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Texas Death Penalty Information

10 Women are on Death Row - including - DARLIE ROUTIER, she has been incarcerated since: 1996  - link ( all women are in different counties, different facilities spread out - this gonna be Lonely for Billie )- 

5 out of 10 are incarcerated for killing a " Minor" 

both of them and anyone else who was co-hort within Hailey's demise - is in big Boo Boo Trouble 

Texas Capital Offenses:

The following crimes are Capital Murder in Texas: 
  • there is a LIST - Yahoo doesn't like " Words" - that are on the list 
  • murder during the commission or attempted commission of kidnapping, burglary, robbery, aggravated s*xual assault, arson, obstruction or retaliation, or terr*ristic threat;
Youngest: ol Shawn boy is 27 ...........youngest 24

Don't Mess with TEXAS - I get it - " 3" to go in May alone- ......buh bye 

Scheduled Executions

Scheduled ExecutionLinkLast NameFirst NameTDCJ NumberDate of BirthRaceDate ReceivedCounty
05/07/2013Offender InformationParrCarroll99947910/18/1977B06/04/2004McLennan
05/15/2013Offender InformationWilliamsJefferey99935012/16/1975B03/29/2000Harris
05/21/2013Offender InformationPruettRobert99941109/18/1979W04/30/2002Bee
06/12/2013Offender InformationChesterElroy99928006/14/1969B08/26/1998Jefferson
06/26/2013Offender InformationMcCarthyKimberly99928705/11/1961B12/07/1998Dallas
07/10/2013Offender InformationAvila, Jr.Rigoberto99939108/05/1972H07/19/2001El Paso
07/16/2013Offender InformationQuintanilla, Jr.John99949112/09/1976H12/08/2004Victoria
07/18/2013Offender InformationRossVaughn99942909/04/1971B10/01/2002Lubbock
07/31/2013Offender InformationFeldmanDouglas99932606/19/1958W09/22/1999Dallas
09/19/2013Offender InformationGarzaRobert99946605/15/1983H12/18/2003Hidalgo
09/26/2013Offender InformationDiazArturo99934512/27/1975H02/22/2000Hidalgo

Youngest at Time of Execution:

NameCountyTDCJ NumberAgeExecution Date
Jay PinkertonNueces6862405/15/1986
Jesse De La RosaBexar7132405/15/1985
Toronto PattersonDallas9991782408/28/2002

Shortest Time on Death Row prior to Execution:

NameCountyTDCJ NumberTime on Death RowExecution Date
1.Joe GonzalesPotter999177252 days09/18/1996
2.Steven RenfroHarrison999229263 days02/09/1998


Anonymous said...

Thank you Peter for all your hard work.
Have you ever done a Statement Analysis on Billie's interview about all the porn found at her house?

John Mc Gowan said...

I must say, its scary when you see it in black and white...

Sus said...

Wow! I wonder what Texas will do to the owner of the West fertilizer plant? Yep...I said it.

Anonymous said...

Does statement analysis show Darlie Router (sp check) as guilty? I have never read any statements, but I did think she was innocent from the 20/20 show and the 48 hour show..etc.. I can not think of seeing any statements from her.

Excruciating Headache said...

I hate the death penalty. I really do.

As a poly sci major, I have seen the innocent die and the guilty remain free.

If I were 100% sure only the guilty would die by the hand of the government, I would celebrate death sentences.

But first and foremost, I am a nurse. I have seen the horror that impending death brings. I cannnot fathom imposing that on the innocent.

May fellow citizens have mercy on your souls, BJD and SA.

Nanna Frances said...

Anon at 8:50,

DARLIE ROUTIER is guilty! Look at her statements and stories.

Nanna Frances said...

May God have mercy on their souls -- not the juries.

Anonymous said...

Well put, Headache.

Vita said...

Excruciating Headache,

There was an execution today, Huntsville, Texas
Richard Cobb, 29 yrs old, was executed. He is quoted in the press.

"Life is death, death is life. I hope that someday this absurdity that humanity has come to will come to an end," Cobb said when asked if he had any last words.

"Life is too short. I hope anyone that has negative energy towards me will resolve that.

"Life is too short to harbor feelings of hatred and anger. That's it, warden."

Richard Cobb, 29, didn't deny using a 20-gauge shotgun to kill Kenneth Vandever in an East Texas field where two women also were shot and one was raped. He was convicted of capital murder.

Just before the lethal drug took effect and at the conclusion of his statement, Cobb twisted his head back, raised it off a pillow placed on the gurney and then toward the warden standing behind him.

