Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Hailey Dunn Case: Who Seeks First Deal?

As we await word on the remains found last month in Scurry County, an interesting discussion has arisen.

Assume for a moment that the remains are those of missing 13 year old Hailey Dunn, do you believe that arrests will precede any announcement from the District Attorney's office or the FBI?

This point has not been lost on commentators who have been following the case since in broke in late December, 2010.

Arrest warrants sworn out and executed, the only two named Persons of Interest in Hailey's disappearance, Shawn Adkins and Billie Dunn, are brought in and given the opportunity to sit, waiting for the news to break, gaining, perhaps, a 24 hour period of time in which they are left wondering if the other will request to speak to prosecutors.

Who makes the first deal?                         Your opinion?  This has been debated many times, but with the remains found near the route that Shawn Adkins took from his home to work, it is time to re-poll readership.

Choice #1.  Shawn Adkins.

Adkins' family may feel that he was manipulated by the older, more intelligent, sophisticated Billie Jean Dunn, of whom they had always known, would bring no good to their son.  With the family obtaining their own attorney, they have had success in getting him to stay out of the spotlight, and if possible, might be able to continue with their success in getting him to testify against Billie Dunn in exchange for concessions that might keep him both safe in prison, and allow him to get mental health treatment.

Would a contributing factor be the insults Billie Dunn has heaped upon him? Or, is there a, wink-wink, deal of trading insults, but only so far?  He was called "mentally retarded" by her...something not pleasant.

He also has more to lose because he goes to Texas prison as a pedophile.  Could this be a strong driving factor?  Couldn't his family seek a deal that protects him, in exchange for an accurate account of what happened, along with the location of all the remains?

He is a fearful individual and will want protective custody.

He may figure that he is going down, in any case, why not throw her, head first, under the bus?

Choice #2.  Billie Dunn.

In viewing the words of attorney John Young from March 2012, any work on his part to get her to "cooperate" with law enforcement will be met with the lethal combination of arrogance and ignorance; as she defies him, defies prosecutors, and defies anyone who dare challenge her veracity.

Dunn has antognozied the public in the way Adkins did to the police.  Whereas Adkins said things such as "look at the two of us" and "yeah, I threatened Billie, but I also threatened Hailey and Clint..." and "you should look in Scurry County", these were short, perhaps "one off" defiant comments where he appeared to taunt police.

We did not see, first hand, this attitude in the few television/radio appearances he made.  In fact, he came across as distant, and more careful over his words, giving the commonly deceptive answer that he "would never harmed that little girl..." only.

It has been Dunn who has antagonized the public with her outrageous claims including that the "snake" and "devil" rigged the polygraph results, and that police conspired with the FBI due to not wanting to search.

Young announced that Dunn would not be making any statements in March 2013, but she did, anyway.

The habitual liar does not take kindly to challenges, and like Casey Anthony, we may see Billie Din demanind on going to trial, reminiscent of Casey Anthony walking down the hallway to her "office", step by step relying upon that lying mind of hers to come up with a last minute 'hail mary' pass to get out out of hot water.

Liars are defiant because of the contempt factor:  having been successful since childhood, liars become very used to getting "one over" on the parent, school teacher, local cop, boyfriends, and so on, and fully expect to "get away with it" with a jury.

Narcissism aside, she may just enjoy the show of a trial, and have enough confidence in her own ability to turn a phrase "we weren't not thinking about not having no party over no dead body while not searching for no one..."

Casey Anthony enjoyed her time in the courtroom:  Her body language did not lie as her tongue had done so often.

In her favor is the victim status among abused women:  her attorneys can play her as the abused woman, even telling accounts from childhood that formed her, and she can blame Adkins for scaring her into silence...


Jen said...

Hi Anon-

I've always thought the earring was planted by BJD/SA to support their story that Hailey went to Clint's house before she disappeared. That's would explain why Billie kept referencing it on NG. She was trying to reinforce her story and also make CLINT the last parent to see Hailey, so he would share responsibility for her whereabouts.

(If I remember, BJD said Hailey just got the earrings for Christmas...so it seems like BJD was hoping the earring being found in Clint's house would lead LE to look at Clint. It would also suggest that Hailey was alive to wear the earrings and support BJD's story that Hailey 'told' SA she was going over to her Dad's, and then to a sleep over).

So again, I think the earring was planted by BJD/SA to support their story, and they did their best to make it a major issue, but LE didn't bite.

Hack said...

Men who kill and or rape children do not have it easy in prison. Even inmates have children, and the thought of doing something like that to a child makes most of them angery. Shawn will roll on BD as soon as he feels he is going to prison. He will implicate here and plea bargain some deal.

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