm with the same caliber revolver used to kill the baby 10 days later, the indictment says. He is charged with attempted robbery and assault with a deadly weapon.

The few details contained in the indictment seem to back up the story the slain baby's mother, Sherry West, has repeated to numerous reporters: She was pushing her baby in a stroller as she walked home from the post office when two youths approached asking for money. West says when she refused, the older teen drew a gun and shot her in the leg before shooting her son in the head.

Glynn County Police Chief Matt Doering told reporters Wednesday before the indictment was returned that investigators believe the crime was random — something police hadn't said previously.

"We're comfortable now, six days into it, to say the location of the incident and the victim were random," Doering said. "I don't have any information that shows otherwise."

The grand jury also indicted three of Elkins' relatives on charges that they tried to help him after the shootings.

The suspect's mother, Karimah Elkins, and older sister, Sabrina Elkins, were charged with evidence tampering. The indictment says they threw the revolver that police suspect was used in the shooting into a saltwater pond where investigators recovered it Tuesday. Doering said the gun is being tested to see if it can be linked to the child's slaying.


Anonymous said...

West simply does not act like a normal person about any of this. Her actions words and actions make her appear guilty of some involvement or complicity in the whole incident. At the same time, the evidence against the teens aprehended does sound pretty damning, if the gun found is shown to have been used in the crime especially.

It is not necessarily and either-or scenario here regarding her involvement and the boys' guilt. We haven't heard a lot yet from their attorneys (we'e heard so much of West's side because she's been talking to media nonstop).

No matter what version of this I try to imagine, it raises huge questions. If the boys really just wanted to rob her, why didn't they take her purse after all that? If she was involved, why would she ID them, as they would presumably be able to implicate her?

Another one I haven't seen discussed anywhere in depth: Why are the child's father's actions and words so weird ("potty training in heaven" et al)? Could the truth be that it was he who owed a debt, and thus advised West not to walk down a certain road (where she would be more likely to encounter people wanting to collect on that debt). She may have said "I don't have it" knowing full well what/how much "it" was, but resisted being robbed because it was not her debt and maybe she felt not accountable for it. Her statement of "I never thought he'd do it in broad daylight" makes it sound like she knew "he" could be dangerous (if she didn't know him, how would she know this?) but that she'd be safe and or less likely to encounter him walking in the daytime ("I left early in the morning").

S + K Mum said...

Anon @ 5.41pm

Please post a link to LE stating that SW is not a suspect.

(If it's on this page somewhere can someone point me in the right direction, thanks).

'slum ghetto project' - your opinion obviously, I haven't read any other comments on here saying that.

Fern said...

A man was shot Monday night during an armed robbery attempt.

Brunswick police responded at about 7:11 p.m. Monday to 1708 Norwich St. Wilfredo A. Calix-Flores, 43, was shot in his upper left arm. His injury did not appear to be life-threatening, according to police.

Calix-Flores and Jose Luis Rivera-Chavez were approached by three unidentified black males. Police said one of the suspects brandished a handgun and pointed it at them, demanding cash and their cell phones. When the victims told the suspects they didn't have any money or cell phones, the suspect with the handgun then shot Calix-Flores. The suspects then ran off an unknown direction of travel.


Sus said...

I keep thinking I'm going to drop out of this, then I just can't. The mother's words sound so strange to you because she is more than likely a paranoid schizofrenic, or bi-polar in a manic state.

When she speaks of being robbed in broad daylight, that could very well have been one of her fears. Notice how she spoke on how careful she was to walk where she wouldn't bother anyone. She is paranoid that peoplare out to get her. She immediately connected the woman who was kicked out of her house, also....paranoid. Her connections will make no sense to us.

As to the video evidence, I will find the link again. Elkins attorney asked for it in discovery.

dadgum said...

I had a friend years ago who thought all of us from church were digging up her plants in the night.

Then she accused people of looking in windows day and night. Spying. Wiretapping.

Eventually, she took off with the baby, leaving other kids alone..and went 'camping' several states away.

Left a newborn in the car, and didn't think anything of it until we asked where the baby was.

It was frustrating..and no way to get her the help she needed until the kids were without question endangered.

Getting help is not as simple as people think.

Sus said...


This article mentions the videotape.

Jen said...

Anon 6:35

Maybe you have not noticed, but you are the only person hurling insults and disrespect at those who do not agree with you.