His head fell back on the pillow, and his neck twisted at an odd angle, with his mouth and eyes open. He remained that way for some 15 minutes before a physician entered the death chamber to examine him and pronounce him dead at 6:27 p.m. CDT. Sixteen minutes had passed since the drug had been injected.

The father, stepmother and stepbrother of the man shot and killed by Cobb were among the witnesses. Also in the viewing area was one of the women who was shot and attacked but survived to testify against Cobb.

"I think justice was served but it doesn't change anything to speak of," the slain man's father, Don Vandever, said after watching Cobb die. "I do think the justice system needs to be more of a deterrent.

"All he did was go to sleep. That's it."

Nikki Daniels, 29, who was raped and shot during the 2002 attack but survived to testify against Cobb, said, "I thought he was going to be remorseful, I thought he was going to be apologetic, was hoping that he was going to address me.

The Associated Press generally does not name victims of sexual assault but Daniels agreed to be identified.

Daniels said Cobb's punishment in the end "was far too easy."


Anonymous said...

It is very scary. The shortest amount of time spent is even more scary.... Less than a year. I guess Texas rushes through with executing inmates.

Anonymous said...

They must have waived their right to appeals.

Feline said...

Yet the man who killed my friend's husband in 1980 is still on death row here in Texas, and has been for more than 30 years.

Anonymous said...

Blogger Excruciating Headache said...

I hate the death penalty. I really do.

As a poly sci major, I have seen the innocent die and the guilty remain free.

If I were 100% sure only the guilty would die by the hand of the government, I would celebrate death sentences.

But first and foremost, I am a nurse. I have seen the horror that impending death brings. I cannnot fathom imposing that on the innocent.

May fellow citizens have mercy on your souls, BJD and SA.

I feel exactly the opposite. GO Texas!!

Anonymous said...

I think Peter has a Statement Analysis on Darlie Routier. I don't believe she is guilty. Her mother sent me a lot of info that was not allowed as evidence that leads me to believe she was not guilty.


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

Does statement analysis show Darlie Router (sp check) as guilty? I have never read any statements, but I did think she was innocent from the 20/20 show and the 48 hour show..etc.. I can not think of seeing any statements from he

Peter analyzed her statements September 2012. She's waaay guilty

Big Russian said...

Female Death Row Inmates in Texas are housed at the Mountain View Unit in Gatesville. Most other female state offenders are also in Gatesville, at other units.

Vita said...

His words are of no apathy, nor empathy to the families and or VICTIM who survived his acts upon her. " I hope anyone that has negative energy towards me will resolve that" Cobb

It's her fault, she cannot get over being raped and shot? Her life forever changed. He to become in his mind a martyr? due to he was sentenced to death?

If you kill someone in an act of premeditated violence, rage, this is well thought out. Consequences may vary within variables. This is an act with a goal in mind. It is beyond disturbing, how a mind can be this sick.

The woman to say her last words as her Monster is now dead. Was far to easy, he being Jabbed to sleep, his death. I agree with her. Then I think within the system as the laws to change, the running out of Inn cages (as prisons are overflowing and now corporations) the thought/or his yes possible, his could be paroled. Her life to be in shambles living in dire fear for her entire life. *It's a no win for the Victim*

Premeditation. Murder 1 to be the excitement, enticement for Billie Jean and Adkins? to get away with it, as Billie studied cases searched and copied. There is countless flags within the year of 2010 that Hailey clearly was targeted. I did view the likes of Billie Jean in her facebook, she now has dedicated to who she is... open for all to see. I believe she has no fear. She has her world she lives within, her mind alike Scott Peterson. How will she fair in Gen Pop? or her ATTY Young will request her a private cage? her likes on FB appear she will fit into Gen Pop just fine. She thinks this, until she looks around and finds red laser beams " dots" on her forehead: Eyes of Mothers who are incarcerated

Hailey stalked for how long Six months? she primed to be desensitized, you're imagining you're being hunted Hailey buck up. She to be alienated by threats, her soul disregarded, who to inform the nation of this? Billie herself within her never ending statements. This is one thing we can thank her for. She never shut up. She laid the ground work for the D.A. Her statements to make America's hair curl on Nancy Grace. NG dedicated 9 hours to Hailey in the month of January 2011. People do remember. Hailey's photo on every presser, which will remain for a long time, published world wide, on the internet will be: Conversation and Communication

On Yahoo front page today, one article, confirmed, yes, it is Hailey found. This was hours ago, 600 comments on the article. When I went to view them, many had 20, 12, 55+ replies to one single comment. What does this mean? PEOPLE are Agreeing with each other and not writing New comments. This then is over 2000 comments. No Trolls, No. People to be very candid, on what they would like, what should be done, or what they personally would like to do to Adkins and yes Billie.

