Saturday, April 20, 2013

Billie Dunn To Appear on Radio Program Sunday, April 21, 2013

As difficult as it is to grasp, Billie Jean Dunn, mother and Person of Interest in the disappearance of  her 13 year old daughter, Hailey Dunn, is scheduled to appear tomorrow on a radio program...

as a victim.

Is this a case of lack of discernment?

Is it, in the contrary, a wise move on the part of the radio hosts to get her to speak, so that more information can be gleaned?

Could it be a case where a sociopathic killer pulls the wool of the eyes of those who are incapable of discernment?

What does her attorney think of her appearance?

John Young had released a statement last month, after the remains in Scurry county were found and announced, that Billie Dunn would not be making any media statements.

Dunn then went out and spoke.

Billie Dunn and Shawn Adkins both failed polygraph questions about the involvement and location of Hailey Dunn, and were found to be obsessed with pornography, serial killers, 'slice and dice' killer stories, sexually deviant homicides, as well as involved in drug abuse.  Among the 109,000 deviant images found associated with the two, were images of child pornography and bestiality.  When challenged about the bestiality, she responded "Who hasn't received bestiality on their computer?"

Billie Dunn denied having a computer, though earlier had admitted meeting Adkins on My Space, a social networking site.  Images were found on various devices, including memory discs in her bedroom, and her children's X Box video game player, including "home made" pornography starring Dunn, herself.

There have been no arrests to date, and no one has been charged in the case.

Remains found last month have not been publicly identified as Hailey's, though independent reports say that clothing belonging to a young female were found near the remains.

Should Dunn appear on the program, it is likely to generate much interest with those hoping for justice for Hailey, and Statement Analysis will cover any statements made.

Statement Analysis, or "Scientific Content Analysis" (SCAN) is a scientific system in which truth and deception are determined within words as well as additional content found, principally by careful listening and avoiding interpretation; interpretation a deceptive person is often counting upon.


ME said...

Surely possessing "child pornogrophy"is a crime in itself???? Can't she be arrested for that?

Statement Analysis Blog said...


yes, and I believe that kidnapping and murder charges will be coupled along with possession of child pornography charges.


John Mc Gowan said...

Wow, this is such a surprise,i never thought this would happen in a million years, exaggeration i know,but still..

Seagull said...

If the remains are proven to be Hailey and Billie and Shawn are proven to be guilty in the eyes if the law, then I hope this case can do for Statement Analysis (SCAN) what Terry v Ohio 1968 did for Nonverbal Communication where the Supreme Court acknowledged that non verbal behaviours presage criminality if the behaviours are observed and decoded properly. Would'nt it be amazing if Statement Analysis could be held parallel in law with legal recognition of it's validity. It would be a lasting tribute to Haileys memory.

Anonymous said...

I agree, John. I'm looking forward to hearing it and trying to use the SA principles that Peter has been teaching!

Statement Analysis Blog said...


you are not the first person to say this, and I appreciate it. You're the first to site another case; thank you.

I think that due to the extreme volume of statements made by the mother of the victim, Statement Analysis has been able to richly dive into the case, and be so incredibly accurate as to draw the ire of her defense attorney, even though OTHERS had said the same things, even on TV!

Stay tuned to this case!

Statement Analysis Blog said...


listeners themselves will know. They won't likely need much from me or Kaaryn, as the audience intelligence (in terms of principle) has skyrocketed.

I wonder if the mother will cancel, as she did previously, or if her attorney will attempt to stop her.

Anonymous said...

Seagull, it would certainly be a fitting tribute to Hailey!

Peter, I am only starting out on the journey of learning about Statement Analysis so I always enjoy reading your analyses. You may know, but I'll say it again anyway, that it's only thanks to you that at least some of your audience has that skyrocketing intelligence. Thanks for sharing your knowledge!

Anonymous said...

My gut tells me there will be no arrests and these too monsters will get away with murder.

John Mc Gowan said...

Can i just throw a spanner in the works..

Will she actually follow through with this interview,and her doing so makes me think, she believes that the knock on her door is not going to happen, be for an arrest or to say the remains are not Haileys..

However she is a narcissistic sociopath,so maybe she will..

BostonLady said...