LE has NOT stated that West is not considered a suspect, the have only declined to comment on her connection and involvement in every article I've read.

The quote you posted, about West, "was never a suspect in my mind", refers to his (Doring) personal opinion, he is speaking for himself. Besides, even if ALL of LE doesn't see her as a suspect, that doesn't mean the rest of us can't question her behavior and language regarding this event. That's what we are here to do...this is a STATEMENT ANALYSIS site.

JerseyJane said...

"She changed her story as far as she told me that the baby was shot first and then she told me that she was shot first. "

Mmmmmmmm. The mom, if you have listened to her story, FELT her shots to be real AFTER the fact her son's shot to the face made them become real.. She didnt process them real(play gun first thought then it became a BB gun). So the way she relayed the info to her daughter, came out a complete mess. Victim Mom tells way too much info then her mental illness helps scramble it..as far as insurance, my guess it is SS vs. Insurance policy for a dead child.. And people, let's not forget this may have been a special needs child( no first words yet). This baby is xrayed at morgue for show of any recent or past fractures. Blood samples and fluids samples are sent out to lab. Autopsy/Projectile tests performed. Pictures taken. Body relesased.

Fern said...

Hey...I'm still questioning this case. There is a big difference between "questioning" and "accusing". As "The Bleat" posted, questioning can be uncomfortable, but it isn't reckless or irresponsible.

I maintain that West and Santiago are a couple of odd ducks and their response to Antonio's murder was unsettling to me.

It is a relief that they are not likely involved.

Layla said...

Jen--I just read through your analysis, and it is good, thorough and insightful. Thank you!
I had also noticed the wound she shows behind her ear--a wound which would be impossible for a bullet to make bc of the location. This along with her changing story about describing about how she was shot in the leg and describing how it felt and then changing it to she did not even know she was shot until cops saw her limping and checked her leg. She also describes in one interview "I limped all the way to the van" (as if this has any significance in light of her baby being shot between the eyes). Video footage of her limping to the van shows her overdramatically feigning a severe limp.
My belief is the mother inflicted these wounds to herself as well as shot her own baby.
I believe she may have shot the baby in a more hidden area. Maybe near the blue house that she keeps mentioning? Maybe this area was hidden from sight?
I believe the boy under arrest may have been in the area. He was not enrolled in school and very well have been in the area, may have even been carrying a gun if he is a gangster type, may have even crouched in a car when police swarm around if he was armed.
The interview with the father is odd too. He says (paraphrased) why did they do this? Why didnt they just take her purse?
Asked about his baby, he says: "He was so special. He had the bluest eyes.". It is eerie, because this is incredibly similar to what Phoebe DiPietro said about Ayla.
The behind the ear wound looks like someone may have given her that wound from behind. Maybe the Dad was involved too.

Hobnob said...

I am wondering how she found the clothes he was wearing when Antonio was shot.

The clothes will be heavily bloodstained for one and thus probably disposed of by the hospital once he arrived and they did whatever they needed to do.

I would also suspect that given the nature of the crime, the clothing worn by Antonio would be kept as evidence as, as well as bloodstains and body tissue there would also be GSR (depending on the distance the gun was from his face)
The stroller would also have been kept as evidence as it would have blood and tissue, possibly GSR, fingerprints and also possibly the bullet (if a through and through)or an exit hole.

I can't get my head around the speedy cremation of his remains, the only logical explanation being that he had something in his system mom didn't want found ( drugs) Samples of fluids etc should have been taken at autopsy despite the obvious wound, i would expect them to be tested for drugs given mom's history.
Cremation stops the authorities exhuming the body to check for drugs, old injuries etc.

The mom's behavior is unexpected, why is she behaving this way, what isn't she telling us?

Layla said...

I just read through the comments. This mom was arrested for making meth!!!!!! So, she's a drug dealer. There's no possibility these teens were drug customers, she had arranged to meet them to sell drugs and she then shot her baby after the deal?

john said...

Apologies if this has already been posted.


Elkins' public defender has said he strongly believes his client is innocent. Gough has filed a court motion asking a judge to grant him access to mental health records of the slain boy's mother, saying they could be important to determining whether she's a credible witness.

"Obviously we're concerned about her credibility her ability to accurately recall events and identify anybody," Gough said. "If she suffers from any conditions that would do that, it would certainly be relevant to the case."


SALurker said...

I've been reading here for a year & a 1/2 & I don't think I've seen a case that I have swung back and forth on so wildly.