What was the main discussion, the announced that Hailey had been found? NO. Everyone was/is commenting on the photo taken at Christmas, Hailey, Billie and Adkins on the couch. Studying it, and offering their opinions. All are aligned this photo tells the truth. This young girl Hailey Dunn did not have a chance in life, not seated with these two. All by viewing one single photo: body language
-- top comment-
Did anyone else look at the pic and think the MOM was the 13 year old???? 599 Likes (with 44 replies of A-Z Hailey is the only victim)

It is profound how much that one photo gives Hailey a Voice. She is sharing, she is. She may be deceased, I believe Hailey will have the last word. Her Truth is not yet said. Watch out Billie remember you said of your daughter, SHE IS LOUD ! Hailey knows how to cheer, yes she does for her Team. "the Truth"

Anonymous said...

@feline- my uncle was shot in the back by his best-friend at age 28..His friend got 4 years in prison... I understand the frustration..

Peacedude said...

Hey, Pointhunter. Saw you on TV. Good to put a face with a name. Thank you, again for being Hailey's angel.

Anonymous said...

Staff Report
NewsWest 9

When NewsWest 9 last spoke with Billie Dunn, she had some chilling words about her ex-boyfriend Shawn Adkins.

She confessed that she now believed he may have been involved in Hailey's disappearance.

"For instance, the main thing about him quitting his job and lying about it for a week saying he had a job and then telling me he was fired when, in fact, he wasn't," Billie told NewsWest 9.

Billie says after she ended their relationship, she saw a darker and meaner side to Shawn.

Reflecting back, Billie told NewsWest 9 how strangely Shawn acted those first few days after the disappearance.

She said she found it suspicious that her ex-boyfriend couldn't produce his work uniform when law enforcement requested them.

"The fact that he lied and said they were at work and we already know though video and though his boss that he didn't leave them at work. So, why are they hidden?" Billie said.

We were told Shawn moved back to his mother's house in Big Spring.

Neighbors say Shawn went out-of-state a few months ago for work.

In the meantime, Shawn's parents have received death threats in the mail and over the Internet.

away at work yah ok!

~ABC said...

Great comment Vita! Thanks for the link too. :)

Anonymous said...

If the innocent die and the guilty remain free, then we work on getting it right. It doesn't mean we abolish the death penalty. Some abuse sex and some get it right, it doesn't mean we abolish sex. The same is true of welfare. There are many abuses. We need to work on getting it right. Ultimately, the mercy on a soul is delivered by God. It is not up to us to forgve a murderer for what he did to someone who is not here to speak or forgive for themselves. It is not our right to forgive someone else's debt. Only God can do that and that is why the older churches maintain confession. It is not the priest who forgives but Christ Himself. The priest is only a witness and a facilitator. But in the case where the one perpetrated against is dead, the murderer must go to face the one who is no longer here. Of course I speak from a believers point of view, and not everyone believes as I do. But I also have a voice and must speak. It is not as if there is no rhyme or reason or compassion or order to the death penalty. It is not simply punishment but also order and, yes, compassion, for the murderer and the victim. If you forgive me for killing someone else, what does it mean to me? Nothing.

elf said...

(The question is asked 'if Shawn hurt Hailey what would you say?)
Billie Dunn answered: "That I hate him, and how could he do that to me, if he professes so much love for me, and why? How could you, and why?"
My analysis.....
THAT I hate him
*that is a distancing word
How could he do THAT to ME
*that.shows distance
*do what to Billie?(me)
*this is unexpected use of the word 'me'. A normal mother would ask how anyone could hurt their child.
if he professes so much love for me
*if shows weakness (?) It almost has a ring of challenge to it. Something teenagers/young adults would say, as in, if you love me you'll do it. Seems like this phrase 'professes so much love for me' is condescending.
*again using the word me.
Never once does she say haileys name.
Distancing language used throughout the statement.
The word 'and' is used to minimize the first four words of the sentance ' that I hate him'.
the word 'and' used three times weakens the statement by minimizing her hate, his love, his ability (how could he) with the word 'why' at the end making the reason why the least important question she (Billie) would ask of Shawn.
If I had just read this statement cold with no prior knowledge of Haileys case, I would think it was made by a woman who got dumped by a boyfriend or a woman who has discovered infidelity in her mate.