Billie was on the Angel network blog radio show before. They only gave her 10 minutes to speak so it likely won't be a hard hitting interview. She'll most likely do what she always does, mislead and lie and play a victim.

John Mc Gowan said...

Its a wonder she has any room in her mouth,the amount of times she has put her big foot in it..

BostonLady said...

One comment about awareness of Statement Analysis, Janine Driver was on Dr. Drew last week and she mentioned Mark McClish and statement analysis in discerning that Jodi Arias was lying.

Janine is very impressive with her skills of spotting a liar. She has worked with the FBI and does consulting now. She also wrote a book "You Can't Lie To Me". Janine uses body language and statements to determine if someone is lying. She's from the Boston area and is very impressive.

Peter, maybe you can have her on Crime Wire one day? :)

Unknown said...

OT - but I'd love to see some SA on these parents.

Seagull said...


I agree. I'm not sure what its like in the US but in the UK, if new legislation comes into being after a specific event, the law is on occasion named after the person affected ie Clare's law named after Clare Wood. Whatever the outcome of this case, Statement Analysis through Peter's diligence, commitment to justice and excellent, unbiased and insightful teaching has shown time and again to be worthy of the science that it is. It's genius in its simplicity. I'm grateful for all I have learned and continue to learn from this blog and fellow posters. It's a great community that I'm glad to be a part of.

Seagull said...


I have read Janines book and found it very engaging. IYou might also enjoy reading Joe Navarros books on Body Language. They are very reader friendly.

I'm pleased that justice is being brought to bare following the tragic incidents of the last few days in your city. I had the pleasure of going to Boston once and was blessed by how friendly everyone was.

ToughLove said...

I've been reading your blog for about two years. This is my first time posting. Thank you Peter for all the hard work you put into this blog. I have learned so much from statement analysis and I hope to learn much more!

Juliette said...

When I listened to clinical psychologist Dr. Demarte describe Jodi Arias as having borderline personality disorder during Jodi's trial recently, and the various criteria she used to assess BDP, she could also have been describing Billie Dunn.

ME said...

Thanks ;0)

Local anon said...

Billie knows the knock on the door is coming and is narcissistic enough to believe that she can convince us that she knows nothing. And Shawn better watch out for the bus

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry to have to say this, but I have more of a tendency to agree with Anon @ 2:21 than not to agree, that these two will never be brought to justice.

Of COURSE they should be, but how many others have we seen getting away with their crimes these past few years that were never prosecuted? Just in consideration of all the statement analysis that has been handed to LE on a silver plater, not a one of these i.e., the Celisis, Bradley & Irwin, DiPukies, Terri Horman, Baby Ayla's mother and SO many more;

not a single arrest or prosecution for the murder of these children when it is quite obvious to all of us that they are guilty, yet LE couldn't apprehend a one of them, even while holding evidence?

There has already been enough evidence to charge Billie & Shawn for child porn alone if LE had wanted to get them off the streets and perhaps elicit a confession from them in Hailey's disappearance while behind bars. Child porn/rape and video distribution is a very evil crime. No charges, while these two are still walking the streets!

I am not holding my breath that either one of these two will ever serve a day in Hailey's death, OR the illicit child porn, OR on illegal drug charges, no matter how much evidence is handed to LE. Respectfully, Anon 1

Anonymous said...

IFF I'm right; Billie Jean will have to get a facelift and a dermabrasion after this is all over. I'll guarantee you there will be a dumb a$$ sugar daddy or three out there who is more than willing to pay for it. And Shawn will have more sick and disgusting lovers than he ever had before.

But IFF I'm wrong and they land behind bars; too bad, so sad, cry us a river. Anon 1

MN L said...

Anonymous 6:12
Shouldn't your comment state baby Ayla's FATHER not mother? OR are you a Trista Basher?

Anonymous said...

You are right MNL. My mistake. I had addressed the DiPukies in Baby Ayla's case, but was thinking of another missing baby when I referred to Baby Ayla's mother as I did not mean to imply Trista. Sorry, but it was a mistake. Thank you! Anon 1

Anonymous said...