I also don't think I've seen everyone here so torn. Usually we are pretty much on the same page.

Is it the sheer horror of this crime that has affected all of us?

The horrific facts of this case have shook me deeply. Babies killing babies. A mother who, at the least, is showing some pretty bizarre behavior. This behavior spills into her words.

This case continues to confuse me and give me a headache.

Jen said...

Thanks Layla-

Ive been going through articles looking for more direct quotes from West, and I'm trying to find transcripts of the Piers Morgan show to post for all of us to analyze also. There are definite contradictions in her account and some of her quotes, such as the issue about not knowing she was shot in the leg until police arrived.

Also, I'm looking for the first article I read, where she claims to have been pushed as she tried to shield/ reach for the baby, rather than while holding her purse as she said later. If anyone else knows where to find the article where this was printed, I would appreciate it.

Sus said...

Id like to see a date and link on that meth arrest.

Demarquis Elkins mother has over 50 charges on her record since 1995, his aunt has over 30 in the past decade. Those two hid the gun for him.

Both of the younger boys parents are incarcerated .

We're in the underbelly now, aren't we? Antonio, 13 months old paid the price.

CarlaP said...

Sus, thank you for the link. I'm surprised that the video hasn't been mentioned in other articles I've read. It's pretty important piece of info!

john said...


I agree,i think this statement is why most members here are still unsure of SWs accounts of events.

Elgins public defender.

"Obviously we're concerned about her credibility her ability to accurately recall events and identify anybody,"

I understand that he will defend Elgin,and try to disparage SW however,this is what most people are thinking,myself included.

Layla said...

Jen--It can be found in the video interview she gave immediately after she got home from the hospital I believe. She is wearing a red top in the interview on youtube. I will try to find it.

CarlaP said...

Jen, I'm confused by SW not knowing she was shot in the leg until police arrived. Wouldn't there be a hole in the pants and blood visible?

Layla said...

Jen--She says the info you're looking for in the video withe red top--just found it. Google youtube 2 teens kill baby in Brunswick, Georgia

Carla--I was just wondering about that--was there a hole in her pants? In the video I just told Jen about it shows her limping from the crime scene but it is shows the back of her.. I wondered the same thing as she said police had to look and first looked at her knee thinking there was something wrong with her knee.

Layla said...

Bipolar with schizophrenic tendencies is a bunk diagnosis. You either qualify as schizophrenic or you don't.
Meth is bad. Very bad. Making meth is very very bad.
I can't figure this one out, all I know is this mother is giving an inconsistent story. The wounds are bizarre. How did she get a wound behind her ear?
As Jen pointed out, her description of what happened include about one sentence describing her baby being
shot dead. This is incomprehensible.
Her description of how she usually doesnt go out, so thought she'd go for a walk, thought she'd mail a letter, etc etc has similar dynamics to Mark Redwine's "descriptions". ie. He wanted McDonalds. What 12 year old kid doesnt want mc donalds? Just needless,
distracting detail.
Concerning. Very concerning.

The Bleat said...

I'm no statement analyst, but I've found that oftentimes, people who are not telling us the truth, do tell us the truth speckled in the context of the bigger lie.

First of all a contradiction of things she said:
“He must have died instantly.” “I tried to perform CPR” “I saw his lungs inflating.”

Obviously, if his lungs were inflating, he did not die instantly. I still maintain the possibility that baby Antonio may not have been alive during the shooting.

Why those two kids had the gun? I don't know. It doesn't mean they shot the baby. It could, but not necessarily.

We still don't know if the gun they dumped is the same gun that killed the baby--but on that...

The mother didn't notice casings? I don't remember casings from when I shot a gun in the Navy. I couldn't tell you if the gun I shot released them or not. Is the kind of gun that was used to shoot her baby the kind that doesn't release them? If it is, where'd they go?
Why'd she mention that at all? Just to prove why she thought the gun was fake?

She tells us in the uncut interview that she was hopped up on pain medications, and that's why she didn't feel the gun shot. That's probably very true.

The tells us in that interview that she has a disability and that the payments were paid out. That's true, I bet.

She tells us that when she decided to have another baby, she never realized how hard it would be to have a baby--how much work it would be. That's true, I'm sure.