Pineapple said...

I thought you might enjoy this disingenuous quote from Gwenyth Paltrow. I did. Comments in brackets are mine. P'apple.

"Oh [buying time to think], I kind of [minimizing] had a disaster," Paltrow explained on "The Ellen DeGeneres Show" when discussing the racy Antonio Berardi gown. "I was doing a show and I changed there and I went [events out of sequence] I couldn’t wear underwear. I don’t think I can tell this story on TV."

"Well, let’s just say everyone went scrambling for a razor," the Oscar winning actress revealed in a TMI moment. "I work a '70s vibe. You know what I mean [invoking agreement, trying to back up her argument. Weak. Also pathetic, but that’s a different kind of analysis]?"

From a side angle, Paltrow's lack of underwear was certainly apparent. [unnecessary word. You’re goddamn right it was apparent.]
"So I went from being the most beautiful to the most humiliated.

In one day," the actress exclaimed, referring to being named People magazine's World's Most Beautiful Woman.

"My publicist of like 22 years, Stephen Huvane, [hmmm… indicates a strong relationship, yet she doesn’t exactly remember time frame.] sent me an email, and honestly [honestly? Come now, Gwenyth. Honestly?] I was like [but not exactly like] this is a joke.

"I reread it three times," [THREE!!???? Emphasis mine, you know? haha this is fun!] Paltrow revealed about how she found out about the honor.

"I was like [but not exactly like], 'Oh, he sent this to the wrong client.' Like there’s no way [reported in the negative, use of the word like Yet Again]. My name wasn’t on it [sigh]. I was like [but not exactly like], 'Oh this is not for me [reported in the negative. Emotions/thoughts reported, unexpected, embellished, storytelling, egotistical attempt at humility = epic fail],' and it was actually psychologically interesting because, for a minute, I really thought that someone was playing a joke on me. I talked about it with my shrink. [Not a good enough joke, or a convincing enough lie.]"

brosnanfan said...

I don't think BJD is the type to make lasting friendships with women, so the lack of women on Death Row won't make much difference to her, IMO.

I think she is much more comfortable with men. The male jailers had better be careful.

Marz said...

Concerning the death penalty:
In the last 37 years, 130 inmates have been released from Death Row. That's between 3 and 4 people per year (three and a half, actually). When I think of all the monsters running around and destroying innocent lives, I'd rather play it safe. The death penalty may not be perfect (the justice system in general is not perfect), but why should we allow a murderer/rapist/etc to live their lives in prison with free books, wifi, meals, exercise when they have taken and destroyed so much innocence? It is not about tit for tat-- some of these murderers have killed several people, and their actions effect everyone who came in contact with those victims: their parents, lovers, children, friends and other family. It is impossible to get an eye for an eye in those cases.

Anonymous said...

I agree it is not about an eye for an eye. It is about order, safety justice, and not cheapening life. The murderer cheapened his own life by devaluing life in general.

Katprint said...

Let's respect each other's beliefs concerning the death penalty. Opposing the death penalty does not mean feeling sympathy for murderers or contempt for their victims, and supporting the death penalty does not mean being somehow complicit in governmental homicide.

Let's save our contempt for those who really deserves it: The murderers, whether or not they are caught, or convicted, or executed.

John Mc Gowan said...


Man who found teen Hailey Dunn's remains speaks exclusively to KTXS

By Jennifer Kendall.
Saturday, KTXS sat down for an exclusive interview with Curtis Lloyd, the man who found Colorado City teen Hailey Dunn's remains.

A tragic end to the Hailey Dunn story: Scurry County...
It was March 16, 2013 that Lloyd was out searching for fossils near Lake JB.Thomas.

Lloyd said he saw something unusual in the distance. As he walked over to it he realized it was a skull, a tooth and a femur. A little while later he found something else that made him think this could be the missing teenager.

"There was a piece of clothing that was the last thing she was seen wearing, a pair of warm-ups, blue warm-ups, that right there is what pretty well said it for me. That's the exact same thing they said she was wearing," Lloyd said.

Lloyd told us how it felt to put an end to the search for the middle school cheerleader after more than two years. Hailey Dunn was 13 when she disappeared in late December 2010.

"It's bittersweet. I mean we've solved one part of the case, we have the remains, but now the family has to deal with the loss and the burial and the memorial service, so you know it's great that we found her, but the most important thing now, in my opinion, is to find the person who did it," Lloyd said.