Anon 1, I'm with you. I feel LE has gone out the window with their training and will do uphold the law. LE has changed for the worst in the passed 10 years. They have opened the flood gates to criminals, particularly murders, to get away with it. For fear of "offending" the likes of BD/SA Deborah Bradley/Terri Horman. Yet they can find the Boston bomber in 2 days. Come on... they can arrest if they want to - they're lazy!

Anonymous said...

I have not kept up with the Jodi Aris trial because she disgusted me so much right off the bat that I couldn't stand to waste my time even looking at the woman much less listen to her lies.

She is/was a merciless stalking dangerous freak who deliberately butchered Travis. I don't believe for one minute that he ever abused her. If he had, she could have, and would have walked away from him long ago.

I believe that he lost many a nights' sleep, worried and tried many times to get away from her but she knew exactly how to come back, coo and lay the sex on him. Poor guy. I've known a couple of good men who got caught up in a sex trap like this before and it is just horrible watching them try to get away from a dangerous woman like Jodi Aris. But he's at peace now. God rest his soul. Anon 1

Anonymous said...

SOOO right you are, Anon @ 6:33. He!!, some of the prime LE officials, and even some higher ups, who SHOULD be involved in prosecuting Billie & Shawn could be involved in the child porn, beastiality and raw adult porn themselves for all we know; just as I believe was/is the case in not prosecuting Ronald Cummings in sweet Haleighs' violent death and disappearance. Anon 1

Local anon said...

Anon 1 I also fear they will not be convicted but I do think they willbe arrested as for the porn,IMO the FBI has not been commited. I only hope we can get a jury here who are commited, not the Casey Anthony idiots

newbie said...

OT: Missing woman's husband says he has nothing to do with her disappearance:

(Memphis) The estranged husband of a missing elementary school teacher from Germantown says he has no idea where his wife is.

We spoke to Chris Jones when he showed up at the couple’s divorce hearing Friday, even though Heather Palumbo-Jones was not there.

In court, her attorney called for his arrest.

Completely deadpan, Chris Jones answered questions from reporters about the disappearance of his wife.

“When is the last time you talked to her?” asked Reporter Adam Hammond.

“That would’ve been Monday evening.”

“And how did that go?” asked Hammond.

“It was an upsetting discussion, as many of our discussions as of late are,” said Jones.

Jones admitted to getting into an argument with Palumbo-Jones the night she disappeared, but says he nothing to do with why no one can find her, “I never would put my hands on her. I wanted nothing but reconciliation since the day this started.”

Jones even showed News Channel 3 what he says is the last correspondence he had with his wife.

It’s an email that says, “I cannot face everyone with this. Please forgive me, it is too much. Please raise (the children) to remember me as their loving mommy.”

In court, where our cameras were not allowed, he admitted to faking his wife’s identity in the past.

When she moved out of their Germantown townhouse, he admitted trying to get MLGW to turn back on the lights by using his wife’s name and social security number.

Also on the stand, Jones admitted to recently printed out every single one of his wife’s text messages from her cell phone.

Jones’ own divorce attorney even dropped him as a client after Jones allegedly falsified a letter to Palumbo, pretending to him.

“Basically we had irreconcilable differences,” said William Jones, a divorce attorney.

When it comes to why Palumbo-Jones has vanished, Jones insists he had nothing to do with that, “I just hope she is OK so we can find a way to get through this.”

Even though, on the stand, Jones admitted to breaking a federal law by intercepting his wife’s text messages, the judge said it wasn’t her jurisdiction to have him arrested.
There are a few statements in the above report if anyone had the inclination to analyze his statements. I don't believe him, but I can't articulate why. Thanks in advance.

BostonLady said...

Thank you Seagull! :)

elf said...

Without a body it would be incredibly hard to expect a jury to find a suspect guilty of murder. I believe that the prosecuting attorney for Hailey Dunn's case has been waiting to charge Billie and Shawn with every charge they can to bolster and reinforce the charge of murder. To prosecute them of just child pornography at any point before Hailey is found would be a critical mistake, in my opinion. They could not use that evidence in a murder trial if Billie and/or Shawn were already convicted of possession of child pornography. A person cannot be convicted of the same charge twice.
Kyron, Haileigh C., Dylan, baby Ayla and baby Lisa have to this date never been found. We all know what we think happened. We all know who the police think/know perpetrated the crimes against these chikdren. But this is America folks. After the Casey Anthony trial every prosecutor in America is going to want to be 100% positive the jury will have not a shred of reasonable doubt. Like I said- double jeopardy.
As to Jodi Arias- I have no doubt that she will be convicted of the crime of murder. No matter her flimsy excuse, she still CONFESSED TO MURDER. Any person on a jury has seen on TV or read about the term 'over kill' I would imagine. Stabbed, sliced, AND shot is over kill. Even if Travis did attack Jodi its still over kill.