She's also very poignant in trying to create an image: that she abhors drugs as did her deceased teen son did (after all, he tried to take the law into his own hands in protecting a girl, but didn't know the perpetrator had a knife). She tells us she had a crackhead neighbor evicted for smoking crack, too, and maybe that lady had something to do with it (paranoia at best), but the image she portrays is of an almost saintly person. "I didn't want her smoking crack in my house."

Why would a neighbor be smoking crack in her house anyway?

Layla said...

Just adding: youtube Sherry West's daughter Ashley Glassy thinks she lying

Sherry can be heard on audiotape asking her daughter about when the life insurance payment will come the night of her baby's death.

Layla said...

Bleat, very insightful observations.
Her comment about the casings jumped out at me too. I feel if someone was shooting me I would not have the presence of mind to look for casings. But Sherry West did. Which is unexpected.

dadgum said...


looking for the 'red top' one..

dadgum said...

red top


~ABC said...

Hi Sus

I'm looking for that info too, on the arrests of Sherry West. The only thing I've found so far is from a poster at http://victimsheartland.forumotion.com/t6199-sherry-west-told-cnn-that-she-was-pushing-her-son-in-a-stroller-at-9-am-thurs-when-two-boys-approached-and-demanded-money-then-wounded-her-and-fatally-shot-her-baby-le-arrests-a-17-a-15-yr-old-in-connection-w-infants-death

"Re: Sherry West told CNN that she was pushing her son in a stroller at 9 a.m. Thurs when two boys approached and demanded money, then wounded her and fatally shot her baby/LE arrests a 17 & a 15 yr old in connection w/ infants death
by samgoodwin on Mon Mar 25, 2013 1:28 am

"So one of my friends has access to one of those criminal records search sites (she's a social worker and needs it for her job). And she found this info on the mom:

I think mom is Sherry Lynn Glassey aka Sherry West (found it by looking for the name of her oldest dead son) She has arrests for pot, meth, and substances used to make meth.

SHERRY L WEST 37 Drug and Alcohol Possession Of Controlled Substance Except 35 Grams Or Less Of Marijuana
SHERRY L WEST 37 Drug and Alcohol Unlawful Use Of Drug Paraphernalia - Amphetamine/Methamphetamine
SHERRY L WEST 37 Drug and Alcohol Poss Any Methamphetamine Precursor Drug W/Intent To Manufctre Amphetamine, Methamphetamine Or Any Of Their Analogs
SHERRY L WEST 37 Traffic Oper Motor Vehicle Owned By Another Knowing Owner Of Vehicle Has Not Maintained Financial Responsibility
This could also be her.????


veruca said...

In one video sw says "I don't get out to walk enough" and in the next breath says"on ellis st where I always walk"
I'm para phrasing but my point is...shes a liar.

veruca said...


dadgum said...

re daughter..looking for something without commentary..


dadgum said...



Piers Morgan


dadgum said...

Listen to the description of cpr..tape at home says 'he must have died immediately', and she tells of stopping because she couldn't see him breathing. Then ems arrives, and they 'lose him'.

On Piers, the following week, she begins cpr, keeps it up, checks for pulse twice, continues..ems arrives, takes over, works in ambulance..then we are on to her leg..note 'nothing wrong' until she pulls pants up all the way. No hole or blood on pants??

Jen said...

Layla-thanks so much for the link...that's the first thing I saw on this story and then when I transcribed her account I noticed the discrepancy.

I wil watch it and try to transcribe it too...it takes a while because I have to listen over and over to keep myself from condensing or eliminating her stutters and other stuff as I type.

Carla- I'm as confused as you about her statement that the police had to find/point out that she was shot, especially since she describes how it felt and what she thought when it happened. It's a clear discrepancy, and she waffles back and forth about not knowing she was shot, and believing it was a 'fake' or a bb gun, not seeing casing's released, etc....but, when it comes to the baby being shot, she shows NO hesitation in believing the gun was real and he was dead, which goes against a mothers natural instinct and denial.

I could buy that she didn't feel PAIN due to panic, but she knew she was shot(she said so), and she IMMEDIATELY accepts that her baby is dead, even stating he died instantly by the same 'fake' gun!

dadgum said...

the original 9 min from a while back..
'night all!


dadgum said...

sorry veruca..thank you for posting it. Going to bed..between this and Arias, I am sick of the killing.

john said...

"I put my arms over my baby and he SHOVES me, and then he shot my baby right in the head," Ms West said.

SHOVES=Present tense.

This is the first thing i noticed.