Now that Hailey’s remains have been found, the people in Colorado City are looking for something else… justice.

Eliza said...

Thanks to Pointhunter, Hailey can rest in peace and we finally have movement in this case! Thank you Mr Lloyd!

John Mc Gowan said...


Given the gun culture in the USA and other countries,i thought i would share this article that was posted to me on my FB page..

Though it is Not always the case,however,there are clues within.

Anonymous said...

Seems just a tad premature...

Anonymous said...

Katprint, who said anything about contempt?

John Mc Gowan said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
John Mc Gowan said...

Grandmother wants justice for Hailey Dunn..

More than two years of searching and holding out hope ended Friday, and now family and friends want nothing more than justice for Hailey Dunn.

Scurry County officials confirmed that the remains found near Lake J.B. Thomas back in March were identified as missing Colorado City teenager Hailey Dunn.

Hailey's paternal grandmother, Connie Jones, was devastated by the news.

"What made SOMEBODY want to HURT her? What did she did she do that was so bad," Jones said. "I'M NUMB, I'm NUMB, I JUST don't want to live."

Here she says somebody.we now see if ther is any change in language.
This is passive language,given that she knows Hailey has been murdered,however she may not be able to bring herself to accept it?
However, Jones believes she knows where the investigation should begin.

"I THINK SHAUN ADKINS had something to do with IT. That's the FIRST THING that came out of my mouth, I asked, where the Hell is Shaun?" Jones said.

("I THINK SHAUN ADKINS had something to do with IT)

Here we have the change in language.Earlier she said "What made someone hurt her.I cant see why there is a change in language..

(That's the FIRST THING that came out of my mouth, I asked, where the Hell is Shaun?")


Where there is a first thing,it is usually followed by a second thing.What was the second thing on her mind..?

"HELL" this is the first time this word is used.

Friday, officials wouldn't answer any questi0ns about the investigation, but we do know Hailey's mother's ex-boyfriend, Shawn Adkins has been the only named person of interest over the past two years.

"I THINK Billie WAS AFRAID of Shawn, BECAUSE Billie TOLD me she was AFRAID of Shawn," Jones said.


She is unsure.


Past tense,why isnt she afraid anymore?


When ther is a need to explain it becomes highly sensitive..

(Told is more firm than said,and is usually a one way convisation.)


(here afraid is used for the second time making it sensitive)
This grandmother says she wants nothing more than a few moments with the man she believes took Hailey's life.

"I WOULDN'T say ANYTHING , just smile. He's kept us in HELL and now his HELL is just beginning," Jones said.


(Double negative,making it sensitive..Why?)

"He's kept us in HELL and now his HELL is just beginning"

Here we have HELL used again making it three now becomes highly sensitive.I would also like to ask her what her idea of hell is.

The search for Hailey is over, leaving this woman without her beloved granddaughter. She hopes others will realize this can happen to anyone.

"YOU think it's not going to touch ME. It's not going to touch MY town, but it touches YOU. In every way, it touches YOU," Jones said.

(You,Me,My,You and you again.significant changes in pronouns)
Plus VT.

Anonymous said...


When you execute, they no longer suffer. Most if not all, are ready to get out of pain and incarceration, they have ZERO to live for. While they deserve to die, it will absolutely relieve them of any and all pain. You are actually doing them a humongous favor, it is not a punishment, in the least.

80% of people have no clue what the criminals are feeling, they want to die, and yet people give them that gift. Makes no logical sense.

Anonymous said...

Katprint, I didn't see anything about contempt either. Where? I went back and looked for it. Maybe I overlooked it? Does it really matter anyhoo? Rightly or wrongly, aren't we each entitled to our own opinions and beliefs?

This is no pun towards you Kat, or anyone else, however; watching patterns, sometimes I wonder if some who post here might be spending too long at the bubbly during the late night, midnight and wee hours of the morning; or, maybe puffing a little weed, OR, took their pain/sleep meds too early; now they're PO'ed and ready to go a round or two?

I've noticed some strangely worded posts, and some accusatory and argumentative during those hours on certain nights by certain posters. Makes one wonder what they're swilling around in their cocktail glass or snorting? Maybe both? Might be best not to even respond, otherwise you might find yourself arguing with a drunk?

Now don't go getting all bent out of shape anybody, it's just a passing thought. Anon 1

Anonymous said...

Anon @ 8:16, don't be so sure they are convinced they will be relieved of any and all pain. If they WANT to die, as you state, why do they fight for their life right up to the very end?

