Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Muslim Bombers: Religious Motive Reported by AP

BOSTON (AP) -- The two brothers suspected of bombing the Boston Marathon appear to have been motivated by a radical brand of Islam but do not seem connected to any Muslim terrorist groups, U.S. officials said Monday after interrogating and charging Dzhokhar Tsarnaev with crimes that could bring the death penalty.
Tsarnaev, 19, was charged in his hospital room, where he was in serious condition with a gunshot wound to the throat and other injuries suffered during his attempted getaway. His older brother, Tamerlan, 26, died Friday after a fierce gunbattle with police.
The Massachusetts college student was charged with using and conspiring to use a weapon of mass destruction. He was accused of joining with his brother in setting off the shrapnel-packed pressure-cooker bombs that killed three people and wounded more than 200 a week ago.
The brothers, ethnic Chechens from Russia who had been living in the U.S. for about a decade, practiced Islam.
Two U.S. officials said preliminary evidence from the younger man's interrogation suggests the brothers were motivated by religious extremism but were apparently not involved with Islamic terrorist organizations.


kea said...

This reminds me of the Muslim fall guys on controlled demolition 9-11.

What was the religion of the real masterminds of these false flags? Now that would be interesting to analyze.

Not usually Anon said...

I do not understand how these two males could be so "pro-islam" they decide to go jihad all on their own-somes,.....yet the elder male married an American woman and had a child with her, and the younger actually went through getting a U.S. citizenship. That seems weird to me, like they were trying to become the infidels they supposedly so despised.

shmi said...

My take on this is that if they were not involved with any radical Islamic group, then the religion itself must condone (or even demand) the killing of innocent people.

Anonymous said...

There is no evidence of how #2 came up with the money for his lavish spending. I agree with Kea.

Peter, it's clear you hate Islam/ Muslims.

veruca said...

Its clear islam\muslims hate anyone who isn't

dadgum said...

The family came here and claimed asylum, and was immediately granted social security cards, welfare, etc..not like others wishing to enter the country. The father was said to ear for his life after being beaten by 'Russians'.
1.Where does the father live now?
2.Where is his check deposited?
3. Oldest son went to see him in Russia for 6 mos, Russians reported him to FBI.
I think Dad and the whole family need to be looked at carefully.
Mom has also gone back to her country of abuse with her auto deposit.

Anonymous said...

Anon @ 8:40, it's clear that you are prejudiced against Peter. WRONG, Peter is against how the Islamic Muslims treat their women and children under the guise of worshiping and praying to their false god; stripped of all rights and dignity. But I guess you've never looked into that, eh?

And PULeeze, don't come back defending their "religious rights". Jesus told us AND them): "Thou shalt not kill", just as Moses had written the commandments on the tablets from God centuries earlier.

NO ONE can claim any kind of christianity and go killing, or ordering innocent people killed, for ANY reason. I'm sure they don't ALL kill but some of them most certainly do and claim it as their justice for God. "God" who?

Thank you for the research, Dadgum.

Anon 1

dadgum said...

I actually have a DIL who has jumped through hoops to stay in the US, despite being married to a citizen, [parenting a citizen, educated, employed, homeowner....

Also have in the family some here on asylum. Not one works. All on SS, free tuition, healthcare, etc, etc, etc..they are all adults, 5 of them. One came here mentally ill and went straight onto SSI..at 25. All travel freely to their abusive country of origin on multiple passports, reporting makes no difference.

I feel we will eventually hear that the bombers' family committed fraud, shoplifted, insurance fraud..because that s what I am finding many of the 'asylum' families do. Because we owe them, it is all free, and they have been treated badly..and so are not punished.

Anonymous said...

Islam does hate. Anyone who is not Islamic and does not follow Allah is an infidel. They hate infidels. If you don't believe that, study Islam. I don't hate Muslims, but I do not and will not embrace the lie that Islam is peaceful and good. They want to kill me.

Statement Analysis Blog said...

We act upon what we believe.

Islam teaches the subjugation of the "infidel" via force and imposition of order.

It is a religion that is directly opposed to the freedoms we now enjoy.

Since 9/11, beginning with George Bush, we have had a steady diet of "pro islam" agenda, beginning with "terrorists hijacked a peaceful religion"

1. Tell that to a Jew.
2. That he had to use the word "peaceful" itself, shows sensitivity.

I don't worship at the altar of tolerance. Those who do must be confronted with gross things such things as "GSA" and rights for pedophiles.