Question=Could it be possible that SW is embellishing her account of the day to get more sympathy,and a bigger insurance pay out?

S + K Mum said...

I agree that this case is baffling and feel I sway back and forth too.

There is definate deception from SW...the question is what? and why?

Someone shoved her out the way and shot her baby in the face, that would have been the perfect opportunity for the gunman to shoot her and not miss. People can be evil but why kill the baby?

Maybe she is being deceptive because she put herself before her baby and doesn't want to admit it. Could it be that simple?

The Bleat said...

It could be that simple.

I sway back and forth because, if she has a mental illness, and she is also on pain medications, then she may simply be a very detached mother whose child was murdered in cold blood randomly.

CarlaP said...

Like some of you, my opinion sways. Occam's razor...the simplest theory is usually the most accurate. Usually. When I read the initial report of this story, as soon as I read her quote: "When you have a baby, you spend all your money on babies. They're expensive." my intuition said there's something more to this story. When I watched the video clip of her interview and my discomfort and suspicion grew exponentially. Her behavior and speech are so far from what is expected of a mother that had her baby murdered in front of her that I could't understand why everyone wasn't questioning it, I was actually angry watching her speak. She seems so detached from her child, repeatedly calling him "my baby", not once has she said his name, and she spends the majority of the interviews talking about herself, her superficial injuries, as if his murder is an afterthought. She has to be brought back on track and reminded by the interviewer that she's being interviewed because her baby was shot in the face and killed. Maybe her detachment is due to drug use, maybe mental illness, maybe shock, maybe a combination of all of the above, who knows. Maybe none of that matters at this point. It's a shame that Elkins won't face the death penalty due to his age, anyone capable of shooting a baby in the face does not deserve the privilege of living. Regardless of what the whole story is or if it ever comes out, it's a horrific beyond words.

CarlaP said...

Just saw this. Father is interviewed. Some interesting things mentioned, SW already lived in Brunswick when her older son was killed contradicting her statement that she moved down there in fear after his death, he saw the story about the baby killed by gunfire in Chicago days before, mentions being on "things to calm him down". He also mentions going to the post office several times, as if defending it....a lot of odd statements. Jen, if you're so inclined, I would be interested in reading a statement analysis on this clip.


Layla said...

Carla--Right, who does occam's razor say is the perpetrator here? In this case, once you hear about the Mom asking her daughter when life insurance policy will be mailing her a check the night of the killing, for me, occam's razor is saying the mother did it.
Otherwise, we're talking astronomical coincidence: Most horrible crime ever just happens to hit the most selfish, cold-hearted mother ever who is eager to cash in on life insurance policy of her baby the very night of his death.
Also, I read last night she had all of her baby's clothes and toys packed up in plastic bags within 2 days to donate them.
I will be shocked if this mother is innocent.

Layla said...

Just watched interview w the Dad. Wow. Just wow.
Chuckles at one point.
Says baby was shot "right behind my door".
Peeked in the window that morning to say hi to baby.
Would not allow mother to walk on her own.
Refers to he will go see "the body" in the morgue.
Says he forgives shooter.

The Bleat said...

A couple of people have noted the shifting from "they" to "him" when describing the attackers.

She wants "this boy" to die. In another interview, the boy who she described as "as young as 10" or 5, depending on which article you read, is the boy she offers a very light sentencing suggestion.

I'm wondering if there's a connection between her and the boy she wants dead--meaning, if there was a debt to pay, could it be that there was a set-up? Maybe she was working to get rid of two expenses: the child and a debt.

The Bleat said...

Layla said,"Otherwise, we're talking astronomical coincidence."

I think it's no coincidence that the people who were involved were involved.

CarlaP said...