I can understand the innocent who has been wrongly accused fighting for their life; but the guilty? What's their reason? Is it that they are afraid they will lift up their eyes in hell, knowing what they have done?

Since none of us can get into the mind or soul of another, why do you think they fight so hard to keep their life, knowing they will spend the rest of it locked behind bars? Anon 1

Anonymous said...

I think John, that you are already better at statement analysis than I will ever be.

I could tear this womans' remarks to shreds, word by word, but I dare not. I might be wrong in some areas; and for a fact, I know that my anger at her would show through for:

1) not doing anything to help Hailey herself when she could have, and KNEW Hailey was living in fear of Shawn and scared to death of him; and,

2) "I think Billie was afraid of Shawn because she told me she was afraid of Shawn". Paleeze; don't tell me this woman actually believes that. IFF Billie ever told her that, why did she do nothing to protect Hailey from Shawn, when Hailey cried and BEGGED her granny for help more than once?

Billie was NEVER afraid of Shawn. If Billie had been afraid of Shawn she would not have had him in her life or in her home, nor would she have been sexing, partying and doping with him. There are plenty of laws on the books that would have protected loud mouthed whiny Billie Jean (AND her children) from Shawn Atkins. No, Billie was there because she wanted to be. Period. Stupid woman.

See? I can't be non-verbal or not have personal opinions about this woman, that's why I would not be able to fairly analyize her statements.

Is this woman so ignorant and confused (and uneducated) that she can't even think straight? For that, I pity her; also for the realization in knowing that she TOO failed Hailey, and for wasting her years raising deadbeat dope addled sons. That is sad. For THAT she has my pity and sympathy. Anon 1

John Mc Gowan said...

Anon 1 thank you..

John Mc Gowan said...

I practice,practice practice.yes thats "three" lol...

Anonymous said...

Y/W. You're doing very well, John. I agree with so many of your explanations in so many of the cases you work on.

Sometimes I want to make some of the same comments you make but am afraid I might be wrong in falsely accusing someone until we learn more about them; some not so much.

Particilarly in cases where I have become so fixated and emotional about them, others I have no doubt about and wonder why some can't see their guilt, or more carefully question their guilt rather than just blindly making accusations when the common sense of the matter reveals a question of their guilt (or innocence), as the case may be.. I could give a couple of good examples but since I'm still unsure of them myself, OR no one would agree with me, I won't. Anon 1

John Mc Gowan said...

Its the only way to learn,we all make mistake's,i don't assume,i may qualify sometimes.

As Peter says follow the words,they will speak to you...

Peaches said...


ME said...

Great work John! I didn't know the"remains"(horrible word ) had been identified.

veruca said...

Im with you, katprint.

veruca said...

So..youre that special 20%?

pointhunter said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
~ABC said...

The prison environment should fit BJD's sexual violence preference very nicely.

Anonymous said...

Death row inmates only fight the system for false power, it doesn't have anything to do with them wanting to live. They do not face hell, and they know that. The ones that are unsure, do not have a conscience and do not feel guilt, and not much fear at all, they do not feel like you and I. They feel empty, and angry when they are given the lethal injection. Many of you assume they think just like you, and what you would be thinking facing death. They do not fear much at all, especially not death. Why do you people even try and get so technical about cases when you have nearly zero knowledge of a sociopath's mind? You can not debate or have a good argument when you are thinking like a sane person. Learn behavioral Science 101.

They are given peace when they die and are put down the same way we put down our beloved animals, like a dog. It is a great, humane way to die.

Learn basic Psychology, and go from there, you are getting nowhere with your arguments, and all many of you do is just that...argue...banter back n forth. Spinning your wheels.

Anonymous said...

It is also a basic, innate, human instinct to fight for your life, it does not mean a person wants to live. It is a reaction.

Anonymous said...

Look around you, read the news, open your eyes...

WE are already in Hell, my friends.

Are there even more children being raped, tortured and killed in Hell? How many more?

We are in hell, face it, accept it, and get any and all joy out of life while you can while helping others.

Fearing Hell is silly and immature. Face where you are at right now and don't about Biblical stories/Tales.

Be a good person to everyone and you will not fear a pretend "Hell".

I guess in Hell there are zillions instead of millions of kids suffering and I guess we are all on fire burning?


Good grief Americans are below average in intelligence. And you may wonder why the world makes fun of us?

Anonymous said...


..and don't worry about Biblical stories, etc.