Tolerance must be sober-minded.

It was very important to our country's founders that any idiot could stand in the town circle and talk down the king, if he was so disposed.

People may find religions annoying, but there is no other religion which teaches "rewards" for killing.

We do not find Hasidic Jews or Presbyterians strapping themselves with bombs.

Profiling existed to help law enforcement.

If terrorists are all short, stocky, ruddy and look like me, and I get delayed at an airport so that thousands of others can be kept safe, let me bear the delay with dignity, and put the welfare of others before my own convenience.

This goes back to our civility which is in short supply today.


dadgum said...



This author knew the family..

Statement Analysis Blog said...

As to "hate":

I hate the teachings of Islam.

I also hate those who planted a bomb next to an 8 year old boy, in the name of "allah" and walked away.

As to "Islamaphobia", I am afraid of Islam's teachings and how Islam can use our freedoms against it. I fear what it can do to society, and what it can do to my daughters, and other women of who's welfare is important to me.

My tolerance is not extended to watching what they do to a society and what they do to women. I am intolerant of their hatred of life.

Can you be just a bit more tolerant of my intolerance?


Anonymous said...

Dadgum & Anon @ 9:52, I'm sorry to say, but I'm afraid you are both right. For a long time I wanted to give them the benefit of the doubt, thinking maybe they just had the name of this "Allah God" mixed up and didn't really understand who/what they were following.

But now, I've come to know more about them and there is no more turning a blind eye to their OWN infidel beliefs that are straight from the devil, and no more making excuses for their lack of understanding.

I've even heard christian televangelists making excuses for them and telling their blind followers they must accept them with open arms and forgiveness. Oh, Really? There aren't any excuses, nor is there any rationale for their evil. These are evil and dangerous beliefs they follow and practice, and NOT from a loving and just God. Anon 1

Unknown said...

Anonymous at 9:13, false God? You obviously are ignorant, take a religion course or study up please. Islam is practiced throughout the world and not every Muslim is an extremist or terrorist.

Anonymous said...

Peter! Words escape me.

YEAH for you and your telling it like it REALLY is!! Your two posts above are some of your best well-thought out posts EVER.

For you; a standing ovation, applause and hats off!

Anon 1

Fern said...

Once upon a time I thought Islam was a "cute" religion. No more.

I cannot respect ANY faith that holds the tenants of jihad and sharia. I cannot respect any faith that calls me an "infidel" for being a non-believer. I cannot respect any faith that condones heinous crimes against women and girls. I cannot respect any faith that wants to kill me in the name of Allah.

I never thought I would be frightened by a particular faith...Islam changed all that.

Anonymous said...

NeaT, I have been studying "religion" since I was a mere infant, three to four times a week, stepped away for a few years in adulthood and came back to it approx 30 years ago. The voice of God's holy word and his teachings are the most important thing in my life. They are wisdom, knowledge, understanding, and so much more.

YOU are the one who needs to get down on your knees with your Holy Bible and learn about the REAL God and THEN you will be able to discern a false God.

God have mercy on your lack of knowledge is all I have to say. Poor soul.

Having said THAT, I am not going to keep up a running argument with you all day today. You'll just have to learn for yourself how God WARNS us of false gods, their destruction leading to death, and idol worship. Best wishes. Anon 1

ME said...

Islam = hatred.I HATE "them".

Anonymous said...

Well said Fern. I could never have said it any better, or as well.

It's their women, little girls and all their children, and the way they are treated, that breaks my heart. Little boys made into killing machines while they continue to dominate and abuse their own mothers and sisters and all Islamic women; all at their command. And they, or we can't do a thing about it.

Anon 1

Unknown said...

You may been studying one religion, it's obvious in your words. I will not argue with someone so ignorant. Peter I really like your blog, however your hatred towards Islam is deep. The recent posts are a bit extreme.

dadgum said...

I have been a bit distracted by healthcare issues of late..a couple of points before I toddle off.

The dangers of 'false gods' is not that they are the opposite of God, or appear as evil. A 'false god' draws believers in, with promises and good feelings, appealing to something inside each one. An interesting documentary that points this out is "Kumare'". It's on Netflix and I think Sundance.