MN L said...

Anon 1:
No problem. I may have come across a bit too strong and /or snarky. Didn't mean to.

Like many I have a love for all children mine or otherwise and have a real hard time with those who do not count their blessings everyday.

I deal with two selfish , narcisstic mothers of my grandchildren and know how little the court system puts the child first and what is best. neither should have their children...

Anonymous said...

I liked what Kaaryn said on Crime Wire about interviews and appropriate questioning techniques. She wasn't nearly as upset as PH was about it and indicated that it was even necessary to withhold asking hard questions in order to ensure she speaks where analysis can be done. I have said that in defense of reporters many times. Evidently its true because they keep getting interviews and others who have been direct barely got two sentences to analyze. Without soft questions for BJD, which keeps her talking, you wouldn't have anything to analyzing. I catch the enuendos in your writing demeaning the strategies used by the reporters and quite frankly I'm tired of it. Don't use their work then, any of it, if you have such problems. They are not the ones on trial.

Gambler said...

It would be interesting to hear what BJD has to say. I'm on the fence though on whether she will go through with it. Logically,she won't, she'd be crazy to go on. Going on history though, I think there's a good chance she will, especially if she's involved. BJD has shown before she's going to do what she wants, if she were to back out she'd be going against what she originally wanted, in other words she be admitting she was wrong to agree in the first place. She likes to talk and if she's in anyway guilty she'll want to talk some more, trying to convince people she's not involved, possibly throw more suspicion Shawns way.

pointhunter said...

Well that was short

Anonymous said...

How convenient for BD that there would be insurmountable technical difficulties on the day she is to appear.

Anonymous said...

Years ago I had a hard time excepting that a parent could murder her child but look how many Mothers do just that! I believe that BD was jealous of Hailey, maybe they had a fight that got out of control and the Mother being on drugs lost all control. Maybe SA was raping her? Maybe BA caught them and blamed Hailey. Regardless of how it happened, it happened and I believe both and SA killed that child and he dumped the body the next day.
I have never seen that woman cry one real tear, she uses a tissue to wipe like she's crying but there are no tears.
It is my opinion that they both think they have gotten away with this murder. I also believe that they both think a Lawyer can protect them from being questioned and arrested because so far they have not even had a smack on their grubby little demented hands!

I want them both to get the chair, not the needle. The needle is too easy! I want them both to suffer as I know that little girl had to have suffered. Finally I want Satan to pull them right down to hell!

Anonymous said...

Elf, there have been murder convictions with no body. It is hard but it's possible. I would convict then both of murder in a heartbeat!

BostonLady said...

I think that Peter was stating that it would be helpful if the reporters had some training in statement analysis and would ask more open ended questions. Some of the reporters did ask some of the more open ended questions where Billie would use her free editing process. But there were others who asked yes/no questions and actually led the answer for her. There were also places where the reporter could have come back with a follow up question but rather just moved on to another question.

It's not just West Texas reporters that do not always ask the best questions. It's throughout the industry. For statement analysis, the investigator can get more from a question of "Tell me about your childhood" rather than "When growing up did your father abandon you"

As I learn more about statement analysis, I can better see when a reporter is leading the person being interviewed, rather than letting them tell the story.


Anonymous said...

Thank you Bostonlady. Do you know where we might find the interview that Peter did of which he spoke of on his page? I realize you are from Boston but I am hoping someone has a link. Thank you.

Randie said...

So was she or was she not on the radio today???

Question said...

@ Seagull and Peter
Statement Analysis could be held parallel in law with legal recognition of it's validity

what percentage does the role of statement analysis play in any case?

pointhunter said...

she was, however they has technical difficulties and had to stop the show.