Layla, I think under any other circumstances OR's theory would point to random mugging turned violent, simple, straightforward. Had I not seen interviews and statements made by the parents, I wouldn't think twice about it. To me, everything about their reaction screams look deeper. Random, awful crimes occur and no one questions it, the difference here is the reaction by the people closest to the victim. Body language analysis, though not a perfect science points to deception. The mimicking crying, the lack of tears is a huge red flag. Two examples of mothers mimicking crying with no tears....Susan Smith and Casey Anthony. SS during the press conferences asking the public for help finding her sons, CA during her trial, constantly pressing her fingers into her eyes and pretending to wipe away tears although there weren't any. Scott Peterson as well. It makes me wonder why the need to mimic the actions of crying when you're not actually crying? The lack of emotion or a flat affect would be less suspicious, but this is someone who is really going out of their way to give the impression of crying...the change in voice, scrunching the face all mimic what happens when you cry, difference is no tears are falling. It comes across as acting, all the facial indicators, yet no genuine emotion is coming through. though like I stated earlier, perhaps its a combination of drugs, mental illness and shock. The insurance question didn't raise red flags with me as there was no context of the conversation. I arranged a family member's cremation and memorial service and the cost was $14,000. The funeral home asked for the life insurance policy, and arranged for the company to pay them directly before proceeding with the cremation and memorial. It could be a possibility that she was asking because the policy was needed to cover the costs of cremation, etc.

The Bleat said...

“We know who; we know when; we know where; and we know how the firearm was hidden, transported and disposed of,” Doering said. “She was part of that and that’s the most I can answer.”

Read more at Jacksonville.com: http://jacksonville.com/news/crime/2013-03-28/story/glynn-police-chief-calls-more-public-help-baby-killing-case#ixzz2OrDO3hLL

Layla said...

Carla--"No genuine emotion is coming through"--I agree! Absolutely.

With the life insurance policy: I don't know how much she paid for his burial. The father said she did not want to see him. She had him cremated and then told them to "dispose" of the ashes.
I agree with you about the lack of tears.
Her "grief" is not palpable, I do not sense it.

I feel you were onto something with the post office and mailing letter being sensitive. The Dad said he stopped by to ask about whether the Mom wanted him to mail a letter before he went shopping with female? neighbor, confuses
whether he drops someone off at TJMaxx or WalMart. Says hi to baby through window although claims to have spoken to Mom.
I wonder what Peter thinks about this case!

The Bleat said...

I'm struck by his wording of "it happened right behind my door."

Also, the post office thing is really out there--it's mentioned very frequently.

Apple said...


Tampering with evidence

Apple said...

it appears they arrested the correct teen...


Layla said...

Bleat--me too.
You would think he would have said "right outside my door".
"Right BEHIND my door" implies a location within his house. The word BEHIND when used with DOOR suggests the location is obstructed or hidden by the door.

Anonymous said...





The Bleat said...

Anonymouse, what about Lane?

CarlaP said...

I noticed both parents make mention several times to what they were doing at the time of the murder....mother repeatedly explaining why she went for a walk, where she was coming from as if there is sensitivity or a need to explain away that detail. They both seem fixated on establishing where they were at the time of the murder and why, as if they were expecting people to question it. I transcribed parts of the video I found interesting.

Apparently the father took Antonio on walks every day. he doesn't "allow" SW to because of some kind of perceived danger and because of her "bad legs". The one day she does, he's shot and killed. The incident happened behind his house.

I've transcribed this as accurately as I could, the elipsis indicate pauses when he's speaking.

Father: You know, I was listening to Steve Harvey show..um...I think on Monday, and in Chicago, you know they got some gangs... and you know everywhere..and they shot a 6 month old, and I says man thank god man I'm not in that category and my son was there playing with me that that morning...and then that Tuesday, or Wednesday, it was, I was one of the statistics....um...that uh..it happened I didn't believe it, I couldn't believe it when I was, got the phone call and sure enough it was. And uh....I said nah, it's not them, and sure enough it was. And uh....

CarlaP said...

Reporter asks where he was and what he thought when he got the call.

Father: Um, I was at Walmart at the time, I was shopping with my neighbor and uh she says Come on Lou, let's go shoppin' and I says uh alright says I'm dropping off Mr. Williams at TJ Maxx, I'll uh drop you off at Walmart, we'll do some shoppin'. So we shoppin' and then my neighbor on the first floor, Nana, she said uh hey I heard of an incident down the block on Ellis and London that someone got shot and it was a little baby involved you know uh a whi...white baby and the mother was white and uh my so neighbor's talkin on the phone and she said quit playing around Nana, uh that's not Lou's family, so she hung up. And then all of a sudden I was on the check out counter and Nana's (?) phone rang and I didn't want to answer it I'm on the line and I don't really want to talk on the line then the phone rang again so I said well lemme, lemme get uh this uh done so well it was the police department and uh that's when uh the call came in and I left everything there and the teller went I'm sorry I have to leave this here (small chuckle)
So uh and then I rode down here, down to the hospital, that's when I seen Sherry West

Reporter: When you first saw Sherry West, what was that like?