We all use profiling. Every day. It's the way we accomplish things. Can you imagine applying the TSA method to finding a certain size washer in a hardware store? Ask every 10th person (young, old, men, women, babies too) about washers? Why not look for the vest, hat..age..whatever indicates a likely employee? You'll be there a while, and might even make a few people angry.

Unknown said...

I am not a Muslim by the way and don't tell me what you think I should do. Hypocrite.

BostonLady said...

Islamic Muslim terrorists do not value any life BUT their own. There is no way the 2 brothers acted completely on their own. I do not believe our government is going to admit this is bigger than just those two because it would cause panic and they do not want to deal with that on top of continuing to hunt down the network of scumbags. The younger brother drove over his own brother in trying to escape from the Boston police. How's that for valuing life?

Peter, you said everything I feel in your posts. Thank you. I was one of many flying on 9/11 and this came much too close, especially with two of the planes coming right out of Boston. Now this attack at the Marathon has brought it all back. There were many lives lost from Boston on 9/11. Flight attendants, pilots and passengers. All innocents used in the twisted, sick name of a hate-filled religion.

There were no "controlled" explosions as Nea T tried to allude to above. There were real lives lost on 9/11. There is no excuse for any of it. And anyone who makes an excuse or supports what happened should be immediately removed from this country and made to go live among the terrorists.

Anonymous said...

How do you know I'm a hypocrite? Can you get inside my head? Don't think so! Only JESUS can do that.

NO, I'm not perfect; but STILL He walks and talks with me everyday, comforts me and lets me sleep at night. Has his angels at my side, they go before me, behind me, beside me, above me and below my feet. Always shining a light for me. HE awakens me in the mornings and we start a new day together.

Can you say the same? Would you be proud to say the same or would you even whisper his Holy Name when you need guidance, comfort, a friend, a loved one? No dear, I am not a hypocrite, I am SO glad to have Him in my life, in my heart, in my home. I hope you find this same peace and comfort someday. God bless. Anon 1

Nic said...

Peter said: If terrorists are all short, stocky, ruddy and look like me, and I get delayed at an airport so that thousands of others can be kept safe, let me bear the delay with dignity, and put the welfare of others before my own convenience.

Interesting that you reference airport security, Peter. Travellers can become so impatient/indignant when having to take their shoes off, of if they are "targeted" for further search, etc. because they are "white"/"old"/etc. None of us have any idea what Security is on alert for and it is with our safety in mind when they exercise their due diligence. What many fail to recall is that, in addition to themselves, the extremists, have zero problem strapping a bomb to the disabled, babies, women, women impersonating nuns, etc. Remember, these extremists hid in schools (behind children) knowing that the westerners would be reviled for the "collateral damage" (children) if they even dared attack them.

Radical islamists are manipulative, conniving and evil and not to be trusted. They "infiltrate" our culture to blend in in order to terrorize us. It's that simple. They are here in order to control and conquer. Instilling fear is their m.o. If security wants to pat me down and/or put me in the "x-ray" machine, I happily comply.

Fern said...

As global jihad continues across the world, people are seeing "the religion of peace" for what it really is...a terrorist network.

Nea T...I agree. No one should be advising another on religious matters (tsk tsk Anon 1). But that is exactly what Islam does...the message "convert or die" is embedded in each and every terror attack.

Remember...the Tsarnaev brothers only spared the life of the carjacking victim because he wasn't "American."

That chills me.

Anonymous said...

Boston Lady, I have to agree, there is more to this story than just these two brothers acting alone.

For one thing, it takes money for these two to survive and live as they were doing, much more than little gov'mt monthly checks. For another, They had already been under the FBI radar since around 2011, yet managed to pull this off? All by themselves?

Like you, I'm not buying into this latest FBI story!

I'm really sorry you and everyone else in Boston who had to go thru this horrible thing all over again, much like your fears and anguish during 911. And SO sorry for those who lost their lives and so many others suffering such grotesque injuries and loss of limbs.

HOW could anyone do such an evil thing? OR WHY? I will never ever understand this kind of distorted, hatred and warped state of mind. Not in a million years.

Anon 1

Nic said...

I forgot to mention that there is a difference between cultural muslims (peaceful) and religious muslims (radical extremists). It's the later I'm talking about above.


Anonymous said...

Mohammad was a fraud. All religions are not created equal. Mohammad witnessed about himself. How's that going for all the psychopaths we read about here?

I can't take Islam seriously. Its followers are either innocent fools, like half of Obama's followers, or they are filled with hatred and vengeance, like the other half of Obama's followers.

Fern said...

Anon 1...I'm thrilled that you have a strong faith that sustains you. We are not all wired to be religious, and I hope you can respect that. Faith is very personal. Not one size fits all.

I agree with your position re: Islam, but I cringe when ANY religion is "pushed" or "promoted."

I don't think that is your intention. At least I hope not...

Wishing you a blessed day.

Anonymous said...

Fern, I accept your words with the graciousness in which you wrote them; however, had no one ever told me that I "needed" to turn back to Jesus when I was at the end of myself and my own self-serving lifestyle, with no place or anyone else to turn too, then I might never have thought to do it. I am just thankful that I had the free will and presence of mind to do so.

I was only defending being called a hypocrite, wouldn't you? And why shouldn't I? Nuff said. Anon 1

Anonymous said...

Peter, I have to say, I love this blog, and have been reading it for some time now, but I am surprised how dumb some of your readers are. Anyone who comes here regularly to learn from your posts must love the truth, mustn't they? So how can they be so dumb as not to see the sensitivity in calling Islam a "peaceful religion"? How can they be so dumb as not to see the truth? Who are you people reading this blog who continue to defend lies? Have you learned nothing? I don't get it. Why do you come here?

Anonymous said...

Excellent post, Anon @ 11:39. Anon 1

Fern said...

Thank you, Anon 1. My comment was intended to be kind and gracious, and I'm glad you took it in the tone intended...I merely had a visceral reaction. Suggesting one turn to Jesus is not far from suggesting one turn to Allah. Promoting a particular faith is just a personal turn-off for me.

HA! I now have a deeper understanding why politics and religion are considered taboo subjects for casual conversation!

I'm glad we can agree that Islam is problematic. Sadly, I see no easy solution.

Unknown said...

I did not say anything about explosions, hello. I was talking about Islam the religion in itself. Do not put words in my post.

Child Advocate said...

Why is it people would rather believe our government planned explosions on 9/11, rather than some twisted hijackers using planes? If I lived in a country that I thought would be capable of that, I would move! That's the great thing about America, you have the freedom to talk against our government and spout endless conspiracies without consequence. I shake my head in wonder at the tin foil hat wearing conspiracy theorists. While I do not believe in everything our government does, such as authorizing drone attacks on US citizens, I will never believe they planned and executed 9/11 to further some agenda. I am from NY, I lost a dear friend and a neighbor on 9/11, you insult them and their loved ones when you deny the truth of their deaths. It was extremist terrorists, not the US goverment.

BostonLady said...

Nea T, I apologize. It was Kea who posted the "controlled explosions".

So sorry !!

Light The Way said...


I get the distinction you are attempting to make versus "cultural" and "extremist" muslims, BUT:

I wouldn't label ANY culture that treats half it's population as less than human (in some case less than ANIMALS) as "peaceful".

The treatment of women/girls in "cultural Islam" is abohrrent.
It may be the LESS violent of the two, but I'd hardly elevate it beyond barbaric, by even gracing it with the label of "culture", in the first place.


Fern said...

Light the Way...I agree.

The term "moderate Muslim" is an oxymoron. When you embrace Islam, you embrace the tenets of jihad and sharia. These concepts are the foundation of Islam.

The Qur'an is clear in its teachings. Islam is an inflexible faith. You cannot be "a little bit" Muslim. Allah would disapprove.

Excruciating Headache said...

Tolerance of intolerance is cowardice. England and France have been quite tolerant of Islam until recently and look where it's gotten them. So many Americans support the idea of the United States adopting Christianity as the official religion. They should remember two things: 1. The founding fathers left England because of its state religion. 2. Theocracies in southwest Asia have some of the lowest standards of living in the world.

All religions were created equal. It just so happens that Islam has failed to evolve beyond Old Testament eye-for-an-eye thinking. As for the term "islamophobia" - it's not really a phobia if you have a good reason to be afraid.

Oh, and conspiracy theorists are almost as dangerous as religious zealots.