Father: Oh, it was terrible. I..I.. uh.. I really.. uh.. uh ..wow..was in shock, I says wow it really is my family....that was involved.. in..in the shooting. And I asked where's my son? And she just cried and says she 'he's dead, he's dead I tried to give him CPR, he had a hole in the back of his head, you know his face...' you know he had the bluest bluest eyes, just beautiful eyes, you know, the most beautiful eyes I've seen. and um...so...they (we? unclear) took em out.

Reporter starts to ask his question, cuts himself off to introduce himself to father, father says How ya doing Nick? Reporter says I'm very sorry for your loss, then continues that he asked the police if the they were looking beyond the two suspects and they (police) said there's nothing they're ruling out in the investigation, is there anything you'd like to say about that?

Father: (long pause) um.....I don't know, I just....uh, like I said I just hope they catch these people. You know, I forgive em, you know. I, you know, but I just...you know, they're gonna have to pay for the consequences, they took a life, they took somebody that I really love, and i was gonna enjoy my life with him and we had plans for college you know and everything (starts to cry)

Reporter: tell us some more about what he was like

Father: He loved to go to the library and he's very very smart little guy, at the age he was um, we'd go to libraries and to the park you know and uh play with his little cars and stuff he loved Mickey Mouse, its um we.......

Reporter: Does he stay with you or...

Father: he stays with his mom, um I stay across the street and uh her mother and uh she's... um she's... kinda sick at times, you know, she'd disabled...(garbled)....

CarlaP said...

Reporter: What's wrong with her?

Father: oh, uh, legs, and back, you know neck, got into a few accidents years ago and uh so I care for her I mean, you know uh.

Reporter: has this family ever suffered any tragedy like this before?

Father: Well yeah, her oldest son, 18 uh Shaun...Glassey, she lived in Jersey, well she was here when it happened

Reporter: How is she doing this morning?

Father: umm, not too well, she's still you know mourning and uh stuff like that you know getting things ready for the crematorium we don't want to have a box because he's you know don't want to see him and uh so....but I want to see him, the morgue, the coroner just called us and said you're welcome to come down and uh start removing the body you know whatever the funeral you want to go...

Reporter: Would Sherry walk the baby every day?

Father: I did. uh uh because she had leg problems... I used to be the one... I was his little teddy bear and clown to play with and uh I walked him and everything and uh...

Reporter: how sick is Sherry?

Father: Uh, she's really sick, she is uh mentally uh having some emotional problems, she has some medication um i have my medications too uh I have my doctors coming down too to uh give me something to calm me down I can't believe my son is gone I asked someone to pinch me yesterday to see if it was a dream but it's not it's reality.

Reporter: When was the last time you saw him?

Father: (talks about seeing Antonio in his crib through the window right before he goes to Walmart to pick stuff up for him) then says "I told him I'm going to pick some stuff for you and I'll be back, that's when she went to the post office you know. And I usually ask her do you need me to go down to the post office or anything cause I was the one that you know that uh I don't care about me... I'll defend myself too you know... and uh she didn't say anything that day.. when I heard the news I was like Oh man, I don't believe it. So yeah uh...

I hope they catch these kids...I don't know if they're schoolkids or like uh ya know...I...I ..like I said I forgive you just
turn yourself in man ya know, you killed an innocent little, little man that I loved but uh it's ok it's ok

The Bleat said...

".I don't know if they're schoolkids or like uh ya know...I...I ..like I said I forgive you"

Because Sherry kept switching between "him" and "they," and then she wants "him" to die...I'm really wondering if this was all planned for DeMarquise.

I'm thinking that DeMarquise did shoot little Antonio, but the way the parents talk raises my eyebrows a bit. Is it possible that the father knew already that DeMarquise wasn't in school--that he was taking GED classes rather than graduating high school?

Jen said...

Hi CarlaP-

Thanks so much for the transcription! I haven't paid much attention to the Dad since the West's statements were so out there...but just quickly reading through there seems to be a lot of sensitivity and explaining away actions. He starts out talking about the Chicago shooting and how it made him think of gangs (paraphrased) and how 'lucky' he was to not be one of the statistics and then on Tues or Wed he was. (He doesn't know what day his baby was killed?)

I've been working on transcription of West's long (9+min interview), and the more I listen, the more convinced I am that she (and now maybe even Dad) were involved in some way!

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