Anonymous said...

Evil muslims

dogwood said...

Speaking of tolerance, I misread the title of this as "Muslim Bombers: Religious Motive Supported by AP!"

Anonymous said...

creepy mother had stronghold on favorite older brother. got him deeper into Islam to keep him away from "chasing girls". Their obsessive co-dependence made him nuts --- channeled it into voilence in the name of religion/politics.

Anonymous said...

""1. Tell that to a Jew.""

Tell Jews what? That's you're a blind partisan hack that wants to murder all Muslims to "defend" Israel?

Don't speak for Jews you fucking piece of shit antisemite

Nic said...

Anon 11:39, in future, save the mid-life adolescence bullying and direct your comment to whom it was intended. If you don't agree with an opposing opinion, use your intelligence and state yours. Otherwise, save [it].

Light The Way, I see what you're saying as well. I live in a multicultural society. There is *a lot* of negativity associated with *many* cultures in my country, not just Muslim. Looking within your own, you have the Timothy McVeighs. Is it fair for you to be painted with the same brush? My point is that I don't like to paint a whole society/culture with the same brush just as I don't like to be painted with a certain brush because I am Catholic and believe in God.

The treatment of women/girls in "cultural Islam" is abohrrent.

Yes and there are many first generation, assimilated muslim girls and immigrant women living in my country (and yours) enjoying freedom because their parents didn't agree with it, either.

jmo as unpopular as it is.

Nic said...

What is happening in my country, Canada, today:

Toronto imam who came forward with concerns about al-Qaeda-linked terror plot wants to stay anonymous


Anonymous said...

Well, tsk! Tsk! The two bros who killed three and maimed countless others did not have gun licenses! Will wonders never cease!

Lis said...

My grandfather's family was slaughtered by the Muslims in Armenia, his whole city was destroyed while he was away. That is how he came to move to the U.S., he came here and started over.

The violence of Islam is nothing new. Many Muslims are peaceful people but the religion itself teaches conversion through coercion, and that leads to atrocities.

Lis said...

Nea T said...

You may been studying one religion, it's obvious in your words. I will not argue with someone so ignorant. Peter I really like your blog, however your hatred towards Islam is deep. The recent posts are a bit extreme.

I don't get this comment. The post is just a reprint of an AP article.


Lis said...

Here is an article about the Armenian genocide and Islam, for anyone who is interested and curious about history.


You know what they say, those who do not learn from history are doomed to repeat it. Therefore, it is important to know what has happened before your time.

Lis said...

Dadgum, you nailed it:


Anonymous said...

I haven't checked into the blog for the past week because I am in MA and have been so upset about the Marathon bombings. I have siblings in the city and it has just been a terrible time for MA as well as the whole country.
Last night I was reading an article talking about the younger bomber's tweets he put out before and after the bombing. I noticed that one of them, to me, sounds remarkably similar in terms of its content to one of the lines in the ricin letters.
So, could people here please look at these two things?
The younger bomber tweeted at 12:34 am the night after the bombing "There are people that know the truth but stay silent & there are people that speak the truth but we don't hear them cuz they're the minority"

One of the lines from the ricin letter is "To see a wrong and not expose it, is to become a silent partner in its continuance."

So, this tweet came out approximately 24-48 hours before the ricin letter news came out.

What I am asking is are these not the same thought conveyed slightly differently?

It seems the family was obssessed with thinking that the government staged 9/11 to make people hate Muslims.

I feel these bombers are likely behind the ricin letters. It seems too coincidental that the thought contained in the tweet and the ricin letter seem to be the same thought worded differently.

Anonymous said...

Nic said:

"Looking within your own, you have the Timothy McVeighs"

Really? The Timothy McVeighs? Would that be the G. Timothy Mcveighs or the M Timothy McVeighs? I didn't realize it was a whole family. Exactly how many are there? A broad brush, indeed.

"Is it fair for you to be painted with the same brush? My point is that I don't like to paint a whole society/culture with the same brush just as I don't like to be painted with a certain brush because I am Catholic and believe in God."

Much in the same way members of the NRA don't like to be painted with the same broad brush? Or conservatives? Or Republicans? Face it, the only people you allow to be painted by the same broad brush are people who don't believe what you believe.

It's too bad the Catholic Church is so divided. Perhaps ypu should try a different church? And then you won't mind being lumped in with your brothers and sisters in Christ?

Anonymous said...

I believe the shoplifting charge the mother received is part of the terrorist activity. She could sell the high end clothes she was trying to steal on ebay, then have cash.

Unknown said...

I was writing to an anonymous blogger not Peter Hyatt himself. I know it's just an article yeah. I meant to say I like Peter Hyatts statement analysis posts. He is very intelligent, but I think his comments on the article are extreme against Islam.

Fern said...

Nea T...comments extreme against Islam?

I think bombing innocent citizens at the Boston Marathon is extreme. I think ambushing and assassinating an MIT police officer is extreme. I think having to close down Boston and surrounding areas (a loss of $350 million dollars, by the way) is extreme. This was Islamic terrorism...it is violent and unpredictable.

I didn't wake up one morning and say on a lark "hey, I don't like Islam or Muslims."

I live in MA. April 15 was personal. I'm angry.


Anonymous said...

Fern--I live in MA too. My sister lives right down the street from the first shootout. I know how you feel. It feels so personal. I remember as a kid my Mom brought us to the finish line to watch my Dad finish running tge Boston Marathon. My heart breaks for those innocent people killed and maimed by the bombs.
My feeling is that these 2 men are very evil people. The younger one fits the profile of a sociopath. The older one seems to have been brutally violent both in the boxing ring, towards his wife, and also cnn just put up a story that they are now investigating whether he is responsible for the 2011 murder of one of his best friends and 2 other men. I feel these 2 latched onto Islam and the extremist version of jihad as an outlet for their evil and violence. I don't think Islam made them that way. We are talking about sociopaths here. The younger brother bombed all those people, went back to his dorm, slept, went to a party, worked out at the school gym. This is an individual with no conscience. This is a sociopath if ever there was one.

Fern said...

" I don't think Islam made them that way. We are talking about sociopaths here."

Anonymous 10:25...I welcome this discussion.

Islamic extremists or sociopaths? Sort of like what came first, the chicken or the egg?

Sociopaths litter our Commonwealth. Hell...I was once married to one. A lone sociopath doesn't close down Boston. This was serious, and the risk was great.

Dzhokhar, from his hospital bed, confirms this was inspired from Islam.

I stand in solidarity with you...it was a rough week for all of us here in MA.

Here's to the healing!

Nic said...

Anonymous said...

Nic said:

"Looking within your own, you have the Timothy McVeighs"

Really? The Timothy McVeighs? Would that be the G. Timothy Mcveighs or the M Timothy McVeighs? I didn't realize it was a whole family. Exactly how many are there? A broad brush, indeed.

And here is the rest of the quote you chose to ignore...

Is it fair for you to be painted with the same brush?


My point is that I don't like to paint a whole society/culture with the same brush just as I don't like to be painted with a certain brush because I am Catholic and believe in God.

Note rhetorical question and point.

Catholic Church is so divided.

I didn't say/report that the Church was divided. Without getting into what I believed were obvious specifics, I was referencing catholic vs protestant (Ireland) or agnostic/atheist vs christians.

Face it, the only people you allow to be painted by the same broad brush are people who don't believe what you believe.

Taking into account what I wrote (and you referenced) this doesn't even make sense.

And then you won't mind being lumped in with your brothers and sisters in Christ?

Thank you for reiterating my point.

Individually or collectively (I'm referencing a group such as the IRA/KKK/al Qaeda, etc. NOT A WHOLE SOCIETY/CULTURE) imo, the only person/group who can be held accountable for any action taken in the name of whatever cause and/or belief is the entity itself NOT the nation.

Anonymous said...

Fern--Hugs to you--it has been such a rough week here in MA.
Certainly these 2 bombers latched onto extremist Islam. The younger brother, though, I get the feeling, is not genuinely religious but rather did the bombing out of simply a ddesire to hurt other people out of pure sociopathy. There is a picture of him turning the corner after the bombing cool as a cucumber with a slight smirk on his face. I don't buy that he was brainwashed by the
older brother. The older brother seems to have been the
"religious" one. Now the uncle is saying one of his friends "brainwashed" him. Extremist Islam is without doubt a dangerous thing. We were in MA--we felt it--these were 2 very evil